Will the fetus feel bored in my mother's stomach?He is working hard to learn these kinds of skills, very smart

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Will the fetus feel bored in my mother's stomach?He is working hard to learn these kinds of skills, very smart

2022-01-15 12:06:31 15 ℃

In the mother's abdomen is actually the ability to view, listening, and tactile, can actively adapt to the outside environment. These are enough to provide a foundation for the learning baby's learning, then what should the fetus learn?

Learning language

Mainly through parents often talk to the baby, let the baby familiar with the voice of parents, accept the warmth of their parents. By repeated listening, the baby will learn some of the basic languages ​​that parents often say.

Therefore, parents should patiently repeat some simple and commonly used statements, such as pronunciation, words, letters, and short sentences, such as Mandarin, English or other languages. In addition, you can make a beautiful prose or ancient poetry through the tone of stunning. The number of repetitions is more, the baby can deepen the imprint.

2. Learning action

Mainly through the touch of parents, the baby's reaction is caused, such as kicking, turning, looking for a feeling of balance in amniotic fluid. Parents reach the mutual communication with the fetus in a manner. In this way, the baby is more active, no dead plate, and the action language is also relatively abundant.

3. Learn music

Baby babies make the fetus to be benily stimulated by listening to the special prenatal education music. Such as light music, ethnic music, classical music. The fetus can also feel the love of their parents through parents' singing, and better understand music while stimulating the identity of the organs give him better development.

4. Learn knowledge

Mainly through parents to explain fairy, myths, fables and mathematics, animal and plant-related scientific knowledge, let the baby's brain store some information, develop his memory ability, and expand his knowledge.

When the fetus is studying in the body, the parents say so much complicated content, can the fetus understand?

According to scientists, people's brain activities are only occupied by 3%. In order to develop another part, it is not used by the ability to use it, you can pin all the possibilities on the fetus.

The fetus learning is not necessarily an incident in the uterus, but the child can accept more information, thus bringing great benefits to his brain and physical and mental development.

There was a girl, and I would call "Mom and Dad" in a week, called the earliest children in the world. The reason is that her mother often takes a walk when she is with her, and the sound of the rigmatics tells her to the daily seen, and read children's books every day before going to sleep. This is also inevitable that the girl will not only be a number, not only the number of 1-10.

So, how do parents be in class for babies?

1. Pain all the beautiful things encountered in life to the baby listening to the baby. To,,

2. Talk about the fantasy world in life, as well as telling family, friendship, true and good, etc.

3. Tell the knowledge about human, social, such as human social sectors, solar system, and foreigners' live states.

4. Tell the fetus to exceed the living range. If fishing, fishing methods, fish shape, fish breathing method, etc.

Each parent can develop an "palace learning" program according to their own knowledge level, intellectual hobbies and actual conditions. As long as there is a fetal education, the foot-on-earth prenatal education can be used.