Infertility to twins, the path of test tubes, praise the pregnancy

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Infertility to twins, the path of test tubes, praise the pregnancy

2022-01-15 12:06:02 8 ℃

This is the case of a patient's case

Why do you try tubes?

There were no pregnancy for two years, checking the sex hormone six and AMH values, showing lack of ovarian function, this girl is only 30 years old. It is recommended that our long-term infertility girls must check the AMH value. Once the value is low, it is more worrying.

Do you have a tube pain? Is it uncomfortable?

First make a series of inspections, such as the shortcomings of ovarian function, it is recommended to immediately start the test tube, because the conditioning time is very slow, people who have low ovarian function is very precious, so I have to reserve some high quality eggs as soon as possible. . In fact, there are many reasons for test tubes. It is not the same for different situations. She first heard that I suggested that she was taking tube, her whole person was ignored, and her whole person trembled. She is afraid, because it is a unknown situation because it is a test tube, she feels that she is not hoped, or it will not be very painful, very hard.

It turns out that as long as the belief is firm enough, it is not as difficult as it is, she has passed three contributions. The first transplant has got twin, so if the infertility girl is really an ovarian function, it is recommended to do test tube , Decision-making is fast, executive should be resolute, and the results will definitely wish.

What is the process of test tube?

After completing the file, her program is a short program, and the menstrual period enters the promotion cycle the next day, and it will enter the operating room for more and more, because the follicles are getting less and less. She took a few more times, and she took three times, she matched to 7 high-quality follicles, she was lucky.

Although only 3 eggs can be taken, the quality is very good, and the quality of girls under the age of 35 is still relatively high.

What is the cost?

Three contributions, one transplantation, intermediate inspection fees, drug fees, operating costs, embryo freezing, etc., almost 30,000 yuan of consumption, but you can use medical insurance, it is very cost-effective.

How to improve the price of the bed?

The only thing that can be said is to let it go, relax, and rest well.

The patient was measured at 10 days at the time, but did not see the fetal heart bud, but it was a twin in the hospital. She is really a girl who cares for the world!

Ask her what experience is pregnant with twins?

She said: "I have never expected that there will be two babies. The twins are of course risk, and frequent bleeding during pregnancy, every time the birth check is puzzled, the stomach is like a balloon to explode, the uterus has not breathed the gas, basically Only fat belly. "

Now her baby is one and a half years old, two lovely girls.