How to communicate with your child?

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How to communicate with your child?

2022-01-15 18:08:09 13 ℃

Have you worked hard, what is hard to earn money?

I believe that when I ask you this question, many parents' first response is for children.

Yes, in the concept of many parents, everything is for children.

For children to be able to have a head, parents can be worn, their parents can eat all kinds of suffering, parents can withstand all grinding

Behind the parents, it is for a purpose, that is, let the child have a bright future, which can surpass the parents.

What is the reality? The reality is that many children have a variety of problems in the process of growth, and all kinds of bad behaviors do not say, some are even tired of learning, dropping out of school, and wasting good youth.

Finally, I have entered the society early, and I support it in this highly competitive environment. These children don't have a head, and they are not as good as their parents.

In fact, these children are originally potential, which is very smart, then why do they have such a result? In fact, it is because of these parents who love them.

I believe that there is no parents who don't love children, there is no parents who don't want children to get out of the world, but you think that your education plays a resistance to the child, or a boosting?

Parents are in order to make a good job, do something that they want to do, what? Not but did not help the child, the result has played against.

I want to be a child's wings, let the child fly on the sky, but the result has become a stumbling block, let the child fall into the abyss. It is particularly obvious in this regard to communicate on the language.


I believe that you must have heard of these two words. In this society, you want to live better, and emotions are essential.

One of the performance of emotional business in daily life will speak.

Huang Wei is a very high emotional person. It is because of the high emotional business, so he is not very expensive, but it is very good in the entertainment circle.

When the year, Huang Jigang was famous, and the show "Lu Yu has a content". We all know that Lu Yushen is named by a little poison, it is a bit not happy.

Lu Yu saw Huang Wei, giving Huang Wei, a next Mawei, and then asked Huang Wei, you didn't feel particularly fire! This sentence is actually a trap, no matter what Huang Wei says, will be puddled.

However, the Huang Hai, who is highresses, has seen the routine of Lu Yu, directly said, will definitely, can go to "Lu Yu has about"

Can you not fire? This sentence is that the drip is not leaking, and on the one hand, I am sure yourself, and on the other hand, there is also a program.

This is how it will speak, this is the performance of emotional business.

This is that many of our parents need to learn.


Many parents may have a trees in other ways, but they are still a small white in communication with their children. This is undeniable.

There is a comparison table here.

Will children feel you are annoying?

Does the child often hide the secret in their hearts?

Does the child tell you two sentences to quarrel with you?

Will your child treat your words as a hawk, don't you put it on your heart?

If you have the above conditions with your children, then I can tell you very well, you communicate with your child, you don't change, your child is likely to be delayed!

Some parents listen to me, there is some disdain, just say, teacher, you are a little exaggerated, and the dramatic is listening.

Don't believe it, this is really not a dramatic.

Parents who will not communicate are really a disaster

First of all, parents who will not communicate often hurt their self-esteem, so that children have no sense of belonging, no value. Once the child has no sense of belonging and value, it is like a weak seedlings, a big wind, and the tree is destroyed.

Second, the relationship between parents and children who will not communicate is poor. Since the child is the first time to be a person, there is no experience, so it is inevitable that all kinds of suffering will be eaten.

At this time, you need a parent to help your child. However, because the parent-child relationship is relatively bad, the child is not willing to listen to you, you can't help you.

Children who have no helplessness can only try themselves. In this case, children often have to take a large decline. When the child wakes up, life has been half.

Finally, parents who don't understand communication will teach this kind of education inadvertently, and the child will continue to continue such an education. It is genetically genetically genetically in charge of generation.

Therefore, communication is very important!


The future of the parents hiding the future.

Therefore, learn to communicate, it is a compulsory course for parents.

So how do parents learn to communicate? Before learning communication, I suggested first to learn about the two mistakes that parents communicate with their children.

The first error: I don't know respect, and I am in a big respect.

When I was in school, the teacher often taught us about respect. In the face of strangers, in the face of colleagues, we can respect the other people, it is an exception to the child, it is an exception.

I often see that some parents refer to the child's ignition, directly is a variety of ordered children. I am your parents, so you have to listen to me.

I am right, you have to listen to me. I am not right, you have to listen to me.

In front of the child, parents are always tall. Parents and children are completely in the wrong position. In such a non-equal position, the child is like a servant. May be started, the child has no self-awakening and will accept the arrangement of parents. However, when the child has arrived in adolescence, he will be very sensitive when he is awakened.

Do not respect the child's parents, ten nine people will communicate failed.

Second error: Say what you want, not what children want to listen

What does that mean? It is a matter of your child's good time in your child's goodness, and make your child bored.

For example, for example, the child's achievements have been tested, he is very sad, and also secretly swearing next time. The results of it? You see the child's grades, you can't control it, and accuse your child.

You told your child with an emotion, I am going to work every day, I work hard every day, you will test this points, are you worthy of me? Who do you look at the neighbors, you will look at you. You can't play every day, you have to study hard, put learning in your heart.

The results of it? When you finish these words, the child is likely to be very disgusted, even directly into the bedroom close the door. All of his inner heart became a matter of course, and the idea of ​​studying next time was throwing.

In fact, if you can comfort your child, tell your child if it's ok, you can work hard, your parents believe in you.

Once you say this kind of child wants to listen, the child is closer to your relationship, and I believe that the next time he must not be bad than this.

This is called communication, is called say that the child wants to listen.

All the answers are in the problem itself. It is not difficult to communicate with your child. It is difficult for many parents.