How long do you have to change it once?The urine is full!This is the child to death!

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How long do you have to change it once?The urine is full!This is the child to death!

2022-01-15 18:07:58 13 ℃

The invention of diapers can be said to be liberated by treasure mom, let Bao Ma have more rest, sleep time, and saving the cumbersome of daily diapers every day.

Although the water absorbing function of the diaper is stronger, it is not necessary to replace it like a diaper, but it can't be changed for a long time. Doing this, is in the pit doll! Diaper does not change the bacteria for a long time, affecting the baby's skin health.

What is the consequences of diapers?



If the diapers are hard, it may be a problem with the quality of diapers. If it is soft, it is definitely replacing it. Although the diaper does not affect the baby's health, the baby will definitely be uncomfortable.


Baby red butt

Correct use of diapers, it will not cause baby red butt, but if you don't replace it for a long time, the diapers are filled with urine, and they will be very wet. The baby's ass has been attached to the humid diapers, which is easy to use urine. The red PP is caused, that is, urine rash. And it is also easy to breed bacteria, causing infection.


Easy to diaper

If the baby is more than the time, plus the urine is relatively large, leading to the diaper, and then urine, the absorbency of the diaper will be relatively poor, and the urine is easily diapers.


Creating water absorption substances

There is a water absorbing material in the diaper absorbent core, which is a polymer water absorbing resin. If the baby wears the diaper time too long, plus sports friction, it is easy to have some water absorption substances, stick to the baby's ass.

How long does it take to change the urine?

Under normal circumstances, the newborn baby is hard to teach because the bladder development is not perfect, so the baby has a more frequent urination every day. Therefore, mother needs to change the diapers to the baby, it is more than 2 hours;

With the increase in the month of the baby, the bladder development has been perfected. It is basically 3-4 hours to replace it. The age can be more than 4-6 hours; the baby's stool will change the diapers immediately, regardless of the age.

PS: After the baby is stool, pay attention to use water to clean the baby to clean the small PP, so as not to excrete the material and unclearly stimulate the baby's small PP.

How do I grasp the time to replace diapers?

There are some time points and signals for reference.

After feeding: After 15 to 30 minutes each time, the baby's urine may be discharged;

Before going to bed: Before sleeping, check if the baby's diaper is dry;

After waking up: After the baby wakes up, it will generally urinate;

Before going out: Before going out, check it out.

Observe your baby's expression: Analyze your baby if you want to change your diapers by observing your baby's expression. When the baby is playing, suddenly calm down, or is committed, "Well" makes strength, usually to start defecation.

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