After childbirth, these people outside the house have a move, which is not married.

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After childbirth, these people outside the house have a move, which is not married.

2022-01-15 18:08:18 13 ℃

Recently, there is a topic #, you can witness your love outside the room. People who really love you will rush to you in the first time. They all share their own stories, some are touched, but some are awkward. What is the story of netizens?

@ 印蒂斯 的 天: I came out, my husband also held a bunch of flowers, from my outstanding room to the ward, he didn't look at it. I let him see him, say that you are too sinned to see him. I spit it up, and he took the thing to pick me up, and said to the nurse sorry, I will clean up immediately. At that time, I thought that if marriage is a gamble, then I am gambling.

@ 不 等 水 成 成 难 难 难 难 难...... 好. 好 好 好 好 好.. 好.......... 难 难 难.. 难...............

@ 西 西 儿: 年 东 东 西 东 不 不 不 不 好 好 好 不 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 女 女 轻 轻 轻 女 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 女 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 女 轻 轻Mom will suffer.

@ I really a little stick: I remembered a senior maternal student in the second child. I have lived in the hospital, my husband is doing business. When I produce, my husband is not around, and later, I'm going to die. People call him back, the mother has changed two or three times of blood, and when the child was pushed out, everyone was surrounded by children, only the mother's father, has been waiting for her daughter at the door of the operating room, It can really see someone.

In fact, the actions of the husband outside the room can indeed reflect a lot of things. If your husband has these actions, congratulations, no marriage.


The wife is waiting for the housekeepers, the husband is waiting outside the house. Due to worry about his wife's situation, the husband must be particularly nervous or anxious. The more you care about the matter, the more nervous is human, if your husband is very nervous, you are very nervous outside, indicating that he is really concerned about you.

First look at your wife first

After the baby is born, the family should all have anxiously welcome this little life, and it is also curious about the baby's long, may have went to see the baby, but enough husband will go to the wife. Women have a very high rate after giving birth to the baby, just out of the house, if everyone is busy looking at the baby, but I don't know if I don't know how to hear, will make the mother of the mother, and the husband first looks at the wife's move Let Bao Ma feel that he has not married the wrong person.


Ben is a big event in life, as a husband, it is difficult to suffer from pregnancy and production, and it is difficult to understand. If the husband outside the house is excited to cry, it means that he can understand the sacrifice and pay, and very distressed his wife.

Dear moms, when you first bake room, what kind of reaction is your husband?