Find a "pretending"!Not sweet, but it!Reminder: advise you to eat less

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Find a "pretending"!Not sweet, but it!Reminder: advise you to eat less

2022-01-15 18:08:07 22 ℃

Before the child is six years old, it will always grow up "golden period", in this stage, the parents need a careful care. As a parent, I hope that my child can take care of your health, but for children in the development stage, the spleen and stomach is more sensitive, once the parents are slightly not paying attention, it is easy to eat, spleen and stomach weak, constipation And bad breath, etc. If parents have failed to find it, they will lead to children's body, so as parents need.

When children eat, the body will send 4 "signals", parents don't want to

1. I found that the child is very unactivated when sleeping, keeps over, it is easy to be awake, how to be smashed, and there will be dreams, molars, and even aesthetic sweat, then the child has dumped condition.

2, the child is usually appetite, but suddenly becomes do not like to eat, there is an anorexia, picking out the food, how to feed it, do not eat, every time I feed, I like to contain the meal in my mouth, these situations indicate children .

3, the child often shouts the stomach is uncomfortable, the small belly is gently pressed hard, and the drums, the child often appears flatulence, stomach pain, constipation, etc. Every time I pull the stool is more difficult, very dry, very smell.

4. Because the spleen and stomach is not good, the child will appear "eye bags"; and the middle of the nose will be easy to have a blue glute; bad breath, there is a tone similar to the sour.

1 kind of food is a "scourge" of food, children often eat easy food, difficult to develop, advise you to eat less

During the feeding process of parents, some parents like "pet" with children, children want to eat anything. When the child just gets into contact with the big meal, most children have especially like to eat meat, and the meat has a lot of protein, so some parents see the child's appetite, and they will not add children to eat meat, even meals. Prepare the meat for your child.

However, meat is more delicate children for spleen and stomach, it is a burden. Some nutritionists suggest that children before the five-year-old child eat less meat, but in real life, many families can't do it. Therefore, once you let your child eat more meat, you will affect the indiration of the spleen and stomach, which has caused the food that has been counter-repeated and indigestion.

The child is not good, often drinking 1 water, it is called the "vacuum cleaner" of the food, if the child often drinks, the spleen and stomach are good to eat

When the parents discover the "signal" of children, they should help children intervene in time, you can give your child some. Golden fruit .. Drink, help children relieve food, clean up the food of the stomach. It is some of our common ingredients, such as: seabuckthorn, chicken, yam, hawthorn, malt, etc., more gentle, reliable, and drink it to your child. Inside. Golden Red Fruit .. Drinking the spleen ingredients, can help the child take food, moderately regulate the stomach and help children more digestion.

In addition, in addition to this. Golden. Fruit .. Drinking can also help the child to strengthen the spleen and stomach, the general child has dumping, because the spleen and stomach deficiency, the spleen and stomach is poor, so when the parents help children have died, It also needs to help the child spleen and stomach. When the child spleen is good, don't worry about food, it has been repeated, and nutrients are absorbed, and it is not worried that it is difficult to grow, not long!

In addition, you want to prevent food, parents need to pay attention to two points!

1, children can't only eat meat, don't eat vegetables

Some children only like to eat meat, don't like to eat vegetables and fruits, this is not. Vegetables and fruits themselves contain rich vitamins and minerals, which can help children promote the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal, accelerate digestion, improve the indoor and stomach, and reduce food.

And eat more vegetables to the child's body, but many children have "annoying" the problem of eating vegetables, which makes the parents are very distressed. It is recommended that parents can try a variety of cooking methods to let children fall in love with vegetables.

2, insist on sports

After dinner, it is still necessary. It is recommended that parents can go out with their children to go out, eliminate food, don't eat it, I will sit now, which is not conducive to the child digestion. When I had time on weekends, I suggested that parents took a child to go out and participated in some outdoor activities, enhanced parent-child relationships, and raising their children's physique.

But it is necessary to remind a sentence, now the weather is relatively cold, the parents must pay attention to helping the children to keep warm and avoid children! The exercise after the meal should not be dramatic, avoiding the burden on the child's spleen and stomach.

Before the child is six years old, the parents must pay attention to the care of the child's spleen and stomach. Some children are seven or old. When the stomach is still good, when the parents should be careful, pay more attention to the child's gastrointestinal situation, only the child's spleistic It's okay, the child's nutrition can keep up, you can grow tall, long meat!