What food can you eat for pregnancy?

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What food can you eat for pregnancy?

2022-01-16 00:08:57 62 ℃

Want to have a smart and healthy and lively child, ready to be prepared early, but you can have a smart and beautiful child with a lifetime. This is why so many people have joined the pregnancy army shortly after marriage, how important it is necessary to see pregnancy.

During the pregnancy, the diet is a very important ring. The bad diet will lead to unhealthy in both husband and wife. It will lead to problems in the development of fetus. So, do you know which foods can't you eat during pregnancy? Let's take a look!

1, high sugar food

During the pregnancy, it is not appropriate to eat high-sugar food to avoid causing sugar metabolism disorders, otherwise it is possible to become potential diabetes patients. Diabetes during pregnancy is not only healthy, but may even result in bad consequences such as fetal premature birth and abortion.

2, pickled food

Marinated food has no nutritional value, but also contains nitrite, etc., is harmful to the human body, and eat more easily to cause poisoning. Washing food during pregnancy, there may be miscarriage, premature birth, etc.

3, coffee, tea, etc.

Caffeine will change the ratio of estrogen and progesterone in women in vivo in vivo, thereby indirect transplantation of the bed and developed in the uterus.

4, smoke, wine

During the pregnancy, you must quit smoking, drink alcohol, if you want to be born with a smart and healthy baby, it is best to start quit to smoking in 6 months before pregnancy, there are many harmful ingredients in tobacco, which is unfavorable for pregnancy. Alcohol can easily cause distortion of its own chromosome, which is harmful to fertility health.

In short, regardless of men or women, pay attention to eating health during pregnancy, properly supplement nutrients needed to avoid some foods for pregnancy. It is necessary to have a healthy and beautiful baby to make yourself with healthy and pretty baby!