6 kinds of massage methods to soothe pregnant women

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6 kinds of massage methods to soothe pregnant women

2022-01-16 12:04:44 55 ℃

Pregnancy will cause serious damage to women's body - from physical pain and body pressure to emotional mountain cars. But partners, family and friends can support her by massaging your mother. According to research, pre-prenatal massage can not only help pregnant women relax. If you do well, it can also bring other health benefits.

I believe that the mother should feel comfort after making all the sacrifices, so we have collected some massage skills that can help them. Remember, this article is for reference only. For medical advice, please consult your doctor.


First, make sure she is in a comfortable location

Expectant mothers should avoid supine when massage. Baby body weight and uterus may compress the blood vessels of this position, which may result in a decrease in blood supply in placenta.

The safest, most comfortable massage posture is a side, pillow support head, abdomen and legs. She can also try to sit on the floor while placing the arm on the bed or in front of the fitness ball.


Massage neck and shoulders to relieve stress and tension

During pregnancy, the back and neck suffers a lot of pressure because they try to adapt to changes in the center of gravity. Muscles may also be sore, but there are some techniques to alleviate pressure and tension.

First put a hand on her shoulder - especially where the shoulders are connected to the neck. Slowly slide your hand to her skull, then slide back her shoulders. For balance, use another hand to do the same thing on the other side.

You can apply a pressure in the area that you feel, as part of the massage, you can also move your hands on her arm.


Scalp massage can create miracles for her relaxation

Put your hand in the future mother's head, somewhere behind her ear. Then move your hand in a circular motion. After that, you can move them up through her hair and move down to her neck. Gently press the head skin with your fingers.

For partners, give your wife, this massage is not only a soothing experience for her, but also a way to make her love. Pre-prenatal massage also helps the contact and mutual understanding between husband and wife.


Hand or rub the spine on both sides of the spine to relieve muscle soreness

A larger infant mass causes back pain, which can help provide comfort. When you are on the side of your mother, put your hands on both sides of the spine. Then use your hand root or thumb to gently pull down her back.

Back massage can also bring other benefits, including regulatory hormones, reduce swelling risks, improve blood flow and improve sleep quality.


Massage her legs and feet to help relieve pain and swelling, but don't use too much

In a birth stage, one of the changes in female body is a reduction in blood volume. Therefore, the circulation of the legs will usually be slow, which may cause pregnant women to face the risk of thrombosis. It may cause blood clots to fall off and cause complications.

The best way to massage the leg is to rub it with a flat palm. You can also take your feet with your hands, you can also gently circulate with your thumb and your ankle and your feet. Gently pull the toes or friction fingers between toes can also make her feel good.


Try some simple exercise to increase the comfort of your hips and pelvis

One technology is "bip squeezing". This is made of pregnant ladies standing or sitting on fitness balls on fitness ball. It is important to support her upper body, such as counters, tables or beds. Place yourself behind her, put your hand on both sides of her hips. Then press inward, it seems to be inserted together with the hips.

Another method is "shake tree". From the back, put your hands on one of her thighs, one hand is placed on the inside, and the other hand is placed outside. Then, "shake" or "stir" the thigh "shake" or "agitating" thighs in the opposite direction - just like the movement of the fire when the fire begins.

These exercises help to provide comfort in a relaxation and release of ligaments, pelvic bottoms and back.

Attachment: The important tips to remember and what to avoid

The abdomen is a restricted area.

Avoid massaging the belly because it is pressed to apply pressure on her uterine ligament, which may result in complications.

It is generally recommended to avoid massage in the early pregnancy.

The first 3 months of pregnancy is a very fragile period, and the risk of abortion is high. Some therapists are also worried that blood flow increased during massage may cause harm to mothers. There are also some pressure points in the body that it is considered to induce childbirth.

Carefully check if the massage is safe with her doctor.

Before you massage, if you have any health status, please consult your doctor. Women with pregnant spit, hypertension, fever, abdominal pain and other health problems may face high risks during prenatal massage.

Avoid using essential oils or aromatic oils.

Since essential oils have not fully understood the impact of the fetus in the growth, it is best to keep cautious and avoid using them. You can use a flavorful massage oil or lotion to help reduce the friction during the session.

If you have any questions, please seek a well-trained masseur.

If you feel that massage technology is too complicated, you can seek a well-trained therapist or a prenatal massage.

Stop massage immediately once pain, discomfort or signs or signs of contractions.

If the symptoms do not improve within an hour, please contact your doctor or healthcare provider immediately.

What other techniques you can also help help mothers feel comfortable?

Do you try birth to massage?

Share your tips and experience in the comment section.