A little boy in Zhejiang should buy a green hat. After refused, she cries, my mother: Growing up.

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A little boy in Zhejiang should buy a green hat. After refused, she cries, my mother: Growing up.

2022-01-16 18:07:42 45 ℃

"Green Hat" is intended to refer to the green color of the green color, but with the development of the times, "green hat" gradually became a synonym of "unfaith", meaning that the wife is unfair to her husband.

As a man, in daily life, I will buy clothes or buy a hat, I will deliberate green, so as not to be ridiculed by others, it is a laughter of others, so it has created a man to have a sense of rejection from the psychology of green clothes and hats. Especially for the "green hat".

The world of adults is complicated. The child's world is simple. When children are buying clothes or hats, they will only be good, they will not consider others, whether it is white or green, it seems correct.

On January 14th, a little boy in Hangzhou, Zhejiang saw a green hat. He didn't have a mother to buy him. After the rejected collapse, the mother ridicule: Growing up ...

The little boy bought "green hat", and he was refused to cry.

The child's world is simple and cute, not so many secularity, do not have to consider some potential secular concepts, but the adults are different, but the child can not take care of the adults.

This little boy is just five or six years old. According to the boy's mother, the child has a soft look from the child, very much like green color.

When the little boy and mother visited the mall, I saw a green hat, I didn't want to buy my green hat back.

The child is very simple, not considering the meaning of the green hat, but the child's mother can't consider.

After the child was refused by her mother, it was very lost, but she wanted to cry and cried in the ground. Cried a happiness, I didn't let my mother gave him a "green hat".

Looking at this scene, the child's mother feels very funny, so I shoot the live picture.

Netizen Review: The father of the child is shivering.

The child cries, my mother can't help but laugh. "Growing up."

In the eyes of the child, the green hat is the top of the green color of his favorite, there is absolutely no other idea, but "green hat" can't be ignored by adults, representing a deep meaning.

The boy is refused to cry, not let my mother buy, and my mother looked at the child and she couldn't help but laugh, and speech ridicule: "Some of the green grows!"

The child listened to my mother, maybe I thought that my mother didn't want to buy him, so I cried more stronger.

Can a child cry, how much is my mother smile, and the crying of grievances, while the big laughter is like a silver bell, contrast is strong.

The mother who looked at the child smiled so happy. The netizens couldn't help but ridicule "this is definitely the mother."

The green hat should I buy?

In the eyes of the adults, the "green hat" represents two levels, but in the eyes of the "green hat" is a green hat, there is no other meaning, so many netizens have launched a fierce discussion after I have seen this video - "Green Hat" "Which should I buy it?

Supporters believe that the child's world does not have so many flower intestines. He is just very simple to look at the green hat. .

The opponents believe that children like green hats are just simple like, but wearing out will definitely attract others' unscrupulous, and others may have been discovered by others or personal attacks, the growth of children may be unfavorable.

"Green Hat" is different in the eyes of adults and children, but adults should consider cognitive stress from social inherent to prevent children from being psychologically trauma in this regard.

Others believe that mother bought "green hat" giving children children, have you asked the child's father?

In fact, there should be that the children buy "green hat" is really tangled, buy it is afraid of being guided by others, don't buy it, don't give it to the child, and another harm to the child.

The editor believes that if the family doesn't have any other opinions and ideas, the color of the hat is not intentional, as long as the child wants, still can buy it, after all, the adults don't care, the child will not think too much.

The final editor wants to say: this mother is watching is a mother. In addition to the mother, others can't say this, it is really speechless ...