In addition to seeing red, breaking the water, this given signs is also very important, pregnant women do not ignore

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In addition to seeing red, breaking the water, this given signs is also very important, pregnant women do not ignore

2022-01-16 18:07:56 47 ℃

My friend will soon be able to expect the expected date of birth. She said she wants me to talk to her in the past few days, relieve the tension before her birth. Among them, I asked her to know some of the signals of the origin, she was confident that it was not to see red and broken water. I asked her that there was an earlier signal before these symptoms, she didn't know. In fact, many pregnant women are the same as friends, and they know that red, breaking the water. In fact, there is a signal than the red, the breakdown appears earlier, that is, the fetus into the basin, but a lot of pregnant women are ignored.

What is the fetus into the basin?

The fetus refers to the third trimester, and the fetus will enter the pelvis of pregnant women with the head of the head, buttocks, and prepare for the first step for childbirth. But at this time, the incoming pot is just shallow into the basin, and the fetus in front of the premature production will really enter the pelvis. For the first pregnant pregnant woman, I will enter the basin at around 36 weeks. For maternal, it will enter the basin a few hours a few hours before. So, if you know that the fetus has entered the basin, then you will soon give birth, you have to prepare for your production.

So how can pregnant women know if the fetus has entered the basin? Do you have to go to the hospital? In fact, it is not used, and the fetus will also issue some signals. If pregnant women have three symptoms in the third trimester, this is likely to be in the fetus, pay attention.

1. There is a feeling of falling abdomen

In fact, the fetus into the basin is a process of uterine "Shen", overall, the location of the uterus is more than before. Therefore, pregnant women will feel that the abdomen has a feeling, and even feels that the belly is coming. This is also a normal phenomenon, pregnant women are worried.

2. The upper abdomen is oppressed.

Many pregnant women have such a feeling in the third trimester, but I don't know if this is the fetus into the basin. Because of the development of the fetus, the uterus is constantly increasing, while increasing, it will squeeze other organs in the body, especially the extrusion of the stomach and the pulmonary extrusion. So pregnant women feel that the appetite is not very good during pregnancy, and sometimes it is very smooth. However, after the third trimester, after the fetus entered the basin, the uterus was relieved to these organs, and the pregnant woman would feel very easy. The appetite is getting better, while breathing is smooth than before.

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3. Urinary frequency is aggravated

After pregnancy, the uterus will increase the congestion and the uterus is also increasing with the development of the fetus. The uterus and the bladder are close to the location, and the uterus will compress the bladder, so pregnant women will have frequent urination during pregnancy. After the fetus is incorporated, the uterus has a large pressure of the bladder, causing the ability of the bladder storage urine to be lower, so the phenomenon of frequent urination is also more serious.