The twilier is a "energy storage period" height of the child, eat three meals, and the child has a higher head.

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The twilier is a "energy storage period" height of the child, eat three meals, and the child has a higher head.

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Let your child grow a high child, almost all the wishes of all parents. However, most parents don't know how to make their children grow taller.

Some parents believe that the child's height has decided when the child is still born, because the child's height is mainly affected by the family's genetic.

Indeed, the child's height is, and there is a very important relationship with genetic genetic.

However, inheritance is not able to completely determine the child's height, some of the nutrition, habits, and exercise levels, which can affect the height of the child.

For example, in a family, the parents' tall is very high, so they are very proud to think that the child will be high.

In the process of child growth, do not pay attention to the child's nutrition supplement, eating habits, etc.

Crack women are difficult to sam, you don't give your body, what is the body to grow?

Nutrition experts believe that children can improve their height through diet, sleep, emotion, exercise.

Therefore, although genetic factors are a major factor affecting the child, it is not the final decisive factor.

How is the height of the child, and there is a very close relationship with the child's nutrition diet and habits.

In these factors, the diet is a very important part, so parents must pay attention to the child's diet.

Speaking of this, some parents said that they have worked hard in the diet of the child, but why the child's height is like being pressed, and the growth is much slower?

Everyone may not pay attention, the twins have been quietly coming, and the twilies are the "energy storage period" height of the child.

Because the weather of the twelfth lunar month is relatively cold, the child's exercise is relatively reduced, and the body is for instinctivity, in order to avoid the body lack of calories in the cold winter, the energy storage is carried out, which is to resist this cold, the energy is stored, the child's height The growth will naturally slow down.

However, at this time, the slow growth situation will not affect the height growth of the year, because these energy accumulated in the twelfth lunar month will be released after the temperature rise, get the use of the body, so that the child appears " "The situation, that is, in a certain period of time, the child is high-speed growth.

Of course, if you want to come to the child's head, you can "get more higher". In now, parents should listen to nutrition experts, eat these three meals:

★ Breakfast should be rich in nutrition

Breakfast is the first meal in the day, and the child is a nutritional point after sleeping overnight. After the child slept all night, the body's demand for nutrition was relatively large, so when breakfast, be sure to prepare some high nutritious food.

Just like the professor of Zhong said, in the special period, it is not recommended that children drink porridge in the morning, even in the entire growth stage of the child, they are not suitable for eating such breakfast.

A healthy breakfast requires three or more or more of meat, eggs, dairy products and fruits and vegetables.

Among them, meat is rich in nutrients such as high-quality protein and fat-soluble vitamins, and the eggs contain a large amount of protein and amino acids and minerals, and milk contain a large number of high-quality proteins, and nutrients needed by a variety of children. Carbon water, protein, and vitamin B national nutrients, vegetables contain dietary fibers that help children increase gastrointestinal digestion, and fruit contain a large amount of vitamins and sugar.

A healthy breakfast, not only can meet the child's energy storage, but also make up for the child's full night's nutritional consumption, but also let the children keep the spirit throughout the morning, in good condition, in the life or study.

★ Lunch should be quantified

At noon, the child's physical activity was completely excited, so the child's hunger will be more obvious, so I need to add enough food at this time, and meet the good digestive function of the stomach; two in the afternoon high energy consumption Learning and life preparing; three to do a good job of energy; four to supplement nutrient consumption in the morning body.

Therefore, no child is enough to let the child eat, but also pay attention to the diversification of the dishes, because this time is the best when the child's gastrointestinal function and digestive ability are the highest, the child is the highest. Whether you have to take this time to take enough nutrition.

But pay attention to a little, it is not meant to eat, and if you eat, you will affect your child's gastrointestinal digestion and may have some other problems. So, if the child is full, the parents can do not have one more, and then the children have dinner.

★ Dinner must be less digested

At dinner, the diet must focus on a small amount of easy digestibility. Since the child should start entering sleep after eating, after entering sleep state, the child's digestive ability will decline accordingly. At this time, there will be a lot of difficult to digest food in the stomach, will add children. The gastrointestinal burden, not only may have some digestion, and will affect the child's sleep quality, which is not conducive to the child's health.

Of course, eat less digest, nor, dinner can be perfunctory, dinner needs attention to nutrition, but it does not have to eat big fish, you can eat some light, refreshing, and digestion.

Eat in the morning, eat at noon, eat less at night, a diet attitude, is also a healthy food concept, parents must pay sufficient attention. Nowadays, many children don't like to have breakfasts, or you like to add food in the middle of the night, this is not very good eating habits. Parents must help their children correct, let children develop a good eating habit, and children can be long Higher.

If the parents are not clear which foods are nutritious, if they have a height of the child, it is recommended that parents will take a look at this "Children's Long Take".

This is a book that is specifically for children, this book introduces nearly 40 kinds of food, nutrition instructions, precautions, nutrition analysis, and mixed instructions, very detailed.

For example, it is inexpensive, it has a very rich amount of calcium, and if the child often consumes, it is especially obvious to promote bone development, and zinc elements in the seaweed can promote children's intelligence, which is also very good. helpful.

And there is also a test, let your mother know what food is suitable for matching it, what is not suitable, let the food you eat as much nutrition as much as possible.

Not only that, after each ingredient, two delicious recipes have been recommended, if you think it is very troublesome to see the recipe, you can also sweep the video to learn to be vegetables, teach you to make an increase in food, even the old man in the family is also I can understand at a glance, the parents who are interested can take a look.

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