The baby is coming to "report" or "revenge", these four characteristics are obvious, netizen: Zhen

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The baby is coming to "report" or "revenge", these four characteristics are obvious, netizen: Zhen

2022-01-16 18:07:01 36 ℃

Many times, we often hear the old man's boast: this child is so good, don't cry, don't pick it up, just look "report"!

For a lot of treasure moms, if you have a baby who is "reported", it is definitely a very happy thing.

If your child always changed the parent, do something "rebellious", it is not to "report", but "revenge".

"Reporting Baby" and "Revenge Baby" how to distinguish? 4 features tell you the answer, Bao Ma's mentality is not collided!

Sleep quality

"Report" baby: long sleep time, easy to sleep

For newbie moms, the baby sleeps is definitely a challenging job because many babies have a sleep habit of day and night.

The baby who came to "report" makes the parents and worry on sleep. Although they will occasionally, but parents are quiet after shooting a bottle of milk, and it is easy to sleep.

In life, there are still many children who are hailed as "angels" to sleep well.

The baby is no longer noisy in the night, but also brings great convenience to my mother and my family, and the adults can guarantee good sleep, and the baby is more spiritual during the day!

"Revenge" baby: Wake up, let go, cry

Compared to the angel baby, the biggest feature of "Revenge Baby" is also reflected in sleeping. They are extremely dependent on mothers, and they are very sensitive. Mothers wake up, wake up, start wow, and cry.

Children who have been sleeping by moms must have been holding, if adults want to put her down to happen, the pure belongs are a luxury, and the revenge babies are "putting down" stunts!

2. Eat

"Reporting" baby: good appetite, no food

As the baby grows, their rations began to gradually transition from the bottle to complementary food, and then transition from complementary food to normal meals.

At this point, "Reporting Baby" reflects his own advantage in eating, that is, the appetite is good, eats, can't pick it up, and soon learn to eat yourself.

Children eat and worry that parents are absolutely a great comfort.

"Revenge" baby: dinner is more difficult than the day

For many parents, God is not afraid, I am afraid that the child does not eat, and if the family has "revenge baby", the parent's heart should be broken.

Revenge babies are born with this thing for eating. They seem to be hungry. Every time they have a few mouthfuls in adults and roar, and they are always picking eaters in the process of eating.

3. Free activities

"Report" baby: noisy, no trouble, play toys

The third feature of "Reporting Baby" is Quiet, every time event time, they can play toys without noisy, and play a long time.

And adults can use this time to deal with their own things, don't have to stay with your baby.

"Revenge" baby: Don't do it, the first place

"Revenge Baby" also loves to play toys, but they will not sit there, but they want to pull their parents.

Once the adults want to find an excuse, they will immediately make "lion merits" until you put down all things, accompany him with him.

In addition, the revenge baby will be unhappy, and will open a duck model. Anyway, don't do it, let's the first place!

4. Health

"Report" baby: strong resistance, not easy to get sick

The child's health has always been a big thing that parents care, some baby is strong, plus normal nutrients, will not be so easy to get sick.

Good physical fitness does not add trouble to parents, and will not delay to the kindergarten, so they say that they are "reporting".

"Revenge" baby: three days and two

This kind of baby is in a variety of reasons, from the child and the hospital, the weather is cold, and the kindergarten is sick, and because of the illness of illness, they also need parents to accompany and take care of them.

In some old people's eyes, this kind of baby who goes to the hospital in three days is not exempting some tossing adults, so they often call them "debt ghosts."


"My family is a revenge baby is not wrong, 4 full-middle, every winter is sick, in fact, in addition to getting sick, I am worried, I have I have to endure others."

"Zhenqi, there are 3 in my family, it is indeed the baby, very embarrassing."

"After reading these reports, my mentality has collapsed, I will revenge with my stinky kid in my life."

Whether it is "Reporting Baby" or "revenge baby", every little baby is a parent's heart, and Mom and Dad must give Baby's warmed care.

Don't fall into an anxiety or cause negative emotions because your child is "not embarrassing" in a certain aspect.

Is your baby to "report" or come to "revenge"? Welcome to the Mom for the Comment Area!

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