The family "dominates the king", the outside "small transparency", the nest, and the parents can't get off

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The family "dominates the king", the outside "small transparency", the nest, and the parents can't get off

2022-01-16 18:07:01 35 ℃

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As the future of society, no matter from school or family, they have given their own development. In real life, they will always see some children's "personality" development, and such personality performance, it may be more A far-reaching adverse effect.

"Weighing Wang" in the family, "small transparency" outside

Family maternity is almost an important life content of the eight00s, caught up with the family of the planned era. Every child is more like a baby in the home, and most families are a family, and most families are both workers. Bring a big child, it has been the love of the four elderly people in both sides, gradually forming the characteristics of "only my alone".

And this kind of remember, the growing environment will make the child's character selfish and self, for familiar people, they almost become "unable to mix the world", and they will be very cautious, unwilling to express, Even if you are bullied, you will be swallowed, you only know to cry, so "the horizontal" personality characteristics also make many parents.

What is the reason for the child "horizontal"?

1) Parents "good work"

Parents, the old man loves the child's serious love, Baishi, so that the child has a absolute initiative at home, the parents don't act and conjunctize, will let the children will gradually form "a cry," The expression habits of the second trouble, not the correct expression, that is, commonly known as "being used to be used to be used, such children" is most likely to form "nest" character.

2) Wizard of the example power

Parents are the best teachers of children, parents' behavior will give their children the biggest example power, when their parents make up the inner ignition, the way the two-faced only the way will let the children learn and follow.

3) The impact of environmental factors

There is also an important environmental factor, which is the impact on the child's character. Parents as their children's "mountain", unconditional, no bottom line, cultivate the child in a "greenhouse" environment, let the child want to be, when children When I face the society independently, I will be hit, and it is more timid to form a personality of the family, the outside.

How to properly cultivate your child's personality, master the method is important

The child's personality has a profound impact on future growth. Those narrow personnel children are easy to guide their own subjective will, leading to the formation of a bad act of people's dishes, it is difficult to truly intert and collaborate with others, which is not conducive to the smooth development of children's future work and interpersonal relationships.

1. Communication, is a key key

The child has a lot of shape in the growth stage, sometimes letting the child express my thoughts correctly, and bravely say the inner world, let the parents better communicate and understand, is the best way to shape the real good personality.

2. Creating harmony, respect, and warm family atmosphere

A harmonious atmosphere will let the child put a guard, it is easier to accept and learn, and parents should know how to create a atmosphere that suits the child can better help children. Like the harmonious relationship between family members, properly dealing with people around the people, sincere care, etc., can be well guided to the child's character's shape, which is the future, the best catalyst.

3. Let children come into contact with groups, participate in social activities

Parents must teach children how to integrate into groups, communicate and collaborate with others. It is a social skills that children must learn, and their parents as an example, guide and accompany their children to participate in collective activities, and communicate with children, they can learn more in practice. road.

Protector mother wants to say:

The child can't live in the wings of the parents forever. They have been independent day. If the child wants to have a heaven and earth with its own ability, it is necessary to raise the child's good character, brave and decisive, and active and up. They face the sword of social test.