Story: The 78-year-old Hunan 78-year-old is suddenly pregnant, there is fetal movement in the abdomen, and the doctor checks the big fell.

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Story: The 78-year-old Hunan 78-year-old is suddenly pregnant, there is fetal movement in the abdomen, and the doctor checks the big fell.

2022-01-17 06:03:23 31 ℃

As we all know, the woman is 35 years old, it is necessary to be listed as a senior mother.

Whether it is pregnancy or production, it is more dangerous than young mothers.

We generally see the aged mother, mostly around thirty-four years old.

It is less than 50 years old.

But have you seen it, is it still pregnant with old ladies in the age of 78.

Don't say it is true, this is not, Fengping Town, Wuyuan City, Hunan Province, has recently made a talent.

A rural old woman named Zhou Yumei has become the most famous person in the square.

Every household, the house, you have to take out her.

Not for another, just for this year's nearly 80-year-old old woman is pregnant!

Speaking of Zhou Yumei, the village is almost no one knows no one.

Seventy-eight year old, there is another eighty-year-old wife.

The old couple born seven children in a lifetime, the highest elders in the village,

Many people who are three or forty people have seen grandparents.

It can be found in the year of September last year, Zhou Yumei, who has entered the year, actually feels the body's wire change.

Her belly continues to rise, it seems that there is still something in movement.

Not only the appetite is increased, but I want to eat some acid every day, and I often vomit, just like pregnancy reactions.

Over the time, Zhou Yumei also found that the body was developed twice.

Even sometimes there is milk secretion.

This signs have proved that she is not sick in the age of seventy-eight years old, as being pregnant!

Because of the children of birth, Zhou Yumei also concluded this saying with the experience of pregnancy.

It is reasonable that women will have a menopause in one go to 50 years.

It is equivalent to losing fertility.

However, these scientific truths say that there is no culture, Zhou Yumei, I can't hear it in the root.

They still maintain the concept of feudal superstition,

The child in the belly is the result of the Buddha Bodhisattva, which is a veritable "fairy".

It is also because it is because of my peace of mind, I will be cared for by Bodhisattva.

The child in the abdomen must be a boy, and it must be a top rich "emperor life".

This kind of superstition, more less people will make people feel a bit ridiculous,

However, Zhou Yumei's husband and wife have convinced this.

The old couple don't do anything every day, concentrate on the family,

The old companion of the year is, and Zhou Yumei will give it a delicate, and it is not allowed to do it.

It's so delicious to drink, I'm close to Zhou Yumei, and I am afraid what the fairy will come.

Think about it, the young pregnant woman is still still careful,

What's more is a fast 80-year-old old lady.

The husband and wife changed the spirit of the past, all day all day,

By the way, I will take the nickname of the fairy tire.

Laosteen beads do not have happened,

At the age of 80, the old woman is pregnant, and it is a big news.

For a time, the square is shocked by Zhou Yumei's things.

Start, everyone thinks that Zhou Yumei is joking, it is nothing more,

But holding curiosity, but also visiting the situation.

So, that time, Zhou Yumei's home was seen from the lively and gumbles.

Everyone wants to see, Zhou Yumei is pregnant,

And what is the difference between the fairy tires and others' children.

Initially, Zhou Yumei's visit to the people came to visit.

In order to prove that you are pregnant, it is true.

She also deliberately touched her belly to feel the rhythm of the fetus.

As people come, more people come, Zhou Yumei has not been patient before, I am afraid that the fairy will have any problems.

When I wait until the door, I will reject the door to the door.

But in any case, people who touch the fairy are thoroughly believe that Zhou Yumei really pregnant,

In this way, the 10th pass hundred, everyone is deeply confident that Zhou Yumei is pregnant.

There are still some people who don't believe, I know that Zhou Yumei has never done a pregnancy test.

Specially used her to call the hospital, I hope that the hospital will send a doctor to give her check.

After getting the news, the hospital also expressed its attachment to this.

Soon, I would like to appoint Yao Si, director of obstetrics and gynecology, to their homes.

For many years, Yao Su has never encountered such a incredible thing.

With the belief in science, she firmly believes this is just a beautiful misunderstanding, and must be the wrong couple of Zhou Yumei.

Until, she saw Zhou Yumei himself.

And I learned that the old couple still maintain a harmonious night life, the whole people are in place.

Everyone knows that pregnancy and age, physical condition and other factors are inseparable,

Zhou Yumei and the old age have passed the time of plum.

Not only deafness, but the legs and feet are also unfavorable,

But who can want to get it, this is the eight-year-old man,

The physical quality is not bad, and the love is not lost to young people.

The doctor is stupid, regardless of life from the night or from Zhou Yumei's performance.

The possibility of pregnancy seems to be large,

Until final, Yao Si did not have a precise conclusion.

After Yao Si, Zhou Yumei began a life of meditation,

She doesn't care about how others look at their pregnancy.

I want to give birth to my eighth child and let everyone open their eyes.

Because the doctor's default, I believe that there are more and more people who are pregnant by Zhou Yumei.

In this feudal thinking, still in a deep rooted village,

Everyone sought Zhou Yumei as a person in the gods, and even more people came to visit, hoping to be able to get some immortality, so that I can continue incense.

For a time, Zhou Yumei's home became lively,

People who come to visit and seek a lot of people.

Zhou Yumei became a representative of Guanyin, which was respectful of many people.

With more and more people who know this, Zhou Yumei's concern is getting bigger and bigger.

After listening to the rumor, the local TV station has reported that this matter is reported.

Zhou Yumei became a famous figure in Wuyuan City.

But at the same time, everyone's view of Zhou Yumei is pregnant, and also presents a part of the polarization.

Some people really believe that Zhou Yumei is really pregnant,

Another part of firm believes in science believes that

Zhou Yumei is not pregnant, but it has a kind of strange disease or mental illness, and should go to the hospital early to make a comprehensive examination.

But the other side, Zhou Yumei is not moving for these questions and suggestions.

She stubbornly believes that she is pregnant,

The statement of anyone is adhering to the attitude of ignore it.

Until the old friend, I personally got a visit after the rumors.

Hard pulled Zhou Yumei to the hospital to check, this changed her attitude.

However, the hospital is indeed,

Zhou Yumei, which can be afraid of helping the butt, secretly slipped home after less than half a day.

It is said that people will become more and more like a child, and Zhou Yumei is like this.

What is even more strange is that when everyone returns her from the hospital, when she is looking for her, she is looking for her.

She and her wife have already been waiting for a lot of time, I hope everyone will send her to the hospital.

What is this? How did you just run back, and take the initiative to ask?

In the face of everyone's doubts, Zhou Yumei said a reason,

The claim is to feel the instructions of the immortal, and she must go to the hospital to check,

When I heard this, everyone is crying,

It can only be taken with Zhou Yumei to go to a hospital.

Because of the high concern, the hospital attaches great importance to this matter.

Specially contacted experts from all major hospitals in the provincial capital,

Zhou Yumei conducted a joint consultation.

The result is very fast, everyone holds breathing,

Preparing to accept the existence of this goddess of the old rejection.

However, all people have never been thought that the results of the doctor have made people fall.

The inspection report shows that Zhou Yumei did not be pregnant, but it was just simple to get fat.

The so-called fetal movement is too much, and ordinary gastrointestines are flat.

And strong flatulence, was mistaken by her, and it is a child's rhythm.

As for the abdomen, it is because it has eaten too much fat, and the fat is constantly accumulated.

The truth of the truth apparently let Zhou Yumei and the wife are unacceptable.

She quickly said that she had a significant secondary development.

It can be followed, and the doctor will directly let the old couple like the ice.

The doctor guess, Zhou Yumei produced pseudo pregnancy,

It should be some food containing hormones.

This leads to her endocrine disorder, and there is no symptom of this age.

At this time, Zhou Yumei's wife suddenly remembered what.

It turned out that in September last year, they have bought some antler tonic, and I want to suppress my body.

And pseudo-pregnancy symptoms and gain these things, they are only after eating these drivers.

It seems that the supplement is the key to the pregnancy,

The child is looking forward to the day, but it is empty.

Zhou Yumei and the wife will eventually be returned to fail.

Fortunately, in the persuasion of everyone, she finally put down the obsession, no longer believed that ignorant feudal superstitions.

Instead, people say that they are not pregnant, standing in scientific perspectives.

This story is a bit ridiculous, but the back is behind, but people feel the chilly.

Even if the society progresses to today, there is still a feudal ignorance.

And we must also polish your eyes and firmly believe that science is the truth.