The difference between autism and personality

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The difference between autism and personality

2022-01-17 12:07:58 54 ℃

From the appearance, there is a lot of similarities between autism and personality, it is easy to confuse both, and some parents and friends are also mistakenly considering the intrinsicity of the autism, and delay the treatment.

So, what are the differences between autism and introverting?

1. Is it straight to the other side?

Children who don't like to play with other children, like to entertain yourself, do not like to see others's eyes when communicating with others, often express as "I don't see", and children in the personality are only in the face of the murder, It may be "do not dare to see", but in front of the familiar people, it is still in the palace.

2, whether the index finger

Children who have autistic children lack appropriate limb movements and will not make requests for interest. For example, if you want to drink water, but when you can't get a cup, he will take the hand of the acquaintance, not the food refers to the cup, "I want to drink water". In contrast, children in personality are only a little timid and will still be asked.

3. Do you respond to others?

Children who have a self-abortion call his name, as well as there is nothing to respond. For example, parents pointed to the foreign dolls say "watching the dolls in dancing", autistic children will "get angry"; and the child's innermost child may not perform great excitement, but the eyes will always stare at the doll.

4, there is no language barrier

Children often exist in language delays, showing problems that don't like to communicate with their parents, 少, self-speaking self-speaking, language expression ability, unclear conditions. The children in the personality may also be ignorant, but it is usually in front of strangers, and there will be more exchanges with familiar people.

5, there is a keyless behavior

Children in autism may show the improper use of items from 1 year. If you are arranged in a row of building blocks, it is disrupted, reappears, repeatedly, and you like alone. Or don't play with one item. Children in personality also like to play alone, but they will have changed each time, and they can play together.

The above is the difference between autism and personality, parents and friends don't be stupid, if the child has the above autism symptoms, it must be long-term treatment, early treatment, morning intervention.