In the third trimester, three methods are helpful for fetal development, and the second type of pregnant mother is not suitable.

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In the third trimester, three methods are helpful for fetal development, and the second type of pregnant mother is not suitable.

2022-01-17 12:07:48 30 ℃

In the third trimester, the nerve cell development of the fetus has been more mature, and the child's auditory organs and memory have also developed very much, so the prenatal education in the third trimester is more important. ?

What kind of mentality should be pregnant in the third trimester?

When Huai Erbao eight months, I will often chat with my baby. I will talk to him, and I can still disclose my inner anxiety, and fear of childbirth.

Keep a smooth and enjoyment of emotions, don't always be very anxious, not confident or violent, these for your baby is a bad emotion. After the baby feels these negative emotions from mothers, the fetal movement will be obvious, and the phenomenon of agitation may increase the chance of the umbilical cord.

If the mood of pregnant mother is not too stable, you can also invite Dad to join, so it can also lay a good foundation for future parent-child relationships. Quasi-Dad can also support pregnant mother, which is conducive to cultivating couple's feelings.

How to conduct prenatal education in the third trimester

At the third trimester, it is very hard. At this time, the stomach of the bulge will make your physical action, so doing prenatal education to choose simple and convenient prenatal education.

1, listen to music

Playing fetal education to your baby, not only to stimulate your baby's auditory system development, but also relieve pregnant mother's prenatal anxiety. The music of the prenatal education is relatively soothing, suitable for the side or lying, and the mothers can put their hands and listen to music with their babies.

2, touch your baby

Although the fetal movement in the third trimester is less, the fetus is not small every time, it means that the baby still likes you. Mothers can often touch the abdomen, according to the order from above or from left to right, so the baby will play the abdomen and respond to you. At the same time, you can chat with your baby, talk about your "whisper".

PS: Each time is 10 ~ 15 minutes, long touch may make the fetal movement more frequent. ?

3, bring your baby's exercise

Half hours after eating for half an hour (within half an hour)

Sports can also make your mother's emotions, and appetite will be much better.

PS: If the pregnant mother has a placenta in front of the placenta, the preterm is not suitable for sports prenatal education. This may increase the risk of premature birth.

What are the benefits of being pre-pregnant in the third trimester?

Prenatal education in the third trimester can stimulate the development of all organs of the fetus, the fetus can receive these external stimuli, and further development, it will be affected by pregnancy pregnancy during birth, emotion and language development faster.

For pregnant mothers, pregnancy prenatal education can alleviate the prenatal anxiety, but also let you calm down, interact with the fetus will make your mother more confident, facing unknown childbirth.

PS: Doing prenatal education can also help pregnant mothers have established good habits, reasonable diet and regular work, etc., these can improve the physical quality of pregnant mothers, and have a great help to childbirth.

Pillow parenting message:

In summary, if the conditions are allowed, it is recommended to make prenatal education in the third trimester, you can make pregnant mothers and fetuses build a preliminary connection, not too nervous during childbirth, and the procedure will be faster.