In the month, I wash it every day, and I washed a month. After half a year, the gap showed it.

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In the month, I wash it every day, and I washed a month. After half a year, the gap showed it.

2022-01-17 12:08:58 40 ℃

Although the modern people are sitting on the moon, they are more pay more than those who are not in the old man, but it is worth noting, but many aspects have collided with the traditional statement, so that many young moms don't know who It is said that it is reliable.

The greatest dispute is to wash, and the older generation should not wash, including the shampoo, bath, brush your teeth, etc., and the young generation is to pay attention to the current moon, you can wash it. , Only pay more attention to some.

In the 01 month, wash it every day, one wash it out of the month, and the gap after half a year is displayed.

Xiao Chen and Xiaolin are a good girlfriend. Two people have a good pregnant baby together. The luck is really good. The two people are almost gadgetful, even children are born all over the day.

After giving birth to the child, the two people's month habits are all different. Xiao Chen's mother-in-law has a tight humor, and it is resolutely not let her wash in the month period, and he repeatedly warned her, if it was washed in the month It is likely to leave a month disease, but also as a warning with her own example, it is because she is washed in the month, now there is a problem of migraine, one go to the day or south wind Heaven will feel a headache.

And Xiaolin is not in the age of the older generation. I think there is any era. I also pay attention to those customs. In addition to the first seven days, I didn't dare to take a shower in the first seven days, and I was basically washed every day. But it is not unhappy. Every time I wash, I will use hot water. I will dry my body in the first time after washing, and the hair is blowing dry, and I will change my teeth. The water is hot water.

Xiao Chen is waiting for the month after the month, she is very uncomfortable, the whole body is bleed, and it seems to have inflammatory problems because of the health of health, which causes her to recover her recovery It's slower.

Originally, the gap between the two is just here, but who knows that after half a year, the difference between the two people slowly displayed, the state of Xiaolin recovered more and better, but Xiao Chen was previously in the month During the period, there was no hygiene problem, and the head did not wash. The hair has been pulled out of the long-term oil. Cervical inflammation, etc., let Xiao Chen regret, see the appearance of girlfriends, I know that I didn't listen to my mother-in-law.

In fact, for the current living conditions, there is really no need to stick to the old set of practices, because there is no enough good living conditions in the past, in order to avoid cooling during the month, do not let the wash. But now, there is hot water, air conditioning, bathroom, hair dryer, etc., even if it is not worried about the cold problem in the wash process.

Furthermore, the health cleaning problem during the month is extremely important for new mothers. Because there is a lot of discussion in this process, if it is just a simple wiping, it is not enough to achieve the cleaning effect, plus it every day to defecate, and it is difficult to achieve the effect of the dirt without the way to wash it. This is why it is necessary to emphasize the reason for cleaning. Otherwise, the residual dirt will still produce a large number of bacteria, and finally trigger a serious infection problem, just like the small Chen of the above cases, it is found that inflammation and fallopian interpocation after the month period, is because Cleaning in the month is not in place.

What detail issues should I pay attention to during the 2002 month?

There is also some old man to emphasize that you can't eat vegetables during the month period. If you think that vegetables will make breast milk production, in fact, this statement is wrong, and the first half of the month is actually more emphasized for vegetables. Because in the first half of the month, the body is grateful, it is not able to fully digest and absorb the nutrition provided by the big fish, but eat too much fat, it may stimulate the recovery of the wound, it is easy Leading indigestion.

Therefore, you can't eat vegetables, focus on the balance of nutrient structure, mainly based on vegetables and beans, supplemented by meat, such food model more helpful in maternal recovery.

Furthermore, there is also some old man who believes that only bed rest, in fact, this is wrong, because if the bed is resting in the whole month, it will cause the relaxation of the pelvic muscles to exacerbate, resulting in difficult to restore the original Bit, the subsequent occasional occurs.

The older generation will emphasize the bed rest, because in their era, there is nothing to do after living after the child, leading to a lot of people with uterus, so they think should be resting in bed, However, in fact, the bed rest also needs to be appropriate. On this basis, the appropriate walking needs to move, enhance the body's metabolism, but also avoid excessive fatigue, this is what you should pay attention to.