The moon industry needs to be regulated

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The moon industry needs to be regulated

2022-01-17 12:08:00 42 ℃

Not long ago, Ms. Wang believes that the child has not yet been born, and the family has booked a month, the monthly prices of the month, I think the professionals take care of better, but the skill level of the moon is to let the family fall in glasses. "The operation is not standardized, the care is not in place, the child is not only a large body weight index, but also because the navel is in the hospital."

In recent years, many families have chosen, please take care of newborn and maternal, and therefore gave birth to huge market demand. In some big cities, the monthly charges are generally up to 10,000 yuan. However, whether the quality and professional skills meet the requirements, it has always been the most worryable problem of consumers.

"A qualified moon is at least in pregnant women's care, baby care, pregnant women and baby nutritional diet can be taken. Not only needs to know maternal and child care knowledge, but also need to master skills to assist in returning to obstetrics, physical physiotherapy. Zhao Wei, the obstetrician of the Second People's Hospital of Yinchuan City, Ningxia, said that in addition to these professional capabilities, excellent months should have some internal and surgical medical knowledge reserves.

However, in real life, due to the low admission threshold, the investment is not high, the difficulty is difficult, and the moonfall is blooming everywhere, and the quality is uneven. At the same time, the lack of corresponding systems and standards in the monthly industry, industry supervision is not clear, industry standards are not unified, and daily mainly rely on operators to self-discipline, and more played in the moon market. The salary system in the industry is very confusing, not only consumers can't identify, but they are also very confused from the industry.

Ms. Liu, who once invested in the moon. She found that some of the high monthly months did not accept formal training. "Some training institutions claim to '8 days speed', training assessment content is the most basic common sense, as long as they pay Money guarantees through the exam. "

"The service objects and service content of the moon is more special. It seems that no one can do it, but it actually requires very high, after all, its service quality is directly related to the health and safety of infants and young children. But some months not only have professional training Even if there is no experience, spend money to buy a certificate or build a relevant experience, and the skills of professional moonlight provide services. The level of skills can be imagined. "Deputy Secretary-General of the China Law Society Consumer Rights Protection Law Chen Yinjiang said that consumers have encountered infringement problems, often difficult to prove rights.

"Solve the chaos of the monthly market, in addition to improving the relevant system standards as soon as possible, it should also clear the supervision department and supervision responsibilities, and include the monthly supervision." Chen Yinjiang suggested, on the one hand, to accelerate the establishment of the standard of opening the monthly industry System, formulate a unified training assessment process, and require professional skills training and through regular exams to obtain relevant qualification certificates; on the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen management, and training institutions cannot pay for money. Once the export of illegal violations are found, they must be severely investigated according to law, so that the illegal cost is much higher than the illegal benefits, and truly generates a glimpse.

Experts suggest that when choosing the month, you should carefully check the other party's qualification certificate, choose a regular housekeeping company, and strive to sign a service contract. When signing a contract, you must see the rights and obligations of the parties, and write the content of the verbal commitment and the charging price, the service period, the responsibility and other content, etc.

With the further expansion of the month, the moon industry also attracted a lot of outstanding talents, and the number of high-education practices increased rapidly. Some people with the background of the medical industry continued to influence, bringing new opportunities to the moon industry. Talent is the key to the development of the industry. Under this trend, further improve the system, providing high quality services that match the charge.

"People's Daily" (January 17, 2022)