My baby is the first time I took a rash.

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My baby is the first time I took a rash.

2022-01-17 12:08:35 46 ℃

My family in the eight months of induced children's rush, the first time, the mother is helpless, and the focus is bad. Looking at the little baby, the rash still does not let my mother feel like, my tears ...

Then I have a hungry, and the treasures that have not been experienced are coming to understand, otherwise it is really difficult!

Through the doctor, this is a child's rush, because the fever caused by the rash, the baby does not exceed 38 degrees, I use physical cooling. Give your baby a blood, it is viral, the doctor gives a clear heat detoxification drug.

Looking at the baby slowly spreading the rash of the whole body from the abdomen, I have a good distressed. The doctor told that it is not tight, the child must take a rash, and it may have some time when it is slightly. It will be a fever in a short time, and then the rash is slow in three or five days. If you have a disease, there will be immunity, lifelong! This disease will not be infected.

However, for Bao Ma, this is a long process. When you come, there is no sign, just that the body temperature is suddenly rising, scared "baby". However, the baby is very strong, the baby is only a bit of spirit, sleep more, more than a mother, I know that she is uncomfortable, watching the baby is strong, I am a good job.

The rash is also in a hurry and hurried, let our family's treasures are healthier, and the mother is more assured. Love you, treasure! !