Middle-aged mother's voice: If there is a born, I want to be a father!

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Middle-aged mother's voice: If there is a born, I want to be a father!

2022-01-17 18:03:50 57 ℃

Wen | rice mother

The rice grains shouted from morning tonight.

The team of kicking can not find, the leggings are not seen, the kettle is not warm; the test paper is not printing, the composition is not inspired, the health table is not filled ...

Even if there is no paper in the toilet, he crossed the scorpion when he crossed: "Mom ~~ you come."

After listening to a day, I shouted me to start suspicion, my son wouldn't be "love mother"? ? ?

Otherwise, the 1.8 big rice dad of the 1.8 big son, in the living room, in the living room, he always turned, never shout.

I was called by my son to turn the group, and the rice dad was also idle.

If he doesn't do, he plays a hula hoop in the living room.

I asked rice. "You can't see your father? Why do you even show you this kind of thing?"

The rice grains said: "Ha? Where is my father know where to toilet?"

In one sentence, I have worked.

When you call your dad, you will call your mother with your father. Is this scenario I have experienced less?

Don't look at the rice dad is a senior virgin, even the eggs in the refrigerator can be accurate to people, to a number; your own socks are also put together.

You can't escape the curse of "Dad at home is a place".

Anything related to your child, I don't know how he didn't know anything.

Children's wardrobe, desk, school bag, roll ... All the information he silently chooses mask, faintly put himself, and feels yourself to bring your child is really not.

For children, don't shoot mom.

Even if you give your son, you should also call my mother.

This Sunday, I have too much work, I really can't open it, need to work overtime.

Before going out, rice grains and his dad showed great unhappy, especially heard that rice dads should supervise the focus of memacteria to write the prolonged unit, and their faces are more downs.

The rice dad is still "final": "Don't you work at home?"

I glanced at him.

"Is there another job in the home?"

I accelerate the shoes, rice daddy rushed into the rice granulation room, shouting: "Where is the unit focus? What can I write? Can you put it in the desk?"

I suspect that rice dad is not a matter in a second.

"Playing on the desk!"

"Is that these three pages? Do you want to write all?"

I really can't answer if this problem is to close the door.

When I was busy with four feet in the afternoon, I received WeChat of rice dad.

There is only one big wave photo: he is with rice to see the jellyfish in the jellyfish store, watch the model in the model shop.

When the years were quiet, the obscure shadows did not see.

In the evening, I was dragging the body that was tired into the scattered body and found that the father and son were still playing PS5.

Since studying children's game online addiction, friends who say that children can only be blocked by children, try to give their children to play exclusive game consoles, not mobile phones. First, establish a sense of belonging, the second is to play from psychology, and the small screen can play, easier to share the child's time; while the big screen can shorten the child's use time.

Thus, each weekend rice has a time to play PS5, the father and son perform this time extremely in place.

I don't delay in one minute.

I am resistant to the child, I have to finish it, ask: What is the case of default?

The rice grains and dad are silent.

I walked into the room of the rice, and the key paper "lonely" is lying on the desk, next to it, is not written in the insignificant paper.

Mi Dad said first: "We have no obscure, but use a better method, first ask rice to read aloud, then verbal, all right! Very good!"

I am too tired, take the paper and check the rice grains with the mouth: "Antonym?"

The rice is out of mouth: "Not itching."

"What?" I stunned, watching him and rice daddy incredible.

The rice is straightforward: "A person is very itchy, the antonym is itchy."

On the side, I also scratched myself, as a monkey.

I am fire: "You say it again!"

Mi Dad was confused: "Yes, the antonym corresponding to itching is not itchy, can't you scratch?"

I felt.

The neck said that this is the lonely looks up.

Their father and son suddenly realized: Just this? Is that antonym? ? ?


Look at them, I am not solving, I am afraid that I can't stand it all, I can't stand it, I'm saying: "The head of overlooking!"

The rice grains look at me: "Mom, I remember."

I don't have to die, and I have taken out one: "Desperate synonyms and antonyms."

"Disappointed and hope."

"Do you want to think about it? The antonym is right, is it a synonym?"

The rice is desperately looked at me, and the rice daddy opened: "Don't you do?

The rice is looked at me not talking.

"The correct answer is hopeless."

"One mean?" Mi Dad is still struggling.

I said: "I am disappointed with rice, it is hopeless. Can you mean? One can save a saving, one intended to abandon it directly."

The rice is busy opening: "Mom, I remember, not disappointed, it is hopeful, this remember firm."

I went to the kitchen to fill a cup of coffee and started writing rice.

In the middle of the night, I finally all default.

The rice particles have silently taken a blank health table from the desk. "Mom, this is not filled, do you forget to talk to Dad?"

"I said, will he fill?"

The rice granules have been caught in silence.

When I lay in bed, I was tired of my mind, but my limbs were soft, but they couldn't sleep, and rice dad slept in a moment.

So what is marriage to me? ? ?

Early the next morning, Mi Dad smiled and explained me: "Yesterday, the rice is tired. I have to go to work today, I really can't eat wow."

I hanged a huge dark circle asked him: "Please come to you?"

He died in his mouth: "I have thought to give him some takeaway, really hurt!"

He replied very seriously, and his brow wrinkled very real. I didn't even ridicule.

I have raised rice. I finally figured out how many years of doubtful questions from Xiaoshu:

Why do you have a parents, you are almost mothers?

And I got the notice, I will only think about my mother for the first time?

Now, it is entirely the energy to drive, because Dad will go to the parents, I don't know if I will bring me any unknown disaster. Can he find the classroom smoothly, it is a big question mark.

Mom is too strong, although I may go home, I will not be very good, but at least "dead" is clear.

Can more labor, my mother is really carrying too much!

There are many songs in the world, as for Dad, just: I will go home and see, I am afraid that I will take back to my father.

Look, I have to go home to wait for him.

So, my mother is so great and proud, I will make me a father!