How does Nanchang Huadia Mountain reproductive hospital why the second child has not been?

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How does Nanchang Huadia Mountain reproductive hospital why the second child has not been?

2022-01-17 18:04:34 47 ℃

Why did I get pregnant before, I have already born a child, but now I can't pregnant with the second child?

There is a fertility in fertility, now there is fertility.

Couples have been born with children, they don't mean they can regenerate. 40% of infertility is secondary, and with age, women and men's fertility will decline.

1. The ovarian function is lowered.

The ovarian is the most important genital organ of women, and its important role is to produce eggs, promote follicles, and mature. The stronger the ovarian function, the better the development of follicles, the stronger female reproductive ability.

Old age is a major obstacle to women suffering from pregnancy. In general, women who are preparing for the second child and women after the 80s have been age. As the age increases, the ovarian function will decrease, which increases the difficulty of pregnancy in elderly women varying degrees.

2. Male sperm quality decline.

Sperm quality is the foundation of male maternity, male death, weakness, no fine, semen does not liquefily is an important reason for women's difficulty pregnancy.

After men in 35, the quality of sperm began to decline, plus bad lifestyles. More and more mental stress makes many men suffers from reproductive system disease, which greatly reduces the fertility rate of men, causing malignant consequences that women are difficult to pregnant.

3. Infertility.

With the growth of age, some female diseases have gradually increased, such as chronic tubal, tubal obstruction, cesarean section scar uterus, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, uterine adenoma, pelvic inflammation increasing incidence These diseases will affect women's fertility.

Check for the pregnancy of the second child.

Control your weight before pregnancy, increase exercise, do diet management, especially to limit the intake of high-sugar high-fat food, and the weight is better after the standard is better.

If you are already very old (such as close to female menus), you need to go to the hospital to check if hormones have ovulation opportunities. If there is a long history of the fetal stop or natural abortion, you can do chromosome inspection of both husband and wife.

If you have previously had a hierarchy, it is recommended to get pregnant from 1 to 2 years. If older women are preparing the second child, they should have a good birth assessment and inspection in advance, assess the hysterer, ovary and fallopian tubes.