The child is exported into "dirty", and it is useless to stop!Psychologists strongly push these four strokes!

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The child is exported into "dirty", and it is useless to stop!Psychologists strongly push these four strokes!

2022-01-17 18:03:25 38 ℃

"Ass mother", "粑粑 mother", "臭" ......

I don't know when it is speechless, and it has become a man who has to come over and over again.

It's even if it is said at home, and it is more terrible to go out and rushed to others to call "big ass.

This is not, causing me to be isolated by my child by my mother!

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Do you think this is it? There is also a "cutting your hand" "Tap you" This violent word is often reported from the baby.

It is not sleeping with the baby, which is simply a magic!

What is the big "ass" learn how do you learn?

Is it still what a aunt did something wrong? Leading the child turns this!

In fact, after 2 years old, self-consciousness will start awakening.

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At this time, children have a uniqueness, or even vicious languages.

They feel that those words are very fun, seem to bring strength and magic to make others have a strong reaction!

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This is the child's curse sensitive period, that is, the sensitive period of smear.

Because in the eyes of parents, "尿" is the flood beast, can't say!

Children will stop or severely criticize immediately if they take these words.

Or being amused, I feel that the child says these very interesting!

However, in the eyes of the child, these words are different from other languages. If we respond too much about these words, we will make children more like.

The more we stop, the stronger the reaction, the more frequent children say it.

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Especially "I hate you" "I hate you" "You go to death" "odor" this cursed language of this type of curse.

Because the child discovers, say that these make him very control, I feel that you can manipulate your emotions!

Therefore, encountering the child saying "sludge", the least recommended is tough blockage.

Of course, this sensitive period will naturally come naturally, and will quietly pass, we don't have to worry too much.

Otherwise, in addition to self-rescuing yourself, there is no practical effect.

How can it be correct? Remember the following 3 points!

First of all, let's take our small stylish!

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When the mysterious father, the mother caught the child, and we should do the best:

First: Ignore appropriately

Bao parents must keep calm, don't be stunned, I think this is a very big problem.

This kind of child slowly feels that his language is invalid to us, and it will not be said.

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However, we can also respond in a positive way.

For example, the child said: 屁 mother, hate you this kind, we can say:

I think you are a good baby, I like you very much! This kind of words respond to the child.

In short, don't be too easy to be "small ass".

Second: Tell your child your feelings

When the child said to you: "You don't let me see cartoons, I will tell your child when I am smashing your head."

"Mom is hurt, do you not love mother?" Or "Mom loves you very much, but you say this, I am really sad" such words to deal with.

Guide your child to change your mind, if others speak to you, will you also be sad?

Let the child know that these words will hurt others, naturally children will realize that this is not right!

In this process, the principle you need to adhere is to "tone temperature and firmness", don't have a strong reaction, don't criticize children.

But you have to be very clear, this is not right, it is not possible.

Third: Pay attention to children's language environment

Psychologists pointed out that children began to observe this world from a birth and a natural observers.

They grow up in observing and imitating others. The initial imitation object is your own family.

This is also an imitation behavior. Don't give your child a bad example at home, try to keep your child away from or have to contact bad language environments.

For example, violent cartoons, children who love swearing, or family love swearing, we have to stop or stay away!

Image Source: Science Family Parenting Original

Fourth: Guide children

When the child enters the dirty voice, when the mouth is full of frurrant, the Bao Punta can take the opportunity to tell the child to "smash the tries".

For example, seeing the "love of the fart," "Who is in my head", the cartoon "ass detective", can also be able to meet the idea of ​​the little guy by BCC.

It's hard to spend this time for a while, we may wish to transfer your child's attention, give more children who love to swindle the autopsy!

Try to read the little emotions behind your child, give him gentle and powerful care.