"What should I do if my wife doesn't give me a second child?" Don't say second child, meet these conditions, three children

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"What should I do if my wife doesn't give me a second child?" Don't say second child, meet these conditions, three children

2022-01-18 12:06:42 50 ℃

Recently, Ren Zeping team triggered the attention of the whole network. His "Let the Central Bank 2 trillion, specialize in rewarding the masses of children", are ridiciested by various forms.

It may be monitored by big data to the mobile phone, there are many booming, and the push of the tri-tires will be populated.

I saw such a post on the platform:

"I am a single child, the child is more than one year old, I am afraid that the child grows too lonely, I will be old, my daughter takes care of us too much, I want to take the second child, my parents are also energetic to help care. But your wife has always insisted that you don't want it, what should I do? "

The speech is full of worries and not understanding the wife, causing enthusiasm of the netizens, I can't help but say: Life is not born in the second child.

I believe that many moments will have such experiences. When raising the old big, I will receive the enthusiasm of relatives or pig friends, "Care":

"The child is not tired of people / on the kindergarten, it should be the old two."

The reason they gives is very justified:

"A child is too lonely, two can be accompanied by each other."

If parents are willing to accompany their children to grow, even if there is only one, the child will not feel lonely.

Conversely, if parents don't have time and energy flowers, a child is alone, two children are called group loneliness!

Some people will play old banners:

"You see, the child said, I want a brother sister."

What does he understand? In his context of this sentence, did he have confused!

Or, when he wants to find someone to play with him, he wants a younger brother sister, wait for him to share the little cake in his hand! He is willing!

People are good, not to mention children!

Others have seen very long:

"Two children, the pension is small in the future."

There is a paragraph: nourishment does not prevent the old, sunscreen to prevent old.

Every time I saw the old grandmother in the community, I also hilted to the two son turning the second child. I also want to ask: Your child's anti-old dream has not woken up.

Our parents are accepting the giant changes in the era, let alone, the future child.

My grandfather is not good in these two years. My mother is in the four brothers and sisters, all in a city, and now I can do it every day to take care of the elderly. But this situation, it is unlikely to be realized only on our generation.

Our generation of youth is a vigorous urbanization. It is our live city, parents living in the suburbs, which is the fate of the times, history.

Not to mention the next generation, they are destined to fly far, when they are not in a city, the probability of not in a country will be very high.

I predict that our generation may be the first batch of people in China, the first batch of people who truly accept "pension to be in the nursing home, do not rely on children" concept.

The aging problem is a big topic of an era. The future old-age environment will definitely be more perfect than now.

So, putting it with it in the boulevard, it is not as good as you earn more money, and you will find a quality point of pension community, and help children reduce dragging.

There is also an ancient morning statement:

There is a child, and the children are called.

Regarding the gender of the child, the old man is very persistent, there are many statements, such as:

"Don't have a son, it is a triple, it is a big filial package."

"There is no face to see the ancestors after the son."

"There is a woman who can make a 'good' word, otherwise it is not satisfactory."

Well ... all 2022, this kind of concept, I don't want to do a comment directly ...

In life, I will reject it directly. Many old mothers often have been deducted a "selfish" high hat, even from five good youth to white wolves, even gasping is not worthy.

Although the times have been changing, the status of women is also in the past, but in the birth of children, they will raise this matter, the whole society is default, this is a woman's thing.

Just like knowing the spit, what should I do if my wife doesn't give me a second child?

Because the final decision of life is in the woman, so the biggest pressure of life is also in the woman, and the big pot is also in the woman.

But in fact, most of the family's division of labor is everywhere. As a result, the mother's mother is taking into account the family, the child.

Dad, just enough to take care of the cause, weekends can play a play, in other people's eyes, the model husband!

But how many things don't have a baby, only who is worried, who knows!

If you ask Dad:

Do you know your child's clothes, is your shoes?

Do you know when is his next vaccination?

Do you know what the child's kindergarten teacher, the class teacher is surnamed?

How long does you know how long is the child's extracurricular interest?

90% of the answers will not know.

Writer soup is good:

In China, my mother is really difficult. You don't bring your child for your job, just bring your child's not working. You let your family help to bring their children, and you can't take care of your child.

Mothers needed by this social need are both to enter millions, and they can bring their people alone. They can born two children, but also have a happy marriage.

Mom is people, not God.

Is the life you want is selfish? It is really selfish that others are really selfish. Those who don't consider the family economy, working conditions, and raising environment, while the Bounge baby is really selfish, especially for the child.

I still remember the Net red to kill the fish.

In 2010, the 9-year-old boy is Mangyuan to walk the network because of a killing video.

In the video, he simply killed the fish scrata, the eyes were sharp, and the movement of the action was amazed.

Many people don't know, Mangyang has five brother sisters. In about 10 years, his mother is not pregnant, it is to feed the child, basically one year.

There are too many children, no strength, can only work hard, and several children grow up in the fish basin.

Mengmu said: "I often quarrel with him (Menmun), a quarrel, emotion is very low, things are more, can't take care of the child."

Meng Father, work is exhausted, the husband and wife are not, and the mood is not good, once, once, he tied Mong Yang to tie it, and his eyes were almost.

Parents have been busy, and Monmember has to help kill fish to sell fish. At the age of 13, he completely dropped out of school, and later every day, almost all in the busy and fish, reciprocated.

Later, he had two appearances in the news: once a time with his parents, drinking medicine and suicide, once a family with his father with the vegetable farm.

I have been suppressing, pain, struggle, and his most regrettable:

Nursing cats and pigs should consider the feelings of cats, and there can be children who have done their children.

When the child grows up behind: You have never dealt with your life, why do you have to live, let me be crime with you?

At that time, we can really understand what is private!

When the movie star Mei Ting was the first child, because the amniotic fluid reflow almost killed. This is so thrilling, when she is 41 years old, she still spells the second child.

Where is the courage?

Once, a family of three appeared in the airport, Mei Ting was responsible next to it, and the husband was responsible for taking care of the child, dragging the bag.

In an interview, Mei Ting revealed the first year of the next year, and the cry of the baby every night, the husband, Zeng Jian climbed up, holding and rushing, all kinds of busy.

Housework all-inclusive, with the bag all inclusive, the problem of money is not a problem!

It is no wonder that Mei Ting can't help but say: "Is my life?"

Teammates actively bear a family responsibility belonging to their own, and my mother has courage and the end of life.

Those men who complain that their wife who don't know the second child may wish to reflect, I am not Ye Gong in Ye Gonghao.

Before you have a child, you can't like someone else. When the child is born, I will run the trace immediately.

Yeah, compared to "give milk powder, read paint book, collect toys, play football", sit on the sofa and brush the mobile phone, bubble with friends, it is not fragrant!

If Dad is completely unsatisfactory, don't blame your wife for the second child.

That problem, see a reply:

My wife suddenly agreed to have a second child, I am very surprised, I only know that my father promised to give my wife 500,000, the wife changed the idea. How can I have such a wife? what should I do? Do you want to divorce her?

This netizen's subtext: How can his wife so will so!

Results The commentary area: This wife is very reasonable!

Although the money is not universal, it is not possible to have no money in the birth of the second child.

I have a girlfriend who is still living after the three children, still the figure, the body explosion, life is moist, how to do it?

Her husband and father-in-law operate a small businery, not too busy, and the economy can completely worry-free. My mother-in-law is cheerful and optimistic, and especially likes to accompanyab. I am going to work in state-owned enterprises and work is easy.

Housework and children are arranged properly. She is a lot of makeup, and she is light and goes to work. Going home from get off work, kiss, kiss, and husband sweet sweet.

Such a life, who will refuse to have a crystallization of love!

I think, don't say that the second child is, the three tires can be born, as long as the family meets one or more of these conditions:

1. The economy is worry-free, and the second child will not sacrifice existing quality of life.

2. There is a very competent baby, you can go up. 3. The husband and wife have the feelings of feelings, and can give the child warm and love growth environment. 4. The husband and wife are conscientious, and the birth of the second child will not reduce the cultivation standard of the head. 5. The elderly who have the body and the idea can become a stable and relying on the mountains. 6. Especially like children, there is money to buy yourself, and you can tear with tears. When mom is not difficult, when a responsible mother is difficult, when there is no mother, mother is difficult!

If you have a new life to this world, it is recommended that you don't have to do a decision, there is no need for anyone.

It must be a good psychological preparation and almost human preparation, and the economy is prepared.