The baby's six kinds of sleeping posts are incorrect, the more dlow, the worse, use 7 methods to unlock the baby's good sleep

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The baby's six kinds of sleeping posts are incorrect, the more dlow, the worse, use 7 methods to unlock the baby's good sleep

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Newborn baby, eating and sleeping is a big thing, my parents are not allowed. Baby is born in 1 year, often there is the most problem, especially sleep: sleep, sleep, easy to wake, night cry, etc. Baby is all kind, who experiences who knows!

★ Baby sleeps more sleepy, the more you sleep, the worse

Perhaps because the baby is not sleeping well, so many parents feel that as long as the child can fall asleep, don't cry, as for how to sleep, I can't manage so much. But Wang Ma should remind you parents, such an idea is a big mistake!

We don't pay attention to your baby's sleep habits. The child's sleep quality cannot be guaranteed, and even affect the body's development. Most importantly, it may cause the baby to sleep, the worse! Because, sleep is critical to the role of baby intelligence.

Biological Science Research found that the baby's blood flow is significantly increased after the baby is asleep, and the synthesis of the brain can be promoted. Sleep children have a significant advantage over children with bad sleep, intellectual development.

Everyday, we also found that if the baby sleeps well, the mental state will be very good when the next day is coming, and you can learn and receive more information during the day; contrary, the baby wakes up and wilting, and the level of interest is also Will be greatly reduced.

The following mistakes are the most common in infants and young people. Is your home or same? How do parents do to do so good sleep? Let's take a look.

★ Sleep posture is wrong, affecting sleep quality is also hidden

Guan Ma met a Bao Ma, she spit said that her family's 5 months of baby will often turn over to sleep. Parents are afraid that children have a danger of suffocation, so the couple don't dare to sleep, often awakened and gave birth to the child, it is too tandem!

Indeed, the baby's sleep posture is not good, hidden in danger and hidden dangers. In addition to sleep, the following six types are also a common mistake of the baby, need to be corrected in time.

Adults sleep or face their baby

Mothers all like to sleep with the baby, which can not only give the child sense, if he has any movement, it can be perceived. This seems to be a good thing, but we don't know: adults fall asleep against your baby, causing the baby to breathe until the "fresh" air.

The baby's breath is shallow, and if the gas that has been exhausted, the oxygen concentration is too low, it will easily lead to undergoing the oxygen supply of the brain, and there is a dream, wake up, the dizziness, weakness, and the loss of the spirit.

Climb into the nest to sleep

After many babies experienced it, they will completely fall in love with "sleeping". Because the drilling is warmer in the nest, he can't hear the sound outside, and it is relatively stable.

But the monk sleeps, causing the baby in a nearly closed space. As the carbon dioxide increases, the oxygen content is not enough. After the baby wakes up, it will dizziness, fatigue and poor mental, long-term hypoxia will also cause the brain development.

Frequent open mouth breathing

Many parents don't pay much attention to the baby's mouth, but in fact, this may be a "rescue" signal of the baby's body. The child breathe or because: one is to sleep, Tongue root The apse caused by breathing; the second is a cold nose plug; three is the baby fat, the soft meat of the pharyngeal is too hypertrophy, so that the breathing is blocked; It is a baby "gland body" fat.

Long-term mouth breathing, will have a great influence on the development of the child, teeth, etc., may also accompany the symptoms such as apnea, hypoxia, etc., affect the brain development. Therefore, parents must pay attention to the reasons for investigations.

I like the head to sleep with my little hand.

The little baby puts his arm in his head, the breath is even, sleeping sweetly, many mothers will be warm by such pictures, too cute! But in fact such a posture will affect the blood circulation of the baby's hand, and the adult's hand will vary the pain, let alone baby.

In addition, if the baby's pillow is sleepy, not only getting tired, but also increase the abdominal pressure, causing the gastroesophageal reflux, causing the esophageal burns. When your baby has such actions, you may wish to use a small pillow to replace the pillow.

Eat too much before going to bed

In order to let the baby wake up less to eat the night milk, try to make the baby eat more. When the human body is slow, the metabolism is slow, and the gastrointestinal motility will slow, but if you take over more food, the baby is not going to rest, not only can't sleep well, it will easily appear abdominal distension, indigestion, digestive food and other problems.

The correct approach is that don't eat it within an hour before going to bed. Dinner can eat more (the baby who has added complementary food), eat a milk 1 hour before going to bed, after eating, with the baby to play for a while, then go to sleep.

The quilt is not covered

Many babies can't sleep in the evening, and they are tumbling. After falling asleep, they can roll a few rounds from the bed to the bed at night. The baby who loves the quilt, oftens the part or the whole body to the quilt. Winter cold invasion, the baby is very likely to have a swelling, pain, etc., and it is also the most likely to have a cold.

So my parents often have to give the baby a quilt in the middle of the night, but the most fundamental way is that it is recommended to fix the quilt on the small bed, or let the baby sleep to sleep, don't worry about it is not good.

★ How can I let my baby sleep well? 7 tips to help you unlock your baby's high quality sleep

1. Sucking the baby of the low month old, let him suck it to play the best comfort. It can make him suck the breast house, pick up the nipple, and even your fingers, just wait for the baby to fall asleep, it will be fine. 2. Massage before going to bed, give your baby back, massage your hands and your belly, touch your head, etc., you can make your baby feel comfortable and warm and slowly.

3, listen to music or white noise, rhythm or hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, etc., let him seem to return to the familiar environment in the mother's womb, so they can calm down.

4. Multi-sports make your baby practiced for your own age, such as looking up, turning over, crawling, walking, etc., release too much energy so that he can sleep more incense at night.

5. Outdoor activities Take the baby outdoors during the day, see the world outside, breathe fresh air, let him reduce anxiety, open mood, and sleep naturally.

6. Relieve the bloody newborn baby, every time you eat milk, you should give him a shot. In addition, you can try a plane, massage the belly, exhaust exercise, etc., relieve your baby's flatulence, and the baby is unwell, sleep naturally .

7. Wash the bath to make a warm hot bath, can make your baby's body blood circulation accelerate, consume a certain energy. After washing, the baby is easy to sleep, but don't go to sleep immediately, first play with your baby for a while, wait for him to completely relax, and sleep again.

Written in the last

Your baby is sleeping, is there any wrong sleeping position? If there is, parents don't care, to correct it in time, otherwise the baby is really likely to sleep, the more sleepy, getting more and more dull. Use 7 sleep tips, your baby sleeps well, your parents are worried.

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