If you want your baby to have a beautiful long leg, you should pay attention to these questions when you start reading

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If you want your baby to have a beautiful long leg, you should pay attention to these questions when you start reading

2022-01-19 06:04:51 30 ℃

In the baby grows records, if on the baby's cute moment, the toddler can definitely be the rafts.

Mom usually looked forward stumbled all the way baby, she could not help to give applause and encouragement; sometimes, when the baby is taking the first step, but also on his own scare hop; looks really adorable.

Indeed, the baby learning to walk, is indeed a major event in their growing.

In this process, the mother and baby are likely to encounter a variety of problems, we must know that we go ahead and have the ability to solve, so as not to at the last minute and running around in circles, not because of negligence caused future regret.

1, stumble when walking, unsafe

If the baby is just beginning to learn to walk, of course, stumbled inevitable, and it is temporary.

Baby 9--10 months old when it will start trying to learn to walk, took about 3-6 months, they were able to control their pace well. And this is their months of study time, but also they are constantly trying to strive to maintain a balance of the process.

Although they could easily wrestling, but also in that time and time again in the fall and get up, they were able to have a good grasp of walking skills.

2, O-leg walking, X-type leg or the clear character

Baby just learning to walk, some type of leg problems, such as was O, X, or pigeon, is more common situation, mostly physiological bending.

When the baby is walking relatively safe and skilled, their thighs and calf muscles more strong, and walking posture will be changed.

Of course, baby toddler shoes still have to fit, fit, not too large, too small.

3, has been walking on tiptoe

Some babies is because in the early stages of learning to stand, the heel is not stable, so like toes support the body; and so the heel stable, the baby will be entire sole, toes and occasionally support, it is normal.

There are baby walker is because for too long, there is no time to learn to walk, they have begun to stay walker every day, it seems not easy to wrestling, in fact, very stable, so that the baby walker to follow used to support opinions turn on tiptoe, toes of the foot. This situation requires timely adjustment.

Some babies also use toe walking, you may be the cause pathological, parents need timely medical investigation.

4, walking walked, began to creep recovery

Many babies are entered from crawling into their "free" state. Unscrupulous crawling around in the room, very fast, carefree, and very maddening. But in addition conducive to development of brain cells, there are a benefit is in contrast to walking on two legs, crawling is the most "safe" in.

So, when the baby quivering stood up, stumbled after taking two steps, suddenly found his "elevation" high, and see what the feeling is not the same, increasing the risk factor ...... how to do? Crawling quickly restore it, this is the safest!

So, the baby will walk, climb happens, normal. They wait until everything is well trained, sure-footed, and naturally do not want to crawl, and empty out his hands to pick up toys, eat a good job, do not smell?

5, the baby can walk independently of time is not uniform, but parents should know how to judge whether or not normal

Some babies less than 1 year old will be able to walk, some babies to a year and a half also lazily did not want to stride leg, some babies are crawling handy, simply do not go ......

Each baby has its own characteristics, so learning to walk time will vary, basically to around half years old are able to finish the walk, parents do not have to worry about.

But there are some pathological symptoms will affect the baby walking posture: such as rickets, neuromuscular diseases, congenital diseases, etc. Once the baby is very strange to walk, hands and feet movement is not flexible, poor coordination, shaking hands, legs and hair trembling, involuntary leaning legs when standing straight or cross-hair, you need to seek medical attention immediately, timely professional treatment, the sooner the better.

Another point to be specially noted that the baby can not walk alone can not determine whether or not the baby brave standard.

So, Mom and Dad can not anxious moment, the baby still can not move and the need for support at the time, not timely helping hand, and blindly next to "refuel."

You know, there is a baby learning to walk process, from leaning things slowly stood up, leaning on things to move slowly, and then things do not help taking the first step ...... initiative in some babies have not got a good balance when skill, the courage to go forward, the result is easy to fall, and fall several times, I began to be afraid, afraid to go, or need people have been leaning.

This time, parents do not force the baby to walk, which is undermining the baby's sense of security; it can properly arm, the best way is to guide, such as using toys to attract children want to move forward, and the first distance is shorter, let the children a sense of security over some distance and then slowly, so as to re-establish confidence to walk independently, oh baby!