The child has a cold and fever, the nose is too crime, the nurse mother came to the trick, teach us to do correct care

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The child has a cold and fever, the nose is too crime, the nurse mother came to the trick, teach us to do correct care

2022-01-19 06:05:34 45 ℃

A cold weather, the children went to the high incidence of flu season, "fever, stuffy nose, cough" These issues groups struck, the baby suffered, distressed mother.

Baby cold, proper care should be how do? How to get baby to get well soon it? Weapon mother to nurse.

The nurse pointed mother, a sick baby, many parents will be concerned about the mess, then blind medication, or the wrong use some methods of care, so it will be counterproductive.

1, the baby always thought it was a cold low immunity baby

The nurse said his mother, this is not so. Studies have shown that children under 6 years of age on average six to eight colds per year, is a normal phenomenon. Or the beginning of the season when the kindergarten, colds might increase. The frequency of illness, does not prove the baby is low immunity.

2, the baby began to colds, coughs, to quickly give the baby medicine

For adults, cold medicine can improve symptoms. But for the baby, not doctors diagnose, take medicine, it is likely to delay treatment. In addition, some cold medicine (e.g., children paracetamol yellow maleate) or a cough medicine containing addictive component (e.g., the loquat codeine) or the like, the larger side of the baby.

Therefore, the baby is sick, be sure to: prescribed medication.

3, fever, sweating like Wujin

There are a lot of parents think that the baby was to be cold, "Wu Jin" more sweat enough. In fact, the cold is divided into many, and some cold due to viral infection, rather than the cold. Wujin the baby, the baby is not conducive to recovery. In addition, if the fever baby wear too much may also lead muggy syndrome, and even lead to febrile seizures!

4, like with alcohol sponge bath to cool down when the baby fever

World Health Organization studies have shown: when the baby fever cooling bath with rubbing alcohol is unscientific, in violation of the thermoregulatory mechanisms of physiological baby, not only ineffective, but also can increase the discomfort in children, inhalation of blood alcohol could also lead to more dirty baby function is impaired. In addition, the baby's delicate skin with alcohol sponge bath may also damage the baby's skin.

5, give the baby a fever with antibiotics

Or phrase concerned about the chaos, some parents can not see the baby uncomfortable when medication does not work rush to take the baby to the injections, the abuse of antibiotics.

The nurse advised us Mom, do not arbitrarily give the baby antibiotics, antibiotic effective only against bacteria infection, viral infection is of no use, and a number of hazards, such as lead to bacterial resistance, leading to the baby no drugs available; flora, damage baby bowel function; reduce the immune system, so that the baby is more likely to get sick; liver and kidney damage, three-drug.

Baby cold symptoms usually appear three, will make your baby very uncomfortable, are fever, cough, nasal congestion, nurse mother to share the correct methods of care based on their practical experience.

1, on the baby fever

Baby fever parents should not be too anxious, proper care is:

Add water: breast milk, water, milk, rice, fruits, can replenish moisture fever baby. Suitable temperature: Maintain good indoor ventilation (not closed or plus quilt cover their sweat); dry and comfortable wearing clothes with a towel to wipe hands and feet warm, but also help to cool the baby, your baby more comfortable.

Nurse Mom guidance, when the baby fever, physical cooling methods can be used to the baby with warm water and wipe the neck, armpits, groin and other places, distribution of baby inside the body heat; when the baby burn temperature (temperature above 38.5 degrees), to immediately give the baby to take anti-fever medicine, monitoring body temperature observed after one hour. Recommend the use of ibuprofen (more than 6 months) and acetaminophen (greater than 3 months), both of which are non-prescription (OTC), relatively small effects on the baby.

When the baby fever (temperature over 39 degrees), and taking antipyretics temperature did not drop or continue to rise, to use fever fever stickers and bolt, and immediately take the baby to the hospital, halfway pay attention to the baby warm.

2, about the baby's cough

Baby cough, parents are too worried! But do not rush to take medicine, proper care might ease:

Use a humidifier to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, keep the airway moist windows open for ventilation, fresh air, can reduce respiratory tract irritation mouth, drink warm water, can mucus, reduce cough more than 1 year old baby, you can try the honey water there were prescribed to alleviate the effect of cough spray, mucus, relieve coughs

Why do babies cough at night will add to it? The nurse explained her mother, baby lying down to sleep at night, will hinder the respiratory secretions flow down, gathered at the back of the throat, and at night viscous sputum easy, so easy to cause cough. Share a small coup: sleep, the baby's upper body with a small pillow to elevate some, can effectively relieve.

3, on the baby nasal congestion

Baby stuffy nose, uncomfortable to sleep at night, looking at the baby suffer, parents and my heart feel good, you can try nasal small coup:

Root with a towel moist heat deposited in the baby's nose (not exceed 40 ℃, to prevent burns); as used herein refers belly massage nose on both sides, to help vent; intranasal baby sea salt water, in nasal wash big baby can help parents .

Baby cleans the nose, small trick: When it is cold, the dropper can be separated by water, and the water temperature of around 37 ° C is the highest. When using the dropper, let the baby's position keep flat Or look up, use the spray, try to take the sitting, the head is slightly touched; if the baby's nasal nose is more, you can wait for the snacks to draw or use a paper towel to clean it; after cleaning, remember to apply moisturizing in time Frost, protect the skin under the baby's nose. Prevention is the key

Nurse mother cautiously, if the baby will catch a cold in ordinary, generally 1 week can be healing, do care + take medicine, let the baby comfortable, so faster.

But to observe the baby's state, once the following case, timely medical treatment, avoid the condition: 3 months of baby fever; unknown reason for fever for more than 3 days, and the mental state is poor; cough, affecting daily life, even dogs Symptoms such as cough, vomiting.

In addition, prevention is the key:

Wearing: Spring, autumn frozen, is divided, not all babies are suitable for spring and autumn. To increase or decrease the clothes in a timely increase in physical changes and weather changes. Especially in the morning, the temperature difference is large, you can prepare your jacket, vest, convenient to wear at any time.

Eating: Give your baby a lungs, dry food, dry and easy to get angry in the fall, you can give your baby more food. Such as peanuts, almonds, sesame, glutinous rice, lotus root, silver fungus, etc. There are white foods such as white radish, and autumn can be eaten properly.

Timely vaccination vaccine: vaccination is the most effective way to prevent. Baby than 6 months, you can vaccinate the flu vaccine.

Cold fever is the process of childhood, burning long burning, parents will take care of them with the right way, children's immunity will become stronger and stronger in the fight against the virus.

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