Small scouring evaluation articles 119: gentle clean teeth more baked, rijioo helps baby develop a good habit _ electric toothbrush _ what is worth buying

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Small scouring evaluation articles 119: gentle clean teeth more baked, rijioo helps baby develop a good habit _ electric toothbrush _ what is worth buying

2022-01-19 06:05:16 41 ℃

Referral to the mouth cleaning, the toothbrush, bristles, and, and, in the market. It is undoubtedly not to be more comprehensive and more thorough. As Bao Dad, I am in such a massive product, but I have made it difficult to choose an electric toothbrush ...

Baby gums and abundance have not yet developed deciduous teeth, for the thickness of the bristles and extremely picky materials; the age is small, the correct brushing method is cleaned; an unsuitable electric toothbrush, long-term use is also easy to cause gum bleeding, enamel Loosheng and other mouth problems, until you see the Ruigull 3+ age-age child growth sound wave electric toothbrush, 3 + small brush head and fiber flexidity to 0.127mm bristles, and food grade silica gel material and 26000 times vibration Clean, more suitable for children aged 3-6, gentle clean care oral health.

Gift box-level packaging accessories are completely used, and the style is a young man.

With gift box-level packaging, through the side of the product and the front strap, you can effectively verify the model of yourself, the big number 3 represents the baby use of the 3-year-old and above, there is also a baby suitable for 6 years old and above. In addition, 26,000 / min cleaning frequencies, 0.127mm children's exclusive DuPont micrometer bristles, 3 gear cleaning meets different cleaning scenes and IPX7 waterproof, fuselage is not fearful, etc.

Lightly packaging, first reflecting the eye blind is the toothbrush host and charging base, 54 * 54 * 250mm weighs about 162.5g (including the brush head) toothbrush, baby can be easily held, using it. With scientific distribution buttons and interesting gear instructions, the baby is not letting love. With a wide large base, it can be placed in the bathroom even with upright storage, keeping the brush dry, followed by the use of a good habit of regular charging.

The second layer is a randomly attached brushhead and instructions and attachment stickers to increase playability and a variety of the same type of toothbrush family precision distinguishing, and have many innovative design brush heads will focus on the introduction.

The shared earthquake frequency is priority to clean the teeth, and the micro-vibration technology is accurate cleaning.

Children's teeth development experience germination period → Di Di-Di-Detail period → transcatency → Four stages in the constant teeth, as the teeth development period is replaced, children's teeth will gradually become strong. The children's teeth of the 3-year-old age are still in the decades. This time, the baby's gums, enamel, etc. are in the development stage. If the same clean effort is used in combination with constant teeth, it is very likely to cause irreversible anti-gum bleeding and enamel injury. Injury, it is not only not conducive to the baby to develop a good habit of daily cleaning the mouth, but also let him leave a bad impression and to touch the teeth.

For the teeth and gums of the decades and the gums, thousands of experiments, while ensuring the cleaning effect while adjusting the vibration frequency to the most comfortable 26000 times, reducing the stimulation of the gum, gentle cleaning and injury. In addition, in order to improve the clean comfort and cleaning effect, it is equipped with micro-vane technology, accurate control of brush swing and angle, accurately controlled to brush swing 0.1cm, swing angle 6 degrees, running as low as 46 decibels, not only effective Care for the gums and women to enhance the baby's feelings, let the baby love to brush their teeth, develop regular cleaning oral health and habits.

The little brush head is specifically for the decades of the milk, 1.6 times the brush grinding round rate cares for health safer

Π / 3 bristles cut the curvature, showing the small brush head of the moon to teeth, the curve of the tooth surface, the comprehensive cleaning of the tooth surface does not leave the corner; 1: 2 brush head and the tooth gold ratio, effectively clean the food residue in the teeth gap, The small cleansing, unclear, no big, just, with a DuPont custom bristle with 0.127mm, the bristle mill is 1.6 times, and the top of each bristles is round, and the baby is deeply in-depth gap. The gums in the development period are fully massage but do not hurt the gums, and promote the development of teeth.

During use, you must also be poked by the tip of the toothbrush. In order to prevent your baby from self-brushing, you accidentally poked your mouth inner wall. The entire brush head is wrapped with food grade silica gel and the circle is treated, preventing the inner wall of the mouth during use, with the back of the back, in cleaning The oral cavity is effective in cleaning the surface of the tongue and eliminating the mouth. , Play the effect of half the power.

Intelligent physical shock absorbing care gums do not stimulate, 3 gear cleaning 30 seconds to change the scientific clean and more efficient

In the process of use, if the toothbrush is shaken, the vibration intensity is automatically reduced. Later, I would like to consult the customer service staff. It turns out that the Ruigull is another intimate function of the baby. Baby brushing is unlike adult, it is possible to achieve a comprehensive cleaning effect. How do they often feel comfortable, and it is difficult to grasp. This will cause an abnormal friction of the gum during the cleaning oral process, and if you are swollen, you will be broken. Effective monitoring of pressure prevents damage oral mucosa and gums by intelligent physical shock absorption.

Aspects of adult brush, not only reflecting hardware and other hardware materials such as vibration and brush heads, but also have exclusive baby standards in software functions, and 3 gear cleaning patterns are care mode, gentle mode and cleaning mode, for different cleaning. Scenario switching different modes; continuous use 2 minutes will automatically shut down, prevent long-term stimulating gums and deciduous teeth; finally 30 seconds rescue reminder The clean area, the purpose of protection. IPX7-level waterproof without fear of water, invading, clean, 90 days, long-year-old, car accompanying use

Please use the process sharing, my baby likes to play water too much. During the daily cleaning process, it will put all kinds of toys and wash utensils in the face, support IPX7 waterproof, Ruiji Euclotto electric toothbrush can be soaked in water for 30 minutes, and then can be used normally after waking clean. Baby can also brush your teeth while taking a bath, it is very convenient to use the water to use the water, tap the foam and residue of the surface.

It is fully enough to mention the battery life for 90 days, whether you are traveling or home use. Charging is also very convenient, using wireless inductive charging, 8 hours can be full of blood, personal suggestion to use the charging base into the base, follow the charge, charge once for three months.


In summary, this protagonist Ruijull 3+ age-age child growth sound wave electric toothbrush is a precisely dividing of the oral cleaning product, not only according to the teeth development period, from the brush material shape and the material of the brush head , Combined with the 26000-minute vibration frequency of the acoustic electric toothbrush, care for the gums and baby unstopped completely deciduous teeth; in addition to this, software 3-speed cleaning mode and intelligent physical shock absorption technology, meets different episodes, 2 minutes Intelligent timing and 30 second rescuers reminded, preventing the same place for a long time, causing oral problems.

The use of experience 90 days of life has become an important point that I will buy Ruijou. It is more convenient to use wireless induction charging. If you take it, you will be added to it; the IPX7 level waterproof is not afraid of water in life, bathing can also be used It is net to use it next time.

Baby uses the experience to share, before the child eats sugar or greasy food, return home to brush him. Not only the whole process is time consuming, the ultimate effect is also harvested very little, the child is extremely non-cooperative and uncomfortable brushing experience, so that he is very contradict. Since contact and use the Ruigull 3+ age-age child growth sound wave electric toothbrush, not only the bristles and brush heads of specific age segments, followed by passive brushing to take the initiative, the baby can master, the whole process becomes harmonious He develops a good habit of regular cleaning the mouth, but also pay attention to the right amount of sugar!

Rijioo children's sound wave electric toothbrush is 3-6 years old baby design moon brush does not hurt the teeth soft DuPont brush head care brush head * 2 pink 329 yuan Jingdong to buy

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