Child's big maiden, women do not have children?Among them, the child's life is concerned, parents should pay attention to

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Child's big maiden, women do not have children?Among them, the child's life is concerned, parents should pay attention to

2022-01-19 06:04:51 53 ℃

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Parents must admit that children are young, no matter how close to their parents, they gradually grow up in the process of being able to alienate with their parents.

However, there are always exceptions, some of the mother who loves the son, very happy to become the son's safeguard, and it is flashed with the wings that they have agreed to think of the fertilizer, and handle the size of the size for the son.

Even some mothers are touched by themselves, no matter what their sons are willing to accept this life, this maternal love is extremely persistent.

This kind of boy who is "embarrassed", not only to eat clothes, not only to arrange from mother, or even marriage needs mother to do the master, or passively accept my mother's intervention.

They will ultimately go to the two character extreme, one specially like women, I hope to find a woman who gives yourself like my mother as a companion.

Another one is extremely unconfident, weak, and forced everything that is arranged by my mother, but I don't dare to resist, that is, what we say "Mombao Men".

Therefore, we will often say that you must have a big mother, not only the avoidance, but also in mind, the emotionally maintains your proper distance.

Let the boy know how self-reliance, gradually learn to truly understand women, care for women, to protect women, and pursue their live partners.

Why is the big maiden, and women don't have to avoid the father? Among them, the life of the child is concerned, and these parents mentioned below have to pay attention.

Notice! The "female big do not help the father" herein emphasizes the interaction of emotions.

The daughter has naturally need to avoid my father on some privacy issues. After all, men and women are different. But in emotional connection, daughter and father maintain more interaction and exchanges, in fact, she is conducive to her understanding of men and obtains a sense of security.

As the first male who knows the daughter, he can feel the charm of men through his father.

I loved and care from my father, it will let the girl have a stronger self-identity feeling, and thus get confident power, the opposite sex is expected, and it is not easy to meet the slag men in the future.

Only the different boundaries of grasping the education boy and girl, parents can not take a detour.

If you still have different opinions on the views of the Male Ava, then you will have to see how deep the mother's love "injury" is "injured".

Di Yan was a goddess in many male myys, but when she "fell into the red dust", she became the "paranoid mother" of a single pet son.

Di Wei is born for his son's breast milk, you must know that the twelve-year-old boy has begun to gradually sprouting sexual awareness, not only this, she is still in the same bed with his son, until the son is close to her. There will be physiological reactions.

In the arrogance of Di Wei, love and even love, his child's character is awkward. During the United States, even the firearmers were bought and even bought the attack on the campus, eventually was sent to prison by the police.

The male actor Zhu Yuchen is more pitiful and hateful. The mother is prepared from the little concern, from dressing to love, in love.

Although Zhu Yuchen expressed strong opposition, the mother was stubborn, in order not to let my mother sad, this good son can only "endure" by maternal love, and even have a negative and negative psychology of marriage.

In order to make the boy in the right time, gradually get rid of the "manipulation" of the mother's love, and the mothers need to take self-extraction from the boy in the life of the child.

In addition, the father should pay attention to the daughter in terms of physical contact and privacy.

First of all, most of the child will have a clear understanding of genders in three years old. At this time, the opposite sex parents are smashed, such as toilet, should be avoided when taking a bath.

Second, three to six years old gradually complete the bed, sleep, parents can use the way to book the bed again, so that children will gradually habitually sleep, learn to enjoy the exclusive time.

Again, after the child enters the youth, the heterosexual elders should try to avoid too intimate action with the child, so as not to cause discomfort and resistance of children.

Finally, the boy is going to let go, the girl should care.

Parents should create opportunities for boys to grow as men, to encourage them to give their children, and cultivate their decisions, gradually learn to handle personal affairs, let them grow from relying on their parents to men.

As for the daughter, due to their psychological sensitivity, it is necessary to pay close attention to and patient comfort during growth, and my father can give them sense.

Parents love children are the true emotions of human human beings, but this does not mean that you can use this name to manipulate your child's life, the temperature and the fire of love, is the most respectable, perfect emotion.