The 6 big rushes that caused the child myopia, there is no mobile phone?90% of parents don't know

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The 6 big rushes that caused the child myopia, there is no mobile phone?90% of parents don't know

2022-01-19 12:08:12 39 ℃

Bear child winter holiday at home, Saica seems to watch cartoon at home, watching mobile phone, playing iPad. Not happy. But after the winter holiday, the child's eyes will immediately appear, and the vision is urgent. The expert number of the children's hospital's ophthalmology is a difficult request.

However, Mom and Dad know, now the child is generally vision, not only related to the electronic product, but also some of the fierce caused by the child's myopia, I believe that most of the parents don't know, come and see it!

1. Excessive use of the eye: The current child is generally excessive. After the work is large, after writing the homework, the game time is playing mobile phone, playing iPad. During the whole process, there is no time to rest at all times, and you will look around for a long time.

2, take a pen posture and sitting posture: Now the child is going to school, the teacher is basically not correcting the child's puppet and sitting position. These postures are not right, and it is easy to let the children write homework, and it will lead to myopia.

3, lack of sleep: The current child is very heavy, coupled with many children learning habits, some primary school children are even written at 11 points, 12 o'clock every day. Studies have shown that children with sleep time in less than 9 hours a day have a 9-fold increase in sleep time. So, to ensure that your child's sufficient sleep can prevent myopia from the root.

4, the amount of exercise is insufficient: relative to foreign children, China's children's universal outdoor movement is insufficient. However, the medical research experts in Europe and the United States show that increasing outdoor sports can help prevent children's myopia. The daily outdoor activity time increases for 40 minutes of children, and nearly 9 years old is reduced by 30%.

5, love to eat sweets: health experts have found that children who like sweets are more likely to go. The reason is that after intake of too many sweets, the metabolism of sugar consumes a lot of B-vitamins. At the same time, a large amount of acidic substance is generated in the blood, causing the calcium ions in the food to be absorbed by the human body, thereby reducing the elasticity of the eye, causing myopia.

6, noise pollution: With the progress and economic development of life, noise pollution is getting more serious. Noise affects the auditory nerve and visual nerve, and the visual nerve is caused by vision.

In order to come in the future, the parents must work hard to protect their children's eyes. Let children pay attention to eye hygiene, eat less sweets, keep more sleep, to let children have a clear eye.