After the death of the unique woman, the 60-year-old woman took a twins, and kept working for health, earned 7 million for 8 years.

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After the death of the unique woman, the 60-year-old woman took a twins, and kept working for health, earned 7 million for 8 years.

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3 after a 35-year-old, it belongs to the older mothers.

However, there is such a woman, to the age of 60, still resolutely choose to become a "mother."

Why old woman giving birth to old age? She has come to retirement age, to bring up children, will make what choice?

Protagonist of the story named Sheng Hailin, early years had been a female soldier in the army, retired after working at a local hospital, never encountered problems on the cause.

Also called smooth sailing in personal life Sheng Hailin, a young man encountered favorite object, the two quickly fell in love, married, has a daughter.

Sheng Hailin itself is very fond of children, unfortunately our country to promote family planning that time, in order to respond to national call, the couple did not continue to give birth. Even so Sheng Hailin still very satisfied with the status quo, that this is the life you want.

As time goes by, Sheng Hailin also to the retirement age, retirement daughter Tingting happiness has become what she is most concerned about.

Tingting itself is very good, childhood is a sensible and well-behaved girl, rarely let their parents worry. After graduating from college he Tingting and a handsome young officer in love, the wedding did not take long to complete.

After her marriage after Sheng Hailin has begun Imagine a happy life, free to help her daughter with a belt grandson, and his wife go out for a walk with a friend about the jump Square Dance, the day really happy.

However, the weather is unpredictable, it is the first Spring Festival after Tingting marriage, in accordance with our tradition, she followed her husband went to her husband's family New Year.

The man home located in rural areas, the living environment is relatively simple.

They live in the room air flow is poor, at night when carbon monoxide leaking kitchen, floating into the couple sleeping room, unable to breathe fresh air, the next morning this newly married couple both died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Soon Sheng Hailin they learned of the matter, the news came as a bolt from the blue for her, for a time Sheng Hailin froze in place, not a long time to react.

Later, a long time Sheng Hailin are immersed in endless pain, the years she has been the best hope for life as a daughter, now white-haired people who sent hair, leaving behind two elderly people survived in the world, once thought Sheng Hailin commit suicide.

Fortunately, the relatives and friends of the despair felt Sheng Hailin, have been subjected to psychological counseling, avoid this tragedy from happening again.

However, there is no kind of life for a lot of sense Sheng Hailin, she had a better plan came to naught, later in life has lost its way, every night Sheng Hailin are in tears all day dejected.

In order to cheer up Sheng Hailin, a friend since it represents such a value Sheng Hailin children, as a renewable, anyway, now so advanced medical technology, can achieve elderly birth.

Everyone thought it was just a word of encouragement, after all, at the age of 35 is already older mothers, pregnant need extra attention. Not to mention today's Sheng Hailin is already 60 years old woman, have children simply unrealistic.

However, Sheng Hailin, but when the truth, she is in itself a very tough person, now that life has no direction, we might as well go, most failed to commit suicide, if successful will be able to have children again.

With this idea, Sheng Hailin began searching around information-old birth, while a number of visits to local hospitals, some professional advice to doctors.

Doctors were initially shocked by the idea Sheng Hailin, in this age when women generally have a grandmother, few people would want to give birth, they have discouraged Sheng Hailin, I want her to give up the idea.

But Sheng Hailin was insistent, she said he had determined the face of danger totally afraid.

Coupled with earlier years she also worked as a doctor, to have a certain understanding of the relevant knowledge, since doctors are reluctant to give advice, then let them find their own appropriate solution.

Through a period of study, eventually decided to use IVF Sheng Hailin, then, this way fertility in our country is not popular, many people are prejudiced them.

Not so, IVF children and the general is no different, only to couples who conceive naturally difficult to provide a way to give birth, Sheng Hailin as a doctor, knows it.

However difficult this road test-tube baby, first Sheng Hailin husband first opposed, he believes the two have been sixty years old, will not speak of children born is healthy, even if no congenital diseases, the couple did not enough energy to take care of, let alone raising a child requires a lot of money, both of them are retirees, but also not so much money.

Sheng Hailin then why not aware of these issues, but she is still unwilling to give up the idea, continue to do ideological work to his wife, saying that he can bite through the day together,

At the same time we introduce the benefits of IVF, even in divorce as a threat, and finally persuaded his wife reluctantly agreed to do test-tube baby together.

After persuading his wife Sheng Hailin facing a serious problem, the principle of IVF in women aged only 45 years of age, Sheng Hailin has far exceeded, unless there are special reasons, the hospital did not dare to do otherwise.

To this end Sheng Hailin traveled to almost all hospitals in Hefei, without exception, were rejected.

The reason is very simple, even Sheng Hailin body in good condition, but after all, too old, aging organs has, for some time after pregnancy the fetus will have a strong visceral form of oppression, then could not guarantee her safety.

No matter how Hai Lin cried, the hospital refused her request. Finally, Hailin will hopes to be pinned in 105 hospitals. This hospital is affiliated to the military area. Sheng Hai Lin was a military person who can get a preferential treatment in this hospital.

At the beginning, 105 hospitals also refused Sheng Hai Lin, thinking that her thoughts were too crazy, failure probability was too high.

However, Sheng Hai Lin did not want to give up here, from Sancha 5, I went to the hospital to cry, expressing the strong determination you want children, and finally her sincerely hit the hospital and accepted a request for test tube babies.

In order to ensure smooth operation, 105 hospitals have organized research teams to formulate detailed test tube infant plans.

Subsequently, the hospital has implemented a comprehensive medical examination to Sheng Hai Lin, and found that there were some fertility issues.

Sheng Hai Lin himself is far from the long-term menopause, and the uterus is not as good as young women.

Sheng Hai Lin's wife is reproductive cells that cannot be closed and cannot form embryos.

The hospital has developed a detailed solution, first giving a lot of drugs to Sheng Hai Lin, helping her to nourish the body, although there is no suitable reproductive cell, but the uterus has completed, Sheng Hailin himself has come again.

The body of the wife is also cultivated with the help of the hospital, and the doctor has extracted partial reproductive cells from his body and has reached the standard of test tube infant.

It is the last difficult gate to the test tube, which is the reproductive cell of the woman, even after the nutrients, Sheng Hailin cannot be re-generated.

Fortunately, there are other women in the hospital, which meets all the conditions for test tube babies.

Everything is ready to start surgery, and finally successfully injected three embryos into Sheng Hairan, as long as everything progresses smoothly, Sheng Hai Lin at least pregnant a child.

The postoperative Sheng Haiyin tried to have changed a person. She didn't have previous decadent emotions in her body. They were full of vitality in life. They made anything be careful, afraid to affect the children in the belly.

One day Sheng Hai Lin suddenly felt the nausea, and suddenly there were some conjectures, and immediately called the wife to go to the hospital for examination. If you don't have, Yan Haolin successfully pregnant, not only this, this is still twin.

After listening to the doctor, Sheng Hai Lin was surprised, and these days have finally got, and the surroundings were happy.

However, after pregnancy, Sheng Hai Lin still faces many problems. First, it is the risk of birth twins. It is easy to appear in childbirth. Even if it is a 20-year-old pregnant woman is also very dangerous, let alone 60-year-old.

For this reason, doctors recommend only one child, so the probability of success is the highest. However, Sheng Hai Lin is too much for the child, and the sixty-year-old pregnancy is not easy, and how can I easily be easily?

In the face of Sheng Hai Lin, the doctor also feels helpless, and finally, she can only be careful in daily life, pay attention to maintain the body.

Later, in accordance with the doctor, the doctor is a simple exercise every day, while the sufficient nutritional intake is guaranteed, and her belly is also drums every day.

Didn't I have a problem in front of Sheng Hailin, we all know that there will be many adverse reactions when women are pregnant. When you are young, you can overcome, but for Sheng Hailin, these reactions are more intense.

Especially for spit, Sheng Hai Lin will spit all the rice every time, once, there is a difficulty of breathing, and send it to the hospital for emergency rescue, even doctors advise her to give up, continue to have a danger of life.

But what is it, how can Sheng Hai Lin easily give up, she overcomes all kinds of adverse reactions with tenacious willps, and successfully dragging the fetus.

On the thirty-fourth week, Sheng Hailin broke out a variety of complications, seeing that it could not make normal fertility, the hospital immediately decided to make caesarean section. After two hours of surgery, Sheng Hai Lin finally had a pair of sisters, and the mother and daughter three people are safe. thing.

Looking at the children who have just produced, Sheng Hai Lin reveals a splendid smile, and the rest has hope that these days are natural and no longer care.

Row your child's difficulties

The child's arrival made Sheng Hai Lin's empty experience to fill it, but also added huge economic pressure to this old man.

Due to the special identity, this is sent to the ward for the baby, which requires six thousand dollars a day.

These costs are almost all the savings of Sheng Hailin couple. In the face of economic difficulties, Sheng Hai Lin has to return to the hospital and re-participate in work.

However, the salary of the hospital is not enough to bear the expenses of the two children. For this year, Sheng Hai Lin can only find another way. Fortunately, my country has entered the Internet era, and Sheng Hai Lin is spread throughout the country. Many people know her story.

With this famous gas, Sheng Hai Lin has almost never stopped in the year. Because the mouth is out of public, plus the words in the line, Sheng Hai Lin is welcome in all files, and the eighth year has accumulated seven million huge sums.

She stores all of these money as the educational fund of two daughters.

In this case, Sheng Hai Lin has been seventy old, and the speech is speech, and she has had a sharp deterioration. She has to stop her speech, and she has to take care of her old companion and children at home. Life is very hard.

Later, Sheng Hai Lin once said that it is more difficult to raise children more difficult to raise children. If there is still coming, I will not do the same choice.Sheng Hai Lin's courage and perseverance are worth encouraging, but as she later received interviews, the elderly produce will face a lot of problems.

Especially in the elderly, most of the body have various diseases, even if it is possible to successfully produce, the later cultivation will also face huge economic pressure.

What's more, life is full of accidents, once you lose your labor, the entire family will fall into trouble.

Therefore, the unique family needs to be carefully considered before the new life, and the outside world should also be given appropriate.

Here, I wish the lives of Sheng Hai Lin will be smooth, and the two children can thrive.