I almost made a big mistake to my baby, and write my experience to sisters.

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I almost made a big mistake to my baby, and write my experience to sisters.

2022-01-19 18:07:23 45 ℃

| Donglin Fu


After giving birth to her daughter, my milk has been inadequate, so my daughter has always been milk powder and breast milk mixed feeding.

For the first time, I am like all the newbie moms, the choice of milk powder, how to brew, how to feed it without knowing it, it is very awkward.

I got a big mistake at the beginning of a milk powder.

After my daughter came, because my milk is insufficient, it has been breast milk and milk powder mixed feeding, but the problem has appeared, my daughter is within half a month of born, I haven't been stinking for seven days.

I am an anxious to the ants on the hot pot. After a while, my mother-in-law said that I want to give my child anus to scratch the sesame oil. I will cut a small cylinder for a while, and apply the anus to the child. This baby may pull down, I listened to the head, watching the child, I cried all day, I couldn't stay in tears.

I didn't realize it at the time. In fact, I was a bit postponetric depression.

I am a girl, plus a newbie mother, many parenting skills will not, the child is crying, eating and taking the urine in the evening, I feel that my mind is tired, what I want to do most every day is crying.

Friends Fang Fang know the situation of my daughter, telling me that the child's constipation may also be a problem with the milk powder drinking milk powder, maybe milk powder is easy to get angry? She recommended me the milk powder of her family's second treasure, let me change my daughter to her second treasure with the milk powder used to use, she feels that her family is very good, never constipation, it is not easy to get angry Let me try my daughter.

I immediately bought the milk powder recommended by my daughter. As a result, after giving my daughter, after drinking the milk powder, she cried even more, and I still didn't want to bow. Find knowledge about baby milk powder feeding.


After research and study, I found that I have made two mistakes in my daughter.

Don't brew milk powder with mineral water or pure water.

Since birth, I have been boil after boiling with the mineral water in the home, and give the child milk powder.

After learning, I learned that with natural water, that is, the water in the water pipe is boiled, and it is best to make the child's brewing milk powder, and the mineral water and pure water are not suitable for the children's brewing milk. .

I have also ran to the hospital's obstetric department. I consult a doctor. The doctor gave me the same reply. Don't use mineral water or pure water to bubbit milk powder, directly with natural water in tap water, give your child bubble milk powder.

2, give your baby different brands of milk powder, need a "milk" process.

I am directly from a brand of milk powder, I jumped directly to another brand of milk powder, so the baby's stomach must not be adapted.

The correct approach is this: add a quarter new milk powder in the old milk powder, drink 3 days, the baby has no abnormalities, no discomfort, add one-half of the new milk powder in the baby's old milk powder, so drink Three days later, if the baby is not uncomfortable, continue to add four-quarters of new milk powder in the baby's old milk powder, let the baby drink three days, such as the baby is not suitable, completely use new milk powder to replace the old milk powder.

This method is not light to apply the baby "turning milk" when replacing different brand milk powder, even if the different "age segments" of the same brand is in the process of transition, it is also necessary to "change milk" in this way.

For example, the baby drinks milk powder in the half year of the year, called a milk powder, when the baby is 6 to 1 year old, when you eat two milk powder, a milk powder and two milk powder should be such a careful "milk" Solve the baby's stomach and body discomfort.

In fact, it is not the problem that I bought milk powder, but the water quality problem of my brewing milk powder.

So I decided back to my child's earliest milk powder, change the water into the warm water brewing milk powder after the home of myself, and the child quickly became normal, and our family is long.


Regarding the slight depression after my postpartum, it is actually my husband discovered.

He didn't understand postpartum depression at first, he only knew that I had a daughter and tempered and pessimistic, it was easy to lose their temper, drill the horn and cried, and he was very good for me.

Husband told me that when he saw a few articles about postpartum depression, he clarified that I should be a bit slightly depressed.

He adjusted his emotions in a timely manner, and he didn't communicate with his family. Let everyone see it with me, let me, care about me, don't be with me.

The child grows up every day, the situation in the family is gradually improved, and after half a year, my emotion is basically returned to normal, this also thanks to my husband's understanding, tolerance and help, let my emotions have deteriorated when they are in the moon. And you can't make up.

It can also be seen from it, men also learn pregnant and parenting knowledge, otherwise the husband is difficult to understand the mentality of the wife after giving birth, it is difficult to become a qualified dad.

Finally, I want to emphasize that although I have no admission card, the pregnant couple and the novice parents must establish the concept of lifelong learning, know how to learn pregnant and parenting knowledge, scientific parenting, with rich knowledge arms their minds, This will not be confused as a novice parent in gestation and parenting road, and the baby is less sin, and the baby will grow healthily under the care of parents and their families.