"Pregnancy" is comparable to the pregnancy dreamer (expectant mother)

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"Pregnancy" is comparable to the pregnancy dreamer (expectant mother)

2022-01-20 00:04:31 59 ℃

I do not know, it mothers fathers who, whether or not there have been comparable large dreams or hallucinations during pregnancy, these dreams have in common is vivid and true.

These dreams usually gorgeous sound and light, sound realistic, lifelike to be questioned about whether just woke up really just dreaming.

Of course, this dream is strange variety of species, there are also a nightmare dream, there are strange aliens, there are lovely A dream, no matter what those dreams are healthy and can stabilize your mood.

During pregnancy, when the anxiety, fear, hope and anxiety all the influx of your life, these dreams became unconscious vent channels, hundreds of tangled emotions (contradiction, scared, happy, excited) can not find better expression, and then invariably we find such an outlet.

Think of them as the antidote to help achieve a stable sleep it, so it would be easier to let go and decompression, in addition, the hormone can also cause dreams, make dreams become more vivid.

In general, the greater the probability wake up in REM sleep stages. At this time, the dream still clearly remain in the consciousness, content and details of the dreams are still fresh in our memory.

We will be common in pregnancy dreams are summarized for several categories, if you happen to do a bizarre dream, you can control it, then we went with us to a wet nurse dream of it.

Guilt dream

1. dreamed lost something or put something in the wrong place (from car keys to the baby);

2. Forget to give your baby;

3. Place the baby alone in the home or car.

Analysis: the baby will be born, but you do not make adequate preparations, these dreams are that you're afraid they will not be a competent mother.

Painful dream

1. robbers, thieves, animal attack or damage;

2. People were torn down or slipping;

3. fell from the stairs.

Analysis: These dreams may suggest you at this time is very fragile, identify the appropriate dad, family or friends for help and confided his troubles.

Help Dream

1. dreamed trapped somewhere not go out, for example, subway, car, house;

2. In the pond, filled with muddy lake was flooded.

Analysis: This may imply that you are worried about the new family member will control your freedom.

Dismay dream

1. dreamed too much weight he did not follow the diet plan, the result of an increase, or going to turn into fat;

2. In the dream continued to eat;

3. eat or drink the wrong something wrong.

Analysis: These dreams are common in mothers who is trying to diet in.

Nasty dream

1. dreamed lose charm, her husband no longer attractive;

2. The dream is very annoying husband;

3. husband dreamed of a change of heart or derailment.

Analysis: This suggests that pregnant mothers worried because thereby undermining its image, and even affect marital relations.

Sex Dream

1. dreamed of married life or flirting (whether active or passive, so you still have a guilty pleasure).

Analysis: This is due to the mother's hormones send signals, which may lead to sexual arousal or even orgasm.

Dream memory

1. dream has died and resurrected loved ones appear.

Analysis: This may be a reflection of your subconscious to the previous generation and the next generation of touch up, which make up some regrets.

Childbirth dream

1. dreamed childbirth pains, or not the baby was born.

Analysis: This may reflect your fear of labor and delivery.

Dream on baby

1. dreamed ready to have a baby, or the baby to play with.

Analysis: This indicates that you are practicing parents, trying to establish contact with him before the baby is born.

2. deformity dream baby, sick, too big or too small;

Analysis: dream baby look means that you worry about a lot of problems, especially in children's health.

3. dreamed that the baby has unusual skills (such as a birth will speak or walk);

Analysis: This dream suggests that you worried about your baby's intelligence, and his future is full of hope;

4. dreamed I gave birth to a boy or girl, or the dream of the baby's hair or eye color, and looks more like mom or dad;

Analysis: This may imply that your mental tendencies on the baby's gender, appearance, etc. problem.

The dream of a baby born with adults.

Analysis: This dream represents your heart a little afraid to face a little baby.

In theory, due to hormonal problems mothers than fathers easier to do some strange, vivid dream, no matter how strange dream strange dreams do not have the pressure, not superstitious, but this dream during your subconscious map only.

Wake up to a multi-exchange about dreams and fathers, give his teammates some inspiration, not only to increase each other's closeness and a sense of participation, but also decompression, it is simply too.

Remember that no matter what are not too seriously these dreams, after all, they are just a dream only.

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