The egg is a seed, the uterus is the land, what can be eaten during pregnancy?

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The egg is a seed, the uterus is the land, what can be eaten during pregnancy?

2022-01-20 06:03:45 52 ℃

The child is a family's future. It is the continuation of his parents' life. It is also a "little baby" in his hand. The first step of young parents walk towards the path of birth.

Here, Abu Ji first recommends a good software. It is "Mom Network Yes App". I used it when I pregnant, and I clearly record each menstrual period. What should I pay attention to? Will remind pregnant mother, and even eat anything well.

They all said that "egg is seed, uterus is land", women's responsibility in gestation children is more important than men, so we have to cultivate quality seeds to make it thrive in fertile land.

Remember, when preparing the second child, I met the familiar old people. They saw that my big treasure had grown up, and I advised me to be two children. I said that they were pregnant, and then their interest was mentioned.

"I have a good squat that helps pregnant, I will send you, it is my wife."

"You have already born a daughter, the second child makes a good word, I will introduce you to a party, very useful"

"Your belly hasn't moved so long, eat more, drink more, soon, there will be"

Abui heard is basically introduced to me, saying, if these are all eating, it is estimated that I am not a baby in my stomach, but a little fat.

In fact, Abui knows that everyone is a good heart, but they introduced or recommended the recipes too much, I don't know what to eat, what can't be eaten.

I still use the pregnant recipe on " to Pregnancy App", and can use the "good pregnancy gas station" to carry out various aspects of the body.

Female pregnancy, what to eat can help quickly

Spinach: rich in vitamin C, promoting egg development

Recommended recipe: Spinach tofu soup, spinach mixed fan, spinach chicken egg noodles, spinach pig liver soup

Buckwheat: Reduce blood lipids, promote ovarian blood circulation

The nutritional value of buckwheat is higher than that of the general cereal, which contains niacin to promote the new city metabolism of the body and enhance the metabolic ability of ovaries.

Recommended recipe: mushroom buckwheat porridge, buckwheat squatting soy milk, cold silkwheat noodles

Mung beans: Help ovarian detoxification

The globulin protein, B vitamins, and phosphot can form a precipitate with heavy metals residue in the ovarian to help ovarian discharge toxins.

Recommended recipe: mung bean sand, ribs green bean kelp soup, mung bean pump porridge, mung bean glutinous rice porridge

Corn: delay ovarian dysfunction

With dietary fiber, it can help intestinal stomach, promote bowel movements and relieve constipation

Corn is very common in our lives, pregnant women can eat one, corn, the nutritional value of steamed, of course, we can also use the soup and soy milk to drink, have a good effect.

Recommended: Pork Bone Carrot Corn Soup, Big Bone Corn Mountain Tang Decoction, Corn Millet Porridge, Pure Corn Soymilk

Yellow beans: can play similar to estrogen

Eat some soybeans, can improve the thickness of the endometrium to a certain extent, stimulate follicles development, thereby improving the quality of the egg.

Recommended: Trogotheons, soybeans, soybean hills, soybean milk, pigtails, kelp, kelp ribs

Black rice: soy isoflavone content is rich

Many people don't like very much, but as prepared women still have to eat more, usually we are all black rice red dates porridge, black rice red bean porridge.

Black beans: delay ovarian aging, supplement estrogen

The way to eat black beans is also a single one.

In addition to the above food, there is a good role in women during pregnancy, we can also eat some meat foods, supplement quality proteins, enhance immunity, and good body is the basis for cultivating "fertile land".

Recommended: Taro steamed bacon, carrot pea fried chicken, bean sprouts fried pork, potato shake duck, rot bamboo duck, etc., pig hand peanuts, etc.

In addition to eating, you need to pay attention to the following points during pregnancy.

1 quit smoking

If you want to give birth to a good "embryo", the husband and wife should quit smoking, because the tobacco and alcohol will affect gestation, women often smoke, may also cause irregular menstrual irregularities, which is also one of the reasons why.

Male smoking drinking can easily lead to abnormal sperm development and reduce survival, although this is a certain probability, but why don't we work hard for your child?

2 Keep a happy mood

Female ovulation is affected by spiritual factors. If the mood has been bad, it is easy to make endocrine disorders, once the disorders will suppress ovulation, so regardless of pregnancy, there is no pregnancy, it should be kept a normal heart, no need I am not happy all day.

3 Maintain normal weight

Whether it is fat or too thin, it has an impact on pregnancy. Generally speaking, 5-9 pounds of female weight below standard physique will be easily infertility.

At last:

Pregnancy must also combine age, senior female prepared pregnancy is more difficult than for women, so old women must pay more attention to various problems during pregnancy, then we use " to pregnant App", maybe improve the probability.

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