Usually not common, but the New Year is very common "things", and its heavy metal exceeds the child to eat

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Usually not common, but the New Year is very common "things", and its heavy metal exceeds the child to eat

2022-01-20 18:05:42 53 ℃

Chinese New Year, usually "rare" things will become common, and many families will always prepare some "rare" things, such as ginseng usually do not often eat bird's nest, usually do not often buy Cordyceps sinensis and other supplements, may appeared on the table.

However, although adults can eat these things, but not suitable for children to eat, soon the New Year at home with the child's parents must pay attention, do not think of these things nutrition, to rush to the baby to eat.

The father did not believe that stuff, after all these many years, the effectiveness of Cordyceps sinensis can be said to be well known, and the high price prohibitive for ordinary people, if this stuff is toxic, those who eat it, do not have to be taken for a ride the?

However, when the mother of the CFDA prompt to show up when the stuff my father fell silent, because Dad can clearly see the stuff, Cordyceps sinensis contains arsenic reaches 4.4 mg / kg ~ 9.9mg / kg, that is, He said that this stuff is really toxic. Although the content is not, but if the child developmental stages to eat, really inappropriate.

In fact, not only Chinese caterpillar fungus, in the New Year, some of the usual unusual rare things will become very common, parents must pay attention, do not foolishly think that is good, desperate to feed their children.

01 usually not common, but the New Year common "rare thing"

In the New Year, every household visiting friends and relatives, need to pick up some excellent natural gifts, so many people will choose the value of expensive or scarce thing as a gift. Such as Cordyceps sinensis, ginseng, American ginseng, bird's nest, ginseng, sea cucumber, fish and other supplements.

These things, really it is not very common in life, but they really make it?

Supplements make up in the end how?

Many people know that these things are up, but few people can say clearly in the end how much they make, and no one said why they come up, which is very worth pondering.

So, how in the end they make it? We simply look at a few examples:

① Ginseng: printing, ginseng is an up big tonic, almost cure-all, all-round tonic to keep fit in.

But in fact, the effectiveness of ginseng and people think so magical, although indeed able to cure some diseases in traditional Chinese medicine, such as spleen, etc., but this does not mean that the food is a "magic pill", which is essentially just blindly herbs.

② cucumber: sea cucumber nutritious say, but nutrition sea cucumber really high? Not. Sea cucumber major protein nutrition, but its protein content is very general, hectogram containing about sea cucumber protein 16.5g, by contrast, is not as high pork loin, pork liver protein content of these common ingredients.

③ bird's nest: nest kind of thing, in fact, a lot of people can not accept, however, there are a lot of people think it is very nutritious because it contains sialic acid, it can be beauty beauty, enhance immunity and so on.

Indeed, in vivo sialic acid itself does have this effect, but in the end will make people eat bird's nest beauty, will increase a person's resistance, no way to know.

Through this several common supplements we can find, in fact, the so-called tonic in itself does have some nutrients, but nutrients are irreplaceable, we supplemented by other foods, you can have the same nutritional value.

02 nutrition supplements, may not be suitable for the child's body, it may also affect a child's health

Not to mention the level of nutritional supplements, nutrition structure supplement just say, in fact, is not the most child needs to grow. To say, people think that eating bird's nest on the skin is good, but the child's skin also needs the blessing of bird's nest it?

The child's own skin is smooth as creamy, color of snow, eat eat bird's nest to a large extent not affect the child's skin is good or bad.

For example, some supplements and anti-aging, anti-cancer and other gimmicks, kids need it? If the child at an early age begins to be old, then supplements are not able to intervene, she says, but need to seek medical help.

As children grow up, the nutritional needs of the structure is there are certain requirements, such as on milk formula, milk formula segmented reason is because the structure of child nutrition at different stages of physical development needed is different. So, tonic for children, not necessarily a blessing or a curse.

03 supplements very likely "excessive heavy metals," Freeze feed their children

Tonic or something like that, in fact, excessive heavy metals are more common thing. Cordyceps health such as the pilot has been halted on the CFDA, it is because it contains too much arsenic. The ginseng and other supplements, because the growth factor environment, growth patterns and other aspects of management, is also facing such a "hidden."

So, give the children to eat supplements act big chance will not let the children get the benefits of supplements, but rather is likely to make the child to heavy metal poisoning or other adverse conditions, such as angry, affecting appetite, and so, therefore, parents do not think that the more expensive the better things he could not bear to eat, but also leave the children to eat, but in the end pit child.

In addition to supplements impact on children in terms of physiology, there might be some of the psychological impact on children.

For example, the child's psychological comparisons, some children will eat their own supplements as a conversation, a false self-awareness, which will affect the child's communicative behavior.

Written in the last

Going to visit the friend to send a supplement, this is a blessing and mind, but the supplement is not recommended to give the child, after all, the child "can not afford", the child is still a healthy eating habit to ensure balanced diet.(This article is from the network, please contact delete if there is any infringement)