Nursing home - you have to go to place

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Nursing home - you have to go to place

2022-01-21 00:03:26 53 ℃

(World outside the window)

Nursery is old, this is too late. It is not a child who is not pension, not honored, but the heart is weak, they need to raise a family, need to parenting, running hard, there is no time to be by your side, and there is no energy to give you companionship. If you can see you on weekends, it is already very difficult.

Children can't accompany you, it is helpless, there is no right and wrong, and it doesn't matter filial piety and unfilial. When you lose your self-care ability, when you need to take care, your child counts no, what should I do? The only place is the nursing home.

In the nursing home, the caregiver can take care of you to eat at the meal, you can save your doctor in time, there is an unexpected child to notify you the far away. It is said that you don't know if you die, just here.

In the nursing home, every day is dinner on time, sleeping, while the rest is long and boring, either lying on the bed, looking up to the ceiling, thinking; either sitting on a wheelchair, looking out the window, full of expectations. Lonely and lonely, tested monotonous, suppress dullness, like trapped in the cage, so many people will sit in the prison, and even quietly wait for death.

At this moment, there is the most relatives, talking to him, talking to him, talking about, Lara family often, more eager to have a grandson to play, can have some laughter, add some vitality, bring a little hope, Evil a touch of dreams. Unfortunately, this is just a dream.

When people arrive, they really understand that they are exhausted, exhausted, raising women, and finally by their children "abandonment", only alone is ignore, alone. resignedly! Ibolic!

Going to the nursing home, there is also a non-feet of funds, especially the nursing home for conditions. Who will pay? Of course, children can pay, but most of the time, the child's economy is also very nervous, no ability, can not depend on.

In fact, the so-called "old" is not relying on children, but relying on yourself, so when you have the ability, we must make money, you need to prepare money, have a certain deposit, make yourself for yourself. Live a bit dignified. Only have enough savings, there is a sense of security.

Everyone wants to be a child, in fact, the body is good, can self-care, don't even tired them, it is the greatest good for children; everyone wants to live longer, how long does it live longer? Living to death when you can't take care, it is the best life.

It is happy to live, it is happiness!