Chen Jiabao's own daughter, bitter chasing the son failed to talk to the men's family to announce that no regeneration

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Chen Jiabao's own daughter, bitter chasing the son failed to talk to the men's family to announce that no regeneration

2022-01-21 06:08:08 44 ℃

As the saying goes, life in the end times shall be, life in no time Mo insist, this remark especially for the children, because the children like to open the blind box, although people generally pursue sons and daughters, but they tend to God difficult to breach, not around, so this one is a girl child-birth, and sometimes really is dead drought drought and floods floods death.

As the next stage actress, some time ago we just hot pregnant with her three children to chase his son, think of blind box girl is still announced for this result, I do not know whether the parties have the slightest regret regret it?

It is January 16, a former radio small artistes Chen Garbo and her husband Huang Chung Chi, finally have good news "three children born" on the social network the day before yesterday, as sex three children what? The answer is "female baby."

For this result is announced, I believe many people the first time is polite and well-intentioned, to send a "Congratulations Jiabao Xi was the daughter", the second reaction is ignited inside a little dismay and regret.

Chen Garbo marriage because the familiar Tell me all know, the Xiao Nizi married but "Cheung Chau Kuoshao," his husband Huang Chung Chi generations are born and Cheung Chau landlords, the family has had to field more ore.

Perhaps it is subject to "a son to inherit the throne," the impact of this traditional thinking, Chen Garbo since her husband married in 2017 and soon began to leave the nest radio, she was switched to the upper surface of the brokerage firm Louis Koo, but in fact was a quit They burst pregnancy.

From 2019 gave birth to a large woman, two women gave birth in 2020 to a successful pregnancy in early 2021 and, three years can be said to hold three, and Yang Yi win a fight.

As can be seen from the link, Garbo pregnant with this tire a little abrupt, a little surprised, a little surprised, but no matter how pleasantly surprised, for women, pregnancy is a process will lose you win, because the breeding of new life itself is a happy thing.

So Chen Garbo in which the pregnancy, also temporarily stopped the work at hand, peace of mind to enjoy family fun, kinda pregnant with her husband and daughters went to shoot a five family portrait photo of pregnant together, but no matter how the years during pregnancy quiet good, happiness, happiness is the kind of happiness that comes with anxiety.

This does not, in fact, Chen Garbo throughout pregnancy, are living in fear and emotional struggle, because the land she once did not elaborate on the social network revealed: "There are some of the reasons that I have no way to do what we love, which is a pain, more painful is that many people think I do not want to play up! no, I did not want, just no way. "

However, when we asked her specifically what is the reason of the time, but she kept stressed: "!! And the next generation is not unrelated to family reasons."

While Garbo repeatedly stressed that "can not do what we love," it has nothing to do with the family, but obvious to all, parenthood Task Three years hold such a high intensity, and indeed will pull slow pace woman business growth.

Because the pregnancy to rest and take a month to recuperate, as well as with young children can lead to all sorts of bad energy female avatar too busy, and ultimately subject to discrimination in the workplace, exclusion and marginalization, so self-worth can not be achieved, self-growth slows down the occasion, a pregnant woman will remember with affection feelings of stagnation.

In this case, if Chen Garbo third child to achieve satisfactory state of sons and daughters, so maybe a little better, but when faced was the result of her daughter's third child, I guess she was more or less a little disappointment and fear it, which naturally little disappointed given the same gift from God as to fear is fear her husband continue spawned four tires.

This is not, perhaps to the detailed reconsidered, pre-emptive, Garbo announce three children good news is brewing for a long time, thinking for a long time, because the her three children daughter's due date was originally between December 25 to January 1 date, that is, around Christmas, but the baby well behaved, deliberately delayed repetition, her mother had finished satisfied staying out of the two festivals was reported, that the time is BB woman born in January a few numbers.

However, when the baby was born, the couple Garbo did not wait to come out and announce the good news, but dragged yesterday published until January 16, released at the same time, Garbo is personally stressed: "I have completed a feat, Since then sealed belly, then he went back to concentrate on filming! "

Why would deliberately delay Garbo couple announced the good news, deliberately emphasize letters from stomach it? The reason is simple, I guess this young couple after the baby is born, spent some time with the groom's family a large bargain, family elders may want to put down the birth intentions, released Chen Garbo comeback.

Until after the elders all nodded, two people waltz to announce the good news, although I do not know her husband Chen Garbo whether the family elders open-minded, and will sincerely put down the idea of ​​the birth of grandchildren, know how to appreciate distressed wife, but at least Chen Garbo and her husband Huang Chung Chi is of one mind.

Because the Chen Garbo was very happy to reveal that he was not actually born three children to chase his son, but she and her husband would have reached a consensus that the three children, form a family, and the children's age must be separated too close, the only way to play together.

So Chen Garbo also specifically stressed, third child when her husband was aware of her daughter's time, was especially happy: "He deliberately opened a very expensive wine, ask a friend to dinner to celebrate, to after her daughter was born, he was around and others say, "I have one female surrounded, special lucky."

As for someone to questioning her husband is the landlord family. Only have a son, and Chen Jiabao's explanation is: "God, Changzhou is not a surrounding village, their family ancestral hall is not, only one of the generations of churches, and Speaking of the land, or Mr.'s wife donated to the church, we didn't have anything to be in the east and west of 10,000 sons! "Seeing Chen Jiabao questioned the question of" chasing the son has the place ", the reaction is so dramatic, I Suddenly, for many women, the most sad hurdles of births are not the stagnation of personal growth, nor is it irreversible damage to the body. It is not the gender of the baby itself.

Instead, no matter what you have, there is always some good things, spit out such a rumor, question the sound, just to break your hard work, quiet and happy. Yes, as I said at the beginning of my article, my child is like opening a blind box, and everyone wants to open a different blind box, and the round is full of "children's double full".

So when the blind box opened is the same type, you said that the parties will have a little regret, and even the psychological is not balanced, it is almost certain, but this psychological imbalance is really temporary, everything is more The psychological imbalance is also trying to adjust, continue to live, after all, the boy girl is a baby, and only cares for the child's parents to operate the peaceful family environment.

And the family is much more important than everything, the old concept of the generation is more important. Therefore, in principle, only the husband and wife have reached a consensus, love each other, with morality, then the big regret can resolve success, but I am afraid that I am afraid that there is always some seven gods eight big sorrows. I like to add oil to the oil in someone else. I am afraid that others are balanced. Regrettime is full, life is full.

I have to admit that the biggest malicious to people is the evaluation of the comments. The biggest kindness to people is sincere blessings. After all, the child is equivalent to giving gifts to her parents. This gift is the most precious, all my mother is hard. If you have a bitter pregnancy, you should love and precious.

Therefore, in the end of the article, I sincerely bless Jiabao sister after giving birth to the child, can recover quickly, chase his unfinished dream, and wish her daughter healthy, smart, happy.