During pregnancy, if there is 3 signals, maybe little baby tells my mother's gender

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During pregnancy, if there is 3 signals, maybe little baby tells my mother's gender

2022-01-21 06:08:49 50 ℃

Believe all pregnant mothers, know that the baby is especially hoped to understand the development of their own babies when they have grown up in their own uterus. Especially some novice mothers, may not be very clear about the growth of the baby, today we come and see the baby's 10 months of development in the mother.

What is the little guy doing in the pregnant mother? After understanding, I feel very "love"

First month

The first month of pregnancy, there is no feeling in the body of pregnant mothers, although it is already in the bed, but the organs of his body have not yet formed, just like a small hippocampus, there is a big head, There is also a long tail. Maybe pregnant mothers will have a pregnancy reaction, don't worry, this is a signal of baby development.

The fetus in the second month

Little baby is in the second month, his eyes, nose, and legs these organs have begun to grow slowly, and you can see a little bit of human form. Pregnant moms may feel pain in the chest at this time, and the chest will carry out secondary development, gradually become large. Some pregnant mothers will feel the body tired, frequent urination.

The third month of the fetus

3 months pregnant, the baby's body has a general shape that has begun. At this time, pregnant maternity spit will be slowly reduced. The baby's body is about 65 mm length.

The fetus of the 4th month

In the 4th month, pregnant mothers will feel a slight fetal movement. This is a manifestation of a baby in her mother's belly. At this time, his height is about 12 centimeters, and the weight will go to about 150 grams.

Fifth month of the fetus

The fetal movement becomes significantly, and it will also see the small guys in the computer when they do the birth inspection. Frequent fetal movement, maybe pregnant mothers feel uncomfortable, but it is also a feeling of very happy.

Year 6th of the fetus

The baby's mouth and eyebrows have been generally formed, and the respiratory system is also gradually formed. Generally, the stomach begins, and the daily action will have an impact, and constipation will also occur. Because this time the baby's volume is greatly increased, it is oppressed to the stomach.

Seventh month of the fetus

The small baby is constantly increasing, and the space in the womb will become less and smaller. Pregnant mothers that have a little bit worse, may have anemia or a symptom of blood pressure. At the 7th month, his weight can be around 1.1 kg to 1.4 kg. At this time, the big brain nerves of the baby have been formed, and when doing the checkup, pregnant mom can see the baby's eyes, you can open and close it, very cute.

The fetus of the 8th month

There are more and more nutrients needed by small babies. In daily life, pay attention to supplementation of proteins and vitamins, especially calcium elements. At this time, you can detect whether the baby's fetal position is normal. And at this time, it is also the best time to correct the fetal position, so be sure to go to the hospital in time to check, and ensure the smooth birth of the baby.

The fetus of the 9th month of pregnancy

The little guys have formed a start and slowed. His weight can approximately 3.2 kg, the body length is also between 46 cm to 50 cm. The uterine wall of pregnant mother has become relatively thin, and the amniotic fluid will gradually decrease, so it will often feel tired and lethargy.

The fetus in the 10th month

Pregnant mother's abdomen will feel obvious penetration. The little guy in 39 weeks of pregnancy is already a full month. His weight is about 3,200 g to 3400 grams, and the male treasure woman treasure is also different. Pregnant mom must have a happy mood at this time, peace of mind meets the arrival of the baby.