Who is the moon who is waiting for you?Netizen: Mother-in-law makes me hungry 8 days

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Who is the moon who is waiting for you?Netizen: Mother-in-law makes me hungry 8 days

2022-01-21 06:08:27 43 ℃

Who is the moon who is waiting for you?

I. Hey, I have a born girl in the last year, and my father is at home, my husband, my mother-in-law and my sister have a cousin to take care of me in the hospital. I really don't think that the woman's relationship is very simple. We are not looking for people, this Time I really feel that the distance between my mother-in-law is beautiful. The child's little name has not been a week before the child is born before and after the birth. In addition to the child is flat, the rest, you can imagine 4 Because my sister, the cousin is there, I haven't been awkward, I later said that my husband said that my baby is only called a big name, who loves me not, my husband listens to me, but I didn't say fuck; It is the child's gender, I have always said that the mother has born boy. We must say that the dragon and baby tires are good. My sister said that the two girls are better than the two boys, the burden, the dragon phoenix tires in the twins are not who speaks students. My mother-in-law didn't talk, I said that my husband, if you want the boy, you will go to see who is willing to give you you, I don't stop, my husband said that we have two girls, just a knife; I am here, my sister When the hospital is busy, I have a meal at noon. My mother-in-law said: What else is there (you have a dry 馍, the other relatives bringing the eight treasures, what is the pure milk), let us eat this , I have said that I have eaten during the epidemic, I have been tired. If you want to eat, you will eat it, she doesn't talk, my husband bought it back. She is not the first to eat; start No milk, let the child let the child suck, the child sucks a small party, she said that she didn't eat milk powder, took away, the pain hurting, it is not very big, how much is it? Milk, baby is not enough, I opened the milk, I still say that I am still so small every time, I will say that I want to see the child and my husband's hard work, I will put the milk back. Go back, if you can accept light milk powder, buy the diaper for a month at least 2500-3500, I will not hurt, she doesn't talk, now the milk is still saying every day, I am too lazy to make her, I will say it later. I am enough for 1 week.

Second, my head has passed the expected date of birth. It has been hurting for two days. I have a painless mother-in-law. I have no pain. She is hurting. She is distressed, and she has been waiting for three days. It's all my mom taking care of me. Three days or my mother and my husband take care of me in the hospital. She sleeps in my house. She still draws the makeup. I am my mother from the three months, my mother-in-law is coming to me. It is a fart, and she will not take her.

Third, I am a caesarean section, my mother is waiting for me in the hospital. Because my mother-in-law is the field, the first day of the mother-in-law is going back, my mother insists that my mother-in-law is about a day, my mother goes back to steam. A lot of flowers, the third day, my mother came to the door. My mother-in-law is a walk. I think of my mother-in-law, there is a hate. After the second day, my mother-in-law is not leaking, my husband is working in the field, and my son in the fourth grade became My top beam column, go to school, help me take care of my sister, everything needs to be bought at home, I have been in everything, I am two or five years old, now think about it is really distressed, hate my mother-in-law


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