What kind of movement did you have when you tell your parents?

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What kind of movement did you have when you tell your parents?

2022-01-21 06:09:15 52 ℃

What kind of movement after you tell your parents?

1. When I am old, I found out that I was pregnant! I am trying to use the test strip to force because the boss is still eating milk! Tell me my husband, my husband, I don't believe it, I believe it! At that time, we both tangled or not because they were too close! Later, I told my parents and they lived! It is said that the child is a fate and tire is too hurt. Besides, if you want to do it, you can't do it! I am old for more than two months now! Our family is very happy!

Second, I am pregnant is determined in the second day of my husband's mother-in-law. At that time, we were still married. At that time, I didn't give my husband. I didn't say that he was busy, and he didn't say that he said, he My mother-in-law took him a lot at the time! After the funeral of the husband's mother-in-law, I told him to go home for a day! The next day, I gave him a lunch in a romantic place, then took the B-ultrasound single, and the husband looked at it again, then the tears said with me, I went to find your parents together in the afternoon, I To pay this responsibility! Then the husband said that there are too many things these days, and it feels too exciting! ! ! Haha ... I laughed me!

Third, I and my husband got married at the time, my parents were unhappy. My mom told me that I had a birth child. The result is pregnant in the second year. I am afraid that my parents will tell them, and I don't let my husband tell them. I went to the baby to have a husband called to call them, knowing that they are not happy, have not come to see us, the New Year is going home, give them the result of the phone, don't take someone, don't take others, don't take others. Take it back to them, when it was very serious, I said that I didn't want to be regenerated. I didn't dare to tell them that I have been there for more than a month. As a result, I haven't seen it. Now Dabao 13 Xiaobao is 10 years old. I have never played the phone through birthday. I have called back every time I call it. I have been strange. Two babies in the Year of the New Year are far away from them. I stick to them. In the indifference, I suspect that I may be


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