Want to develop your baby's language and lead, but must be around these three questions

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Want to develop your baby's language and lead, but must be around these three questions

2022-01-21 06:09:03 39 ℃

"The child is smarter" became a consensus. Many parents have a message: Why is the same age child, why is their own children talking late, and someone else's children's language skills, where is it?

There are many scientific problems in language development. Today, I have the most closely related questions related to language development. I need parents and early observation, prevent language barriers, let the baby's language leader, let the smart brain take the lead!

The auditory and pronunciation system is the most direct-related hardware condition of language development. In theory, the two conditions are missing, it is difficult to get the development of normal language.

Normal young children have a good auditory system from birth, and have studied very early, and the fetus can remember the mother's voice in the parent, and even after the sound stimulation will be reacted. When the born young children have not opened their eyes, they can make a response, and judge the direction of the sound source. Three days after birth, I can listen to my mother and strange people.

About 8 months, the baby can identify various sounds and even make different reactions according to different tones. Although young children's auditory feedback is very different from adults, this does not hinder them to begin to reserve the ability to listen to the ability.

The starting point of the child language development is the development of voice. The acquisition of voice depends on the hearing of young children. Therefore, children after birth is more important for listening screening.

0-6 years old children's language enlightenment stage, talking and tirting is a very common phenomenon. "Mother-in-law", L sound sounds like N sound, "" said "brain" or "袄".

Many pronunciation movements are awkward, especially the tongue is not flexible enough, and the breath is not enough, and many pronunciation is not clear.

A large part of the reason is that syndrome is not mature, such as the tongue of the child and the mouth asymmetry, not coordinated, the tongue is relatively large, occupying most of the space, and is in front of the position, plus newborns The tongue belt has not been completely retracted, and the tongue cannot touch the palate and the gums, many tongue sound, the tongue sound cannot complete the pronunciation operation correctly.

What is wrong with the troubles of pronunciation? Although the baby knows pronunciation, sometimes it will be lazy. If you encounter difficult pronunciation, you will be reduced, replace it, so parents will find a lot of pronunciation errors, such as "Apple", send this syllable, then Just say "fruit", "big car" sometimes saves "big cars" or "car", sometimes even directly replaced with the phonetic word, such as "Birds" will directly use "啾" sound Imitation bird is called, "puppy" will use "Wang" alternative. Many babies use a large number of stacked words during the childhood, in addition to the deliberate guidance of their parents, part of the pronunciation is a substitute for pronunciation.

But it is worth noting that most children will solve these difficulties before the age of 6, and all pronunciations should be correct and close to adult. If there are many people who are not allowed, I can't correct it, it is best to go to the language patients, find a reason.

In terms of language development, there is a common problem, and there is a pause, card housing, repetition, etc., parents may not pay attention to the child's language rhythm, maybe because this phenomenon disappears, or the frequency is not high Needred it, this is related to the baby's self-control adjustment. Usually, 100 words have abnormal interruptions, and parents will notice that the baby's mouth affects language expression.

The incidence of children's mouth is actually very low, less than 5%, and most of them have returned to normal in school, only few parts have left their adults.

It should be noted that if you find that the baby has a rare oral phenomenon, you need to analyze it. Is it a developmental mouth to eat, or a pathological oral, the developmental mouth is a normal phenomenon that belongs to the child development stage, does not have to worry, no Give your baby too much pressure, because language expressions are not synchronized with vocabulary development, there will be a problem. With the increase in vocabulary, the progress of language thinking and logic will gradually disappear.

If the child's language rhythm is getting more and more obvious, it is necessary to consider it. Is it necessary to consider, is it a problem with internal language and external expression, consult a professionals as soon as possible, seek help. It turns out that the rehabilitation training eaten by adults is much more difficult than young children.