How is the baby's immunity?3 special periods are easier to get sick, parents don't want

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How is the baby's immunity?3 special periods are easier to get sick, parents don't want

2022-01-21 06:07:38 39 ℃

Experts from Nanjing Children's Hospital said that children under the age of 6 will have average 6-8 times a year. In the autumn and winter season, some children have been sick for 1-2 times a month.

Baby is sick, the whole family is flustered! Many children are often sick in repeatedly due to immunity. The so-called immunity is the defense mechanism of our body, identifying and elining abroad, bacteria, etc.

Each child's physical condition is not the same, but it is normal, if your baby has the following three cases, the immunity is low.

1 is often sick, and there is obvious growth and development.

2 Every time you get sick, it is difficult to improve your own, you need to do doctor or even hospitalization.

3 Every time you have sick, there will be severe infections.

Doctor reminds: leaning on eating protein powder, probiotics, etc. to improve immunity to children, compared to healthy lifestyle, reasonable diet arrangements, effective protection, appropriate physical exercise, etc. more important.

In fact, the baby's immune system is to work out with bacteria and viruses once again, and constantly improve and strengthen. However, in the process of infants and young children, there are three special periods when they are the most vulnerable. Mom and Dad have to understand this, and take appropriate measures to help the baby spend smoothly.

★ Baby comes with mother antibodies when born, but does not represent him very "safe"

When the baby is not born, the baby is connected to the mother's body, and the mother's own antibody can also protect the baby. But after the baby was born, the nutritional supply from the mother was cut off, and the baby's own system function was not perfect, and the antibody was unable to generate itself.

Therefore, after the baby is born, it mainly relies mainly from the antibody brought by my mother for a while, but this does not mean that he is safe! If we take care of your baby a little or not, let your baby get into contact with harmful bacteria and virus, then the baby's immune system is easily "break".

[Advice to improve immunity]

Adhere to breastfeeding. The umbilical cord of the source of life after birth is cut off, but it can still get the antibody in the mother's body by eating breast milk. So in any case, for the health of the baby, my mother should insist on breastfeeding. Even if there is not much milk, it can be a source of baby resistance.

2. Timing vaccination. Vaccine can stimulate the baby to produce antibodies, and many years of vaccination practice is sufficient to prove that the vaccine is safe and reliable, and the restriction of the restriction is minimal. Every time the baby vaccines, its body defense has increased, so parents must take their baby in time.

3. Guaranteed enough sleep. Newborn baby sleep time is very long, in addition to eating milk and a small amount of activity, the rest is sleeping. Only in this way ensures that their body grows rapidly, and the resistance is also enhanced.

★ Baby 6 months or so, immunity has "Green Huang"

Baby 6 months or so, his body immunity brought from the mother has basically consumed, and this time his own immune system has not officially formed. In addition, with the growth of the baby, the nutrition he obtained from the breast milk has not met the growth needs, and is not enough to produce enough antibodies to help him resist foreign viruses.

So many old and healthy babies will have the first time after 6 months, and may even be sick after this, and the physical quality begins to take the "downhill" route.

[Advice to improve immunity]

1. Addition of complementary foods reasonably. 6 months of baby need to start adding complementary food, in order to avoid uncomfortable, parents give their children to feed food supplements must pay attention to "step-by-step", from one to many, the amount is less, the texture is hard to hard, The form is thin and thick, and the shape is fine to thick.

2. Help the baby to build a law. First of all, make sure sleep time is sufficient, get better early, sleep twice during the day, 2-3 hours each time. If you have condition, bring your baby to the air fresh park to walk, you will be good for your body.

3. Motion. The exercise can make your baby more robust, no matter what circumstances, it is beneficial to exercise more. 6 months or so, the sports items you can do are: passive exercises, continuous roll, sitting and sitting, two-hand gripping.

★ 3 year old baby enters the park, collective life is still not adapted, the disease first finds the door

The baby can enter the park around 3 years old. Looking at the little, he is carrying the bag into the kindergarten. Is Mom and Dad? Along with the park, there is also a serious separation anxiety. But parents will face a challenge right away, that is, the baby will enter the park for a few days, he may be sick!

The baby is facing the group life after the baby in the park is an open collective environment, which is easy to cross infection. That is: a child is sick, may soon be transmitted to other children, so every baby who has just entered the park will face "immune challenges".

[Advice to improve immunity]

1. Drink more boiled water, balance the diet. Keep the mucosa moist and is an important line of defense against the pathogenesis. The kindergarten reminded the teacher that we also forgot to give your baby more water at home. Give your child a proper amount of fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, eggs, milk, etc., so that you can improve the defense function of your child's body.

2. Cultivate your child's good hygiene habits. The so-called illness is oral, as long as we educate children to close the health of health, children will be less sick. After each meal, you must remind the child to wash your hands from outdoors. 3. Relieve the emotions of your baby anxiety. Separation anxiety is the must-have every stage, parents need to pay attention to alleviating baby's psychological stress, and encourage him. If the baby can adjust your emotions as soon as possible, keep a happy mood into the park, then his resistance to the pathogen is greatly enhanced.

Guan Mom Parenting

All in all, about how to enhance your baby's immunity, parents need four factors that need attention: nutrition, sleep, living habits, and increase exercise. It should be noted that the baby should not use antibiotics when it is sick, otherwise it is not conducive to the formation of the baby's own resistance.

Improve the baby's body immunity is a slow and sustained process, parents need to start from infancy, helping children from all aspects to make healthy foundations. If someone tells you that there is a shortcut to improve immunity, please parents and parents turn their wallets to leave!

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