21-year-old pregnant woman has been exposed: I saw the most unbearable truth after the mother ...

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21-year-old pregnant woman has been exposed: I saw the most unbearable truth after the mother ...

2022-01-21 06:09:40 65 ℃

Hello everyone, I am a mother.

The bad news: 24 days of pregnant women who are inclination in Anhui have confirmed death.

A 21-year-old mother and unborn child, funeral in the river in winter.

She wrote in the suicide:

"Sorry, I am really sorry for you everyone.

Continue to live and drag, you will be borne, you want to leave this world.

If you don't want to be tired, let me die in the river.

Don't give me the corpse. "

Although I can't know what she had encountered, I can't pull it from the mood that she fell into pessimistic and annihilated.

Many netizens believe that it may be a variety of stress during pregnancy, causing her emotions to seek lightning. If your family cares about her, perhaps all this will not happen.

After the tragedy took place, many talents realized that pregnant women not only suffer physiologically pain, but also suffer from negative emotions.

I don't know if you have found that your family often pay more attention to the diet of pregnant women, and what is their emotions, but it is easy to neglect.

A man helps online: What should I do if my wife is too temper?

He said: The wife of 5 months of pregnancy is too temper. I can't help but play my wife. What should I do if my wife is self-harm, I want to divorce?

Put the sympathy and take it out. Beat pregnant wife, is it a person?

Many people are like him, feel that pregnant women are sensitive, and it is.

In fact, due to changes in physiological, life, identity, pregnant women's psychology suffer huge pressure, and emotions inevitably affected.

Friends Fangfang pregnant were 30 weeks, I visited, I found that she is full of people.

She sighed, telling me that she recently had a bad mood: her body is uncomfortable after pregnancy, I have no appetite, I feel uncomfortable ... Every day, I am worried that I have no ability to be a good mother, I am afraid of live up to the little life in your stomach.

I comforted her not anxiety, chatting with her for a while, she relaxed.

Many expectations are pregnant, they are sensitive, irritating, and even inexplicably tears, so that they have an obey.

A netizen said that she was very sticky in the early pregnancy.

Wait until the third trimester, the body is sampled, frequent urination, constipation is serious, the skin is also deteriorated ... this makes her very irritated.

Although my husband is very good to her, I don't like him, and even the idea of ​​divorce.

She wondered: I love him very much, why will it become like this?

I don't want you to say that I have had this feeling when I am pregnant. At that time, I can't walk in my negative emotions. In order to understand this situation, I took the initiative to consult a psychiatrist.

The doctor told me that pregnancy is affected by hormones, the body is more sensitive to emotions, so pregnant women are more likely to be more likely to be their own emotions, so they often feel unhappy.

From the day of pregnancy, we have intimate link with small life in the body. Our one fell, all of which were closely related to the safety of the fetus.

If the negative emotions do not relieve, not only affect the health of pregnant women, but also affect fetal development.

Birth difficulty increase

Do you know, your pregnancy mood will affect childbirth.

Bad emotions will make pregnant women secrete more adrenaline, break the acid-base balance, may cause hazardous conditions such as fetal hypoxia, leading to dangerous conditions such as premature birth, abortion, low body weight.

Not only that, more anxious during pregnancy, but also the possibility of postpartum depression is also higher.

Impact fetal development

Pregnant women 's mental stress has influence the fetus growth and development.

A team of Danish has studied 3,560 pregnant women.

At the University of California, the University of California analyzed 656, and the results show that the wors of the mood during pregnancy, the child suffers from cardiovascular disease, and the probability of diabetes is higher.

Negative emotions also affect the development of the fetal nervous system and immune system. We all know that the nervous system and immune system directly affects the intelligence and physical fitness of people. This effect is not easy to detect during pregnancy, but it is really impacting the child's life.

Impact children's character

You may ask: The child's personality is cultivated after tomorrow, what is the relationship with emotions?

In fact, pregnancy emotions really affect baby character.

The character is inseparable from the day of culture, but the innate impact cannot be ignored.

Studies have shown that mothers suffer from depression during pregnancy, and children are more likely to suffer from autism, multi-dynamic, and bipolar disorder. The more negative emotions, the higher the proportion of children.

Therefore, it is really important to have good emotions during pregnancy. If you also have anxiety, poor temperament, violent emotions, please try the following methods.

Music healing

Soothing music can adjust the breathing and heart rate, help us relieve stress and improve anxiety.

When I am pregnant, doctors suggest me to listen more music. I am also driving the drum in my heart: Is this really used?

However, the effect is unexpected - when I am thinking, I listen to the soothing music, the whole person is soft, anxiety and troubles are swept.

Come to a trip

After the child is born, we will have a long time for a long time, why not look at the scenery during pregnancy?

Traveling during pregnancy, you can relax well, let you forget your troubles temporarily.

Of course, it is not suitable for travel throughout pregnancy. It is the best time in April to May, and the fetus is relatively stable.

To pay attention, don't choose too far, it is best to play 1 to 2 days around the city, one way should not more than 2 hours, and the planned route is stable in advance. Anxiety transfer

The root of emotions during pregnancy is that there are too many, and it is easy to worry about it.

Anxiety's fat body is difficult to recover, anxiety stretch marks will always stay on the stomach, and anxiety has not mastered enough parenting knowledge, and anxiety has not been able to make a good mother ...

The best way to deal with anxiety is "anxiety transfer", do handmade, watch TV, or reading ... do some relaxed and favorite things to transfer attention.

Family understand

In addition to pregnant women need to take the initiative to adjust their emotions, the most important thing is the understanding and help of their families -

Aware that pregnant women are in normal phenomena, take care of her body, but also care about her mental state, more tolerance, understanding, less doing things.

Xie Na talked Zhang Jie cared for her in pregnancy, full of movement.

Zhang Jie will prepare for her to relieve the biscuits of the politicity, she sleeps, give her comfort ... Husband cares and support is the important force of Xie Na to maintain calm.

I also hope that prospective dad can take the initiative to take responsibility, do things that can be able to do, timely check, do her like to eat, prepare to be produced, patiently understand her ... a hug, a comfortable, a lot of comfort.

If the above methods have not allowed emotions, remember to consult a psychiatrist in time. Ren is spread in pessimism, it may develop into depression, affecting the physical and mental health of the mother.

Pregnancy is a long pull war, which is expected, and inevitably bring anxiety.

I hope that pregnant mothers can meet generous, don't digest their emotions.

I also hope that you "selfish", try hard to make fun, please yourself.

When you are irritating, you may wish to touch your belly, feel the body is giving birth to a little life. When you think that this little guy will reliably trust himself, you will feel the triviality of life, there is nothing big.

Keep a lightning "Look" and share it to more people.

What are you regulating your emotions? Welcome message telling me


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