"Son, don't take your wife as a loved one!" This father's letter is

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"Son, don't take your wife as a loved one!" This father's letter is

2022-01-21 06:07:48 47 ℃

I saw a letter today, the author of the letter is a chairman of a listed company, written in the eve of his son's wedding, it is very touched, the value is too positive!

Why is you getting married? Why do you want to operate marriage with your heart?

Because for your wife is the most important thing in a man.


Dear son:

Tomorrow is your wedding, old dad is right.

Start tomorrow, we may be two people, I don't need your care, your most important thing in your life, just take care of the girl you married tomorrow.

Although I haven't lived in this life, I have a small achievement.

I have to say that your mother's existence makes my life have a huge leap and improvement.

Today, I will take this opportunity, I share with you from a man's perspective, I hope you can walk less.

What is the best marriage?

The best marriage is that when tomorrow's marriage is not coming.

Some people say that two people have become a loved ones, but I want to tell you, no matter how many years you get married, you must remember:

Parents, children are loved ones, and their wife will always be lover, marriage must be based on love.

Your wife is not your own relatives that you interrupted.

You can call me and your mother, we are regenerated, you are still our son, cut, can't go.

But the wife is not, you and her relationship need to be operated, if you are sorry, she can leave you at any time.

Those marriages who regard love as a family have been lazy, do not want to operate and pay.

So after I marry your mother, there is a provision in the family that it is necessary to go to the toilet.

Because we are a couple, we only want to work hard to see our best, this is the operation, it is paying.

Don't think that marriage can be drew, you can do it for what you want.

I remember that your favorite director Li An touched me. Some people interview Li An: What is your biggest happiness at this stage?

Li An said:

"My wife can laugh at me, I will relax, I will feel very happy.

I did my father, I didn't mean that I can get their respect. I can naturally get their respect, you still have to make their respect, you have to reach a standard, because this is let me A reason for unmunning off. "

I believe my son, and I will definitely win his respect.

Snoving to tell you that is really troublesome, marriage is not what we think so beautiful.

You know, I have recently learned to visit, I know that I know a word called Zhang Bow, I feel very good, share it with you:

What is the meaning of marriage? Not let you have a heart every day, nor let you always experience passion and love.

Many times, marriage is even opposite, it uses red silk to tie your hands and feet, tie a large pile of unconfisible three aunt, let you fatigue, and doubt what is all on this.

The true value of marriage is actually reflected in the dark side of life:

When you are lonely, there is a person listening to your words, accompany you.

When you are empty, you will suddenly appear a look, let you think something to change;

And when you were knocked down on a foot, there was a door to open it.

The people inside not only don't be so demobilized to you, but even try robust your wounds, sadness for your sadness.

Parents can also do such things, but regret - they don't have so deep, they can't help you for so long.

Do you know? One day, we will leave you. In your side, we only have your wife, this small family you make.

This is why you want to get married, why do you want to maintain and operate a marriage.

This is the focus I want to tell you:

Good to your wife, is the most important thing in a man.


Wife is the hardest work in the world.

You are young, because my work is very busy, so I rarely go home.

So everything in the family, whether your grandparents, your study, or the right to water and electric gas fees, the relatives and friends, the family, is to be taken by your mother.

But who is not all "The owner of the man", what is more to do a family belt?

Once, you are sick, your mother has to return to the mother's family for a while.

I have to rush to the home every day to cook, so it is easy to toss out a few dishes, but also to pack it, but also have to look at you.

When you are in the lateest, I want to play, see if you write this thing, I am very sad.

The two weeks, I feel very tired. The domestic dirty clothes are piled into the mountains, and the table floor is ash everywhere.

Every day, I will die, I am exhausted. There have been several mornings that have never gone, so you will be late.

I don't remember that time, what is the two? I feel since then, your mother is not easy.

Li Bihua said, a woman, how much love, can be willing to stand in the kitchen to clean the bowl.

People do the most powerful things, not really doing, but "Intime".

A woman is married, and her mind will be in the family. The decoration of the family is not good, health is not in place, whether the child's education can succeed, can the old people will work in her old age.

So if you have a class, ask your wife if you need help, people have married you, not to be a nanny.

You love, get married, should be to cherish each other's encounter, and understand each other's hard work, thank each other's pay, so that you can hold your life.

Many said, don't talk to your wife at home, home is not the way to speak.

You see me every time, as long as your mother is right, your mother is a boss (said more this sentence under your mother's supervision).


A good man who is good for his wife can succeed.

In fact, our family has a particularly big crisis. At that time, I quited to the public office, but there was no experience, I was cheated.

Not only lost money, but also owed the debt.

We have to move to a small house, and the living standards have been a thousand feet, and it is still worried about the debt of debts.

Relatives and friends are gradually alienating. At that time, I was like an island, especially helpless.

I give you a mother, we should divorce, so at least your mother and son will not be implicated.

But she said: "We are a family, how can we separate?"

So she did a thing, went to a family to find the customer who owed us money.

Everyone let her eat a closed door, I advise her to give up, but she is not willing.

Later, she really had to return a money, then, then we really played again.

So I always say to you, in the family, your mother is the biggest, our two owes her too much. When a man encounters setbacks, can accompany you, help you, give birth to you, only your wife.

Do you still remember the father of Dad, you always say that he doesn't like him, because he always drinks complained.

In fact, the starting point of Wang Shu is very high, he has accepted the university, because the business ability is strong, and it is also studying in the public. For people enthusiastic, brothers and friends, filial piety.

The only thing, he is very indifferent to Wang Ayi, always feels that she has no culture, has not seen it.

Every time I go to his house to eat, your Wang Wei is busy with you. Wang Shu will also give up his wife's hand slowly lost his face.

The days in the family are not good, and the human mood is deteriorated, and the work will definitely be affected, so Wang Shu is mixed.

Now that he is a drink, it is complaining that he doesn't encounter his own, and always feels that Wang Wei delayed him. In fact, I feel that he gave his day.

Your Wang Wei is a special kind of woman, the ambesto is old, and an old age dementia is waiting for her;

Two children have taken a key university, and there is very interest. And our neighbors of our neighbors are also Wang Wei's told point, and even everyone is good for Wang Shu.

But Wang Shu can't see this, I feel that it is worthless.

One sentence says: The wife is the home on the home.

Because a man go home, facing the dirty chaos and depression environment, it will affect the mentality, and the mentality is actually a kind of feng shui.

I have seen a study, about the relationship between family and men. They have made such a conclusion through the analysis of people and many successful people:

Men who love my wife are easier to success in their career.

There are three reasons:

One of the criteria for men really success is the feeling of happiness inner. A woman who loves his wife will make the family more harmonious, it is easier to happiness.

Give your wife more love, means that the wife will be more willing to business with the man, and the happy family can conquer the power of the world.

The man who loves his wife usually has a high emotional business, which is also the basic element of success.

Remember a sentence, home and everything.


I hope you can become a good father.

Declaration in advance, I will not give birth to your mother, or even you have to be a child.

This era, the values ​​are different.

But if you decide to have children, I have to tell you that my father's influence on the child's life, may even be more than my mother.

I don't want you to be a father, I asked you to be a child's example.

Your growth, although I often travel, but I will also eat three meals at home a week, and I will kick a ball for a month and you, even if I am not at home, I will call you at home, ask you The situation in the school.

Since you have you, I don't smoke, don't drink, run every morning.

Because I know, I can do it, you can have a healthy body, and the law life.

Because a man who plays games all day, it is no way to teach a child who loves to read the book.

Children will learn you, will imitate you, your values ​​are his values.

If you want the child to be good in the future, then you must do the top;

If you want the child to learn more in the future, you must not give up learning;

If you want the child to have a strong body in the future, then you have to exercise.

I used to say that if there is a son, let him go as a football player because you especially like Zhang Yunning.

But you also know that he can be so good, and his father's cultivity is particularly large.

First of all, his father is a senior fan. In Zhang Yunning, I took him to see the World Cup in Zhang Yunning, inspired him to be interested in football.

For Zhang Yunning, he finds the best school, Meng Mun three migrated from Wenzhou to Shenzhen and then accompanying it.Recently, I also saw the video they took together. I hope that you will be like this and your relationship with your child, grow together, grow together.

I have no requirements for your child, because I know that my son must be a good man, such a man, if there is a child, definitely will not be poor.

Today is a bit awkward, your mother let me help to wash the vegetables, I don't have much to say, I wish you a beautiful wife like your mother, beautiful and good atmosphere, etc. (this sentence is in your mother's forcedDown hard addition).

I believe that the girl is really good, be sure to have her!

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