"The car can't afford it, I'm still born," pregnant women are ridiculed, the uncle is beautiful.

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"The car can't afford it, I'm still born," pregnant women are ridiculed, the uncle is beautiful.

2022-01-21 18:06:00 55 ℃

A person's quality is not a good performance in his family, but what is treating strangers, especially in some public, often some young people's practices, people feel very angry.

"The car can't afford it," pregnant women are ridiculed on the bus, the grandfather is beautiful

On the bus, sitting on the "Love Special Sector" behind the driver, a young man who looks like a 178th year. At this time, a pregnant woman was on the middle of the stop, and the big belly seems to have a six or seven months of pregnancy. There is no seat on the car, even standing hard, pregnant women rely on the railings on the car, grabbed the railing one hand, and the other hand holds her belly, and it is full of uneasiness.

The driver looked at this situation, he said to the boy behind him: "Young man, give pregnant women!" Everyone thought that this is a matter of chapter, but the boy is not heard, turn the head outside the window. The atmosphere is a bit awkward, one of the middle-aged women standing around the boy, said to the young man: "You are the old weak disease, you are also comfortable, stand up!"

The big sister's momentum is very good, and there are people around him. This man is always standing up. Pregnant women are grateful, but the young man said: "The car can't afford to think about the child, this is not to add trouble to society? "The pregnant woman suddenly became awkward, but people around them were angry.

There is a grandfather back to: "Let's have children, don't you want to see if there is a car, there is no room, but you have to see yourself to educate your child. If your parents don't educate their children, it is best not to do pregnancy."

I am also very recognized by this uncle. Who stipulates that pregnant women can't take a bus, the "pregnant woman special seat" is not preparing for pregnant women?

In addition, some people always have some different sounds for the poor children. Now, the birth of the second child seems to be a patent of the rich, often hear that someone is questioned: "How do you have a child in your home?"

Poor people also have a good job

The poor is a living state, wealth is flowing, 30 years of Hedong, 30 years of Hedong, now poor, it will continue. Even if you have been poor, as long as he is willing to have a child, it is the right of this person without violating the state's provisions, and others have no reason to settle and intervene.

To be honest, this society is still the poor. If everyone is not born because of their in the middle of the society, then the rich will not enjoy exclusive prosperity in society.

Developed countries are olive social structures, and those with less wealth still account for most. Among the biospheres, the low number of creatures is numerous, raising the prosperity of the entire biological circle. Similarly, if the society is not supported relatively poor, society will not prosper.

There is also a money pregnant woman, it may squeeze the bus or subway

And squeezing the bus, not necessarily the poor people in the subway. Pregnant women should be protected, but many elite mothers, they can have the work of normal people while they can create a lot of value. Your eyes are seen, not necessarily true, many people do not do, wearing low-key, open car is not a luxury car.

Even if you really see ordinary pregnant women, they squeeze the bus, subway, not coming out to add trouble to society, and just prove that they are self-reliant and contribute to society. This also belongs to people who are rich, than those who are rich in the family, "rice insects" don't know how many times, do you look for them?

Raise your child, correct education, more important than rich

There are many great people, they are also born, through their own efforts, have created huge wealth or in some respects. Of course, this also has these ordinary but great parents. For example, the winner of the Nobel Literature Award, he often sighed his mother's impact on himself.

On the contrary, there are some parents to have money, but there is no time to taught children, or love your child, life, not to raise, raise, children become a society. Just like the second generation of the car hurt, the security of others and society is the fault of parents' education.

Therefore, educating children is not just a money, he can grow into an excellent person, but to cultivate the three views of the child's correct, let the child have rule awareness. Cultivate children's independence ability, will contribute to society in the future, to achieve their own life value, such people are meaningful.

Pregnant women are special groups, we have a fear and good thoughts about life, and we respect our respect. Old, as well as the old man, young and young, and the young people, I hope such a living state can be achieved earlier.