[Fray] A human eraser: 55 villages of life and death

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[Fray] A human eraser: 55 villages of life and death

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The baby took out from the uterus. But this is a dead child.

Before childbirth, the mother's face was somewhat surprised: ignorant, blank, no expression, like the soul is out. Her eyes have inflammation, a layer of blood on the surface of the eye, makes the eyes bright. These symptoms are not unusual, and it seems like an adult brain malaria.

After seeing the dead baby, Praying in the chest in the chest.

Her hands and forearms are covered with blood in the birth of the birthplace.

Usually after childbirth, the rupture of blood vessels in the uterus will be closed by blood, and the bleeding is then stopped. However, the blood of the maternal blood is like the spring, spreading on the delivery station, her blood pressure gradually decline, the heartbeat is accelerated, and the breathing is urgent and irregular.

In the end, the maternal died, because hemorrhamia was too much and shock.

Multi-graphic, map source GIPHY

Outside the obstetric ward, the rain of the rain is no longer peaceful. The rainy season of Zaire (the Democratic Republic of the Congo) began.

In September 1976, this mother called Shanbo Kebeibei, in Yangbu (a village of Zaire), a village of Zaire, 50 miles from NATO - Lost of her and their children .

In 1976, the internal scene of the Yangbu Parquet Hospital, the map source: US CDC


The father took the handkerchief from the pocket, gently wiped the bloody tears, and took the tears of his eyes. The thin year is long, and the priest of Goat Hu is in the end of the tentative ceremony.

At sunrise, it was died than Etar.

△ than Etar

Source Institute for Tropical Medicine In Antwerp (ITM)

Before the death, the cultivated condition was extremely horrible.

At first, she began to spray vomiting. The vomit can be sprayed into the half-air. Then, she spit out a black group such as a feces. Subsequently, her was incontinent.

At first, the discharged feces covered with a white mucus and mixed with blood, and the feces became a black liquid as the condition was aggravated. Red plaque and red lumps are mixed with rash spread on her torso.

Losing emotions, whispered, and turned into a mask than the Pi Tamfi face.

Within a few hours after the death of the woman, in the parish hospital, people were died in two, blood and excrement soaking the bed. People seem to be attached to the devil, they express their feelings, they snoring, they nosebleed, they are disrupt.

After thirteen days after the death of the woman, the priest was also dead.

02 pregnant woman's blood sample and death woman's liver

The sharp cry is coming from the door.

In a black hole in Yangbu Pai Hospital, virus scholar Mu Yangbei illuminates the row of cradle and the small bed with flashlights and oil lamps. Here is a pediatric ward. He leaned over the cradle and saw a baby boy struggled in pain.

After five minutes, the baby stopped breathing and ended their lives.

The hospital hospital is abandoned, no one is empty.

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Is this an uneven internal organs? Is it a very contagious typhoid fever? After several days of gentle disease, Mu Yangbi was sent to the Answer by the Ministry of Health. He decided to take a liver tissue sample back to the laboratory analysis.

The next day, a young nurse passed away at home. Mu Yangbei crashed her skin and abdominal muscles with a knife, inserted into the liver. The blood flows out due to gravity. He turned the knife a small circle and dug a cylindrical sample from the liver. He forgot to wear a rubber glove. The right hand and wrist were covered with blood.

At this time, Mu Yang Bai heard again, and another nurse gave birth to a disease at home. She is on the verge of death, and she still has children. Mu Yangshi collected the blood sample of pregnant women, but surprised to find that her blood could not condense.

Just when it is about to return, a nun is close to Mu Yang. She is a nurse in Miiliam, a nurses in a hospital.

"I have a burning, but also a headache."

She said softly to Mu Yang.


Source Institute for Tropical Medicine In Antwerp (ITM)

03 Rotten sample

Mu Yangbei took a sample ran into the laboratory, produced several very thin liver slices, placed under high-speed microscope, and drops blood samples on several petri dishes. He is looking for yellow-fever virus and typing bacterium.

However, the organizational has been corrupt into a meat. There is no thing that can be seen. It is impossible to eliminate yellowing, but it is not determined.

On the other hand, in the hospital in the capital, Miliam took a bleeding.

A few days ago, she was brought to the capital by Mu Yang. However, her situation has deteriorated rapidly. The color of the femur is deeper, like a silt. The eyes become bright red. Gums and intestines in bleeding. The blood is filled into her body, but it is poured from the intestines. Therefore, the hospital had to assign a nurse named Ma Yingjia to take care of her.

At the same time, the result of the petri dish came out, and there was no injury to Hanobacterium. Therefore, this disease is not a cold.

After that, the news came: Mi Liam took the world.

A scene of the scene is in the mind of Mu Yangbai, which is a scenario when he investigates this disease in the prosperity. He can see, even feel that the blood of the body flows through his fingers, dripping down his wrist.

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04 virus x: Human eraser

"This is a severity of severe diseases." Dr. Luole is standing on a table in the market, using local words to continue.

"How is it spread? It spreads through contact with sweat, saliva and other body fluids."

In October, when Miilia was gradually dying in the hospital in the capital, Luolo came to Yangbu to investigate the strange disease.

The three doctors visited 17 small towns and villages around the parish hospital. When looking for a virus X of the big killing, he promised the people to recommend ancient rules - the traditional way to deal with the ceiling for centuries. - Don't touch patients, don't hug the deceased, buried immediately, follow the ancient rules.

At this point, Miliam took the blood samples from the air transport to the national laboratories of Belgium, the National Laboratory of the United Kingdom and the US Disease Control Center (CDC).

At CDC special pathogens, scientists have found that viral particles such as a poisonous snake. The long snake, braids, branches, like a bifurcation of the letter Y, a winding curve of lowercase G, a curved shape like a letter U, like a circle ring of the number 6. One of the typical shapes is named "Shepherd's Caps".

An Ebola virus particle with "Coats" structure, but the photo taken on October 13, 1976, the photographer is Frederick A in the US CDC at the time. Murphy

This is an unknown pathogen, a new virus.

Some people have proposed to name it "Yangbu virus", but the discovery suggested, named the Ebola River with the river flowing through this land - Ebola virus.

In 1932, an Ebola River. The picture is provided by Pierre Rollin. Source: US National Information Center

The Ebola virus is one of the highest level of viruses in the world, which is much fierce than AIDS. It is a pathogen of "Biosafety -4". It mainly passes through body fluids, blood dissemination, can cause vomiting, diarrhea, skin tone, in vivo bleeding, fever and other symptoms. The cause of death is mainly stroke, myocardial infarction, low blood volume shock or multiple organ failure.

The incubation period is usually only 5 days to 10 days. The mortality rate is 50% to 90%. Currently, there is no effective vaccine or treatment plan.

This is a virus that can be smooth.

Therefore, Ebola is also known as "human eraser".

05 death penalty

In the Yangbu, Loutem has been born with a baby, but the baby did not breathe.

He pulled out the surgical mask, leaned over to the baby, and covered the baby's nose with his mouth. He gently blows a few mouthfuls, dilate the baby's lungs at a little bit. The shocked expression slowly climbed his face. He suddenly realized what he was doing. But his mouth still did not leave the baby's nose.

The baby cried and exhaled the breath of Louol. The baby is still alive.

Multi-graphic, map source GIPHY

"Doctor, do you know what you did?"

The woman said softly.

"now I know."

Louol said.

His mouth nose and cheeks are filled with mucus, amniotic fluid, and blood flow from the incision or birthplace. This is a body fluid that may contain a virus. But he still raised the baby in front of it. He follows the standard process - after making a heart and lung recovery for newborns, the doctor should observe the baby three minutes. This is to ensure that the baby can breathe independently.

Before childbirth, pregnant women's eyes were bright red, diffusely bleeding. This makes the Louol remembacted the Puerta talents who were infected with the virus after the pregnant woman.

However, in that moment, he forgot himself, for human and doctor's instinct it.

He is very clear, he just did what.

I just pronounced my death penalty, and Luolo thought.

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06 virus annealing

On October 27, 1976, the radio reported the news of the death of Louol.

Lucale made the biggest sacrifice in the battle against the virus. He was infected by viral, the condition was developed too fast, and his body was defeated.

Wait ... The radio is wrong. At 2 o'clock on October 27, Luolo did not know his death.

Multi-graphic, map source GIPHY

He opened his door lightly, threw the luggage, picked up the child, and hug kissed them. Then he walked into the living room and fell to a chair. He is exhausted, in addition to this, it feels good.

A few days ago, he experienced a panic that had never been seen in this life.

But after 48 hours, the maternal and baby still live, and it seems to be quite healthy. The mother is just suffering from malaria.

Finally, maternal and infants are discharged from home.

As for Mu Yang, he has not had a disease caused by Ebola. He has been severely exposed to the blood of the infected blood, but he has been alive today, it has become one of the top experts of Ebola virus worldwide.

In mid-October, Ma Yingji nurse died of infected with viruses, only 23 years old. From the virus separated from her blood, the Ma Yingji separated strain called Zaire Ebola virus, stored in the ultra-low temperature refrigerator of the US CDC 4 laboratory, eternal life.

And her remains were buried in her birthplace.

In 1976, Ebola virus hit 55 villages around the parish hospital; sweeping the hospital, killing the vast majority of nurses. Within 11 weeks, 318 people infected, including 280 deaths. The mortality rate is as high as 88%.

After rapid murder, the virus is inexplicably dissipated. △ 1976, Zair Yangclu village inside the village

Source: Institute for Tropical Medicine In Antwerp (ITM)

Talking about who first discovered an Ebola virus, and Louol believes should not be attributed to scientists.

The Zairen found Ebola. They found it with their body. "

He smiled.

Science has the meaning of death.

Death is hope ... we can do it, that is, at least love is still in life.

Because it is a miracle every day.


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My story with the disease

Throughout the history of the hundred years, the disease has always affected the development of human society. In addition to a grand narrative, the influence of diseases for individuals often flashes warm and goodwill.

A couple of AIDS couples got married, the couple deliberately sent the Shenzhen Red Ribbon Center;

A grandma diagnosed new crown pneumonia, overnight, "Come on the aunt! Recover soon", a lot of blessings appear on the restaurant on her helper;

A public doctor who supported the work of all localities went home. He found that the child wrote on the blackboard. "Welcome home! Dad is handsome";

There is also a desperate patient, sitting a few hours of bus, just say that he is talking to the doctor, "it is really good."

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