The body of the child's social is most energetic, "poisonous friendship" must have to discover early

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The body of the child's social is most energetic, "poisonous friendship" must have to discover early

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After the daughter came to school, the red eyes asked me: "Mom, can I give me 50 yuan?" The daughter said that she would copy her in the final exam, and said, "Don't let the copy, don't play with you." Unless you give me 50 dollars. "I am very painful and angry. Not my small question, but this is really "toxic" at the same table. In the first week of school, she laughed at the daughter and gave her "fat pig". The daughter occasionally didn't spend his speech, laughing at her "timid", or said "stupid, it will not be so simple!" The children in the children seem to be mentioned, but they can see that daughters are crying every time. Even the character has become more silent, I will not be invincible. What makes me feel distressed is that my daughter is worried that I don't play with her after the table, but also said to me: "Do you want to give her 50 yuan first?" I gratified and said:

"She all makes you so sad, why still think about playing with her? Mom Ning can you have no friends, and you can't make this poisonous friend."

Poisonous friends,

Destroying the child's health, the heart of the child is immature, encounter a "poisonous friend", no disaster. I saw a mother spit on the Internet: My daughter is bullied by a small partner, it is very difficult, but also to please other directions. I often give my snacks to my little partner, and the new toys have not played for a few days. It is because this small partner often uses "You don't have a good time, I will never play with you" to deal with my daughter. Every time she is very sad. More informed is that after the two is good, this little partner also said to the daughter "I forgive you". So the daughter is "big" to her "big", I don't realize that I have not failed.

In order to play together, I will tolerate the rudeness of the other party. It seems that my own children have no bones, in fact, it is caused by the "poisonous friend". Dr. Irein Nadd, US psychologist, pointed out that "poisonous friends" is the most dangerous place to be: always feel inferior, anxiety, uncomfortable, thus eroding a self-consciousness of a person, damaging his mental health. The actor Musi pure has suffered from depression. When it is serious, the legs are soft, and the eyes are not seen. It is necessary to have a medicine, and this is not related to the "poisonous friendship" encountered with her student era. Middle school era, she is a bit fat, there is a girl often squeezing her, ironically she. She wrote the letter, was read by the girl in the class, and she didn't care about her privacy. In her drink, sometimes it is also homoked, secretly placed in the rag water, chalk gray, and drag water. This experience makes her always concerned when she is making friends, and I don't dare to believe in others.

Although the child's world is small, the trouble is not small.

Poisonous friends, carry out the bad children

Some surveys show that a considerable part is due to the accidental part of the dating. Xu Feng in the film "You" seems to be obedient, no one thinks that she is actually a banner of overlooking, indirect death of classmates. She often mixed with Wei Lei, Luo Ting, "bad girls", forms three people to help weak. She clearly can't bear to be my heart, but if I don't have a dismal, I will be bullied by Wei Lai. In order to stabilize this "friendship", she can only follow the wave. Finally, she was on his back. At the beginning of the college entrance examination, there was a few reunion. Parents were anxious to give the teacher, and gave her opportunity to continue to study.

When the mistakes, there is a chance to make up for the mistake, but if you have never learned your way of friends, the understanding of people, it is inevitable that it will be astrayed. For example, Chen Meng with "poisonous honey" Wang Meng does not matter if it is the "poisonous honey" Wang Meng. How important is Wang Meng playing in this lesser case? Wang Meng suggested that she "doesn't save money for men", so I broke up for 9 months, Chen Lou is going to Huo Zuozo's huge spiritual compensation. After the matter is full, Wang Meng still is afraid that the world is not chaotic. As a result, Huo Zun is really alarm, Chen Lu is arrested. British children's psychology expert Rudolf Sief said:

"The companion friendship has a great influence on the child, and sometimes it will exceed the influence of parents to children."

With the growth of age, the child gradually came out of the family, and the friend will largely affect his behavior and character. "It is not good to live, such as into abalone, I will not smell it." The behavior of poisonous friends affects children in the subtlety, and it will bring the bad child's character, and it will bring jail disasters.

Poisonous friends, endanger children's life

Hangzhou has a girl named Xiaolan (pseudonym), dreams for admitted to a media university, and it can be admitted after the college entrance examination, but it is not. She called the enrollment to call, someone logged in with her account to volunteer to fill the system, tampering her volunteer. Tamper is her good friend Xiao Ke (pseudonym). Ask and motivated, Xiao Ke said:

"I am very good for her. I am really a pity in this university with her ability. I hope that she can't replenishment this year. I can get better universities. I am a good heart ..."

Her goodness, harming friends, ten years of cold windows, but they are famous Sun Mountain. This kind of "good heart" thinks about it! Some poisonous friends, can even endanger the child's personal safety, let the child pay the cost of life. After listening to a word: Compare the stranger suddenly exposed the face, I am more afraid that people around us smile, but suddenly poke you a knife. The harm of poisonous friends is far better than a stranger. Although the latter is dangerous, it is more excited to be alert. The former is in the name of "friends", but it is "harm", let people can't prevent it.

Teach children away from poisonous friends,

The most important thing is to teach children to learn "people" may have a parent meeting: Since the harm of poisonous friends is so big, don't let the child play with him? But the child is not necessarily listening to adults, especially girls, native love, even if they are "poisonous friends", they don't want to give up easily. With it forced children, don't play with "bad children", but also guide him to learn to identify friendship and protect themselves. Focus on the child's dating, early toburize the girl in the film "Our World", Li Shan, often is full of pleasure, my mother is curious, but Dad does not say: "What is the child (heart)? Go to school, study, play with classmates ... "He didn't find the scar on his face at all, which was caused by the poisonous friend. I don't know, my daughter has paid for the journey of Bao La: It is a chain of her bracelet for her, and she listens to her. It can be exchanged, it is the teasing, deception, and laughing. Although the little child is simple, but not know how to restrain his malicious, it is easier to hurt others. Therefore, parents usually pay more attention to their own children. Dr. Elein Lenned has summed up some typical features of "poisonous friendship". It can help us better understand the child's social situation: this friendship makes children sad, crying, self-confidence, and even disgusting their own ideas; Children will not help but ask the poisonous friends, barely do things that they don't like, and even asked "do bad things" to show loyalty; children's ideas, always pay attention to poisonous friends, often ridiculed, despise, degrading . If a parent finds that the child has the above social situation, it is necessary to intervene in time, and help the child from the vote of the poisonous friendship. Guide your child to stay away from uncomfortable relationships of children's experience, no ability to distinguish between true and false friendship, parents must let children understand: "The relationship that is uncomfortable is wrong." When children were young, I can tell him some relevant equality friends. The little story, painting "Don't order me" "You can't bully me" "My best friend wheat" is a good choice.

Let the children understand in the story: their dignity, items, and body, etc., the sacred cannot be inviolable, even friends can not. When the child arrived in adolescence, parents' embarrassment and interference have taken a role. At this time, I will give my child some kind of goodwill. A young psychological problem taught a discomfort: I will take some bad behaviors of this child, such as: "He said swear, do you know?" Negoton children: "You can do friends, but some things Don't be affected by him! You can find a way to influence him, let him become a good person like you. "

Guided by children feel comfortable, he can accept parents' suggestions. Helping children knowing real friendship a lot of children don't know how to refuse, even if they are hurt, they are not willing to give up "poisonous friends." Therefore, parents still let children understand what the real friendship is like. The external network has done a contrast analysis, teach children to identify 8 differences between "true friendship" and "poisonous friendship". 1. Real friends congratulate your success, poisonous friends 你 your success. 2. Real friends know that you also need personal time, poisonous friends, but let you follow. 3. Real friends will help you keep secrets, but poisonous friends promote your privacy. 4. Real friends care about you, poisonous friends but strike you. 5. Real friends like to exchange ideas with you, poisonous friends only want to win you. 6. If you want you, you will contact you when you want to contact you. 7. Real friends receive you, poisonous friends want to control you, let you listen to him. 8. Real friends respect you, cherish your friendship, poisonous friends easily lose your temper. The important thing is to understand that health friendship is comfortable, both parties are equal, can promote each other, benefit each other, not sad, uneasy. Paying attention to the true demand of the child, sometimes, the child is rather to play with "poisonous friends", at this time, the parents will understand the reason. Zhu Chaoyang in the "hidden corner" is so smart, but he is lonely, no friend. Mom also let him "learn from learning", think "Make friends is a matter of entering society."

If he is alone, he is especially desirable to friendly, so when Yan Liang and Pu, these "bad children" broke into his world, he was pleased to accept it. "Poisonous friends" often have some things that attract children, such as fighting, rich in social experience, or some children are missing. Timely aware of the psychological appeal of the child, fill his demand vulnerability, "poisonous friends" will lose attractive to him.

The founder of the Chinese Judicial System, Xie Juji pointed out in the "truth of making friends":

Make friends with good people, received by friends, you will be better with your friends; make friends with bad people, erosion of friends, yourself with bad. So we have to know "择"; pay for "Yifu", do not pay "damage". The same is true for the principle of children's dating. Guide the child "Gong Friends" "Do not pay for the friend", this is the education of a child's life. Poisonous friends are harmful to life, and good friends will benefit their children. Children and who play together, determine what kind of person he will become. You missed the wonderful article: