The baby has arrived at this month, and the amount of milk will slowly decrease. The complementary food can't be too soft. Do you know?

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The baby has arrived at this month, and the amount of milk will slowly decrease. The complementary food can't be too soft. Do you know?

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What children eat mainly have a relationship with the child's digestibility and nutritional demand.

The child is limited before 6 months ago, and the demand for nutrition is not very large, so we give children pure breast milk or milk powder to meet the needs of children grow and develop.

But after 6 months of child, in addition to the long weight, the child also learned to sit up, even learned to move his body, the increase in the increase of energy increased, plus the child's deciduous teeth, there is a chewing ability and Swallowing the ability, intestinal maturity is also getting bigger and bigger, so you need to add complementary food to your child!

Of course, when the child just started to add complementary food, just try the taste of the food, eat one or two, the amount of milk is still sufficient, or even the amount of milk is more than 6 months ago.

Many children's milk is about 7 to 8 months, drink 1000 ml of milk every day, and eat 1 ~ 2 complementary food.

Of course, because the ability of the children is relatively weak, complementary food should also be guaranteed to be soft or porridge or rice paste, soul, etc.

There are several important principles to add food supplements to children, parents have to master, don't do something wrong.

From a small amount to a small amount: let the child's intestines slowly adapt.

From one to many: avoid children allergies.

From the thin thickness, from the soft to hard: mainly the food of the food slowly from the soft food, there is a relatively hard relatively hard.

Especially from a small amount to a small amount, how to weigh the amount of milk with your child with a child?

Observing careful parents will find that children have been 10 months, and the changes in complementary food and milk are the greatest.

The child eats two foods every day, and the amount of dinner is also recommended to be 4 times, but in fact, if the child has good food, the amount of milk has begun to slow down.

The child is not less than 600 ml after 10 months, is also to meet the needs of growing growth.

After 10 months, parents fed in time, helping children's health

Adjust one: increased food supplement

The child has to eat at least two dinner, and there are two meals.

Complete foods can give children a variety of hydrochloride foods, so that children's gastrointestinal digestive ability is stronger, and can take nutrition from natural food and slowly transition to adult food.

Adjustment 2: The traits of complementary food changes by the thin meal into rice

After the child has been 10 months, most of the milk has already sprout two or even four. At this time, the child's teeth can chew, and the ability to chew muscle has become slow.

So start to give your child some soft rice, teach children to practice chewing ability.

Plus the child's swallowing ability has been exercised for a few months, the soft rice can make children learn to swallow.

The child's chewing ability to exercise, help the child to speak clearer.

Adjust three: Milk is slowly reduced

The child has been 10 months, the amount of complementary food increases, and the amount of milk will slowly decrease. Some children have to drink 1000 or even 1200 ml milk more than 8 months, but it will be reduced by 10 months. Milulle, even 600 ml.

That is to say, the child's milk amount and complementary food began to consistent.

As a parent to make nutrition balance to children, it is especially important for children's growth and development.

After 10 months, the child slowly learned to stand, and then learned walking , learning to talk, clear time, the brain is more stimulating will be more, at this time, the growth and development of the child Is indispensable.

Therefore, parents must learn to give their children to make a fine food that meets the nutritional needs of children, in order to make children have fun, grow more and smarter.

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