Wang Lihong "high quality" people set collapse, exposing the failure of family education after divorce, worth reflection

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Wang Lihong "high quality" people set collapse, exposing the failure of family education after divorce, worth reflection

2022-01-22 18:03:49 53 ℃

Knowledge changes fate, many parents adhere to this concept, the biggest requirement for children is to take good universities, and become a human being.

But if you only pay attention to your child's test education, ignore the quality education they need, then the child's growth will be difficult.

Wang Lihong, who is ranked at home, is known as the second brother.

Before the accident, the radius of his head was enough to envy, born New York, excellent results, and admitted to Williams at the college entrance examination.

Wang Lihong was born in Book Xiangmen, grandparents were graduated from high-quality students, and father's mother is also a leader in famous universities.

In such a family, the children cultivated nature are also learning tyrants.

My brother is a joint entrance examination element. The younger brother is covered with matrix, and even the scorpion is also graduated from Harvard University. It is no wonder that Wang Lihong is toned. He is the worst of the family.

High degree, high-quality Wang Lihong is known as high quality idols, and the charming temperament that is scattered on him can't extricate themselves, attracting many fans.

However, after the divorce event exposed, the good people who could create for many years completely collapsed.

When people point the spear, we must admit that all this is related to him, but it is also related to the education he accepts.

Family education issued after Wang Lihong divorced

From Xiao Wang Lihong, I grew up at home in my homes, because the family was promising, parents were naturally higher, repeatedly stressed that he learned a good etiquette.

After walking out of the house, you should pay attention to your words and deeds, you can't give yourself a tall family.

At the beginning, my parents hoped that Wang Lihong can go to the medical path, but he likes music, but he has entered the development of the entertainment circle and became a creative singer.

However, such an identity is unable to be respected in everyone's strong family. The grandfather once bluntly: Wang Lihong's music is very beautiful ...

In the first time, Wang Lihong, every creation will perform to live to his parents, although every time you get criticism and denial.

However, in Wang Lihong, he believes that parents' words are reasonable, and their judgment is accurate, and opinions must be adopted.

After Li Yu Lei's general face, Wang Lihong did not speak, but his 80-year-old father wrote a long letter, publicly defended his son in front of the media.

In the face of this long text of the vulnerability, netizens will naturally change their views on Wang Lihong.

Instead, because of the 45-year-old, he also hid behind his father and seeks to protect, and blame him, and it is a well-deserved Mom.

It is true that Wang Lihong's mother is the strongest woman behind him, and everything around Wang Lihong is as good.

She not only has a broker, arranging the direction of the career of Wang Lihong, and arranges Wang Li Hongjun Dynasty, and sang, even the private life of Wang Lihong, and even what kind of friends he got.

Of course Wang Lihong has become a big baby, it is not all caused by the fault of parents.

As an adult, he can't be responsible for his own actions, and you can't have your own chance and consciousness. This is the key to him finally walk.

The entertainment circle is full of various temptations. After getting fans, Wang Lihong did not cherish this cherished glory, but gradually became gentle, especially in men and women relationships.

The doctor said that he has sex and narcissism, but Wang Lihong is paranoid thinking everything you do is right.

This excessive confidence and daze, let him consider the opinions of others at any time, and can not be truly communicated with others. It can only be followed by flow, and eventually lost themselves in front of the temptation.

Today, Wang Lihong divorced incident temporarily tells a paragraph, but we have nothing to know.

In front of us, we can only be the family education issues that Wang Lihong, which also makes every parent sounds the alarm, must pay attention to the cultivation of the child's correct value.

How do parents cultivate their children's correct values?


Parents are the role model of the child, which is the most important factor in the formation of values.

In daily life, the child and parents have the most time, so parents' words and deeds will affect children in invisible, and they want children to become excellent. Parents must do their own.

2, distinguished

When the child did not judge the abilities in the young, the parents must educate their children in time, let the children know what can do anything.

Only if you let your child know the good and evil, they can make things worth doing.

3, learn to let go

Parents' love for children can not be excessive, otherwise it will become a love, bring the child into a boy who is disadvantaged;

At the same time, parents can not control the child more strict, otherwise it will let the children lose freedom and main seeing, so that the child's life is limited. Learning is right to let go, the parents really should give children love.