The 5-year-old daughter was retired by the kindergarten, and the high-education mother was helped, and experts gave two suggestions.

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The 5-year-old daughter was retired by the kindergarten, and the high-education mother was helped, and experts gave two suggestions.

2022-01-22 18:04:20 60 ℃

The mother of the doctor graduated, in front of the daughter who loves to send a temper, he is in hand. What is going on? It turned out that Dr. Xiao Yang, counseling 5-year-old daughter Qiqi learning Chinese characters every day. However, daughters don't love to learn, don't remember at all. Every time I take Kikiqi, Kiki always does not answer, and the East is talking to my mother, and I often answer questions. Each time I replue, Kiki is always a very reasonable look, often with my mother, temper is particularly bad.

There is a time, my mother Cao Qi's Chinese characters "four" pronunciation, Qi Qiqi has been wrong, did not wait for her mother to open, actually angry! "Four is four, not ten", Kiki's voice is biting high, and I have a good time towards my mother, and finally, I still put my mother's body, which makes my mother helpless. Mom is bunch of hands, not happy to counsel your child to learn.

Not only at home, in kindergarten, 5-year-old Kiki is also a small tyrant. Qi Qi did not move the fierce companions. Who did not like to listen, she was angry with people, and her character was so angry. The children of kindergarten hide, this makes the teacher's teacher's headache and adjust the disputes very tired. As for Kiki, she also said that I didn't want to go to kindergarten in kindergarten.

That day, Kiki fought with the same table and took the pen to hurt the human eye. The kindergarten teacher is directly decided to let the child fall into the province.

The child finally did this, some people regret, and some people are curious: Kiki Mom is graduated, is it still educating children?

Do you know how your child is educated?

It turns out that parents with high academic qualifications may education. But not all parents with high academic qualifications, you can make your child more well. It is a big probability event.

Just like this doctoral mother, the 5-year-old daughter read kindergarten, which is a key period of intellectual development, personality training, and all-round shape. However, the child's performance is very disappointed. The child answers the wrong question, always temper, mother a test, she does not cooperate. In addition to the screaming is a fire, and the interpersonal communication in kindergarten also lits the red light. It can be seen that the education of this doctoral mother is failed, and it is not possible to teach your child.

So, a summary, where is this mother wrong? In fact, the mother's focus is in that my mother ignores the child's personality training, only grasping the results.

Character training is key, having good character, children will be "eat"

Children are not subject to parents, not being taken from children in kindergarten, and that must be their own problem. For example, Kiki's personality is very impatient, loves to get angry. Such a child is in kindergarten, it is difficult to "eat", it is difficult to integrate into the collective life, there will be a loneliness. Even the child may also hate the kindergarten, not to learn.

Especially the children of these two character, don't recruit people

1 love is angry

A child who is angry, Ignition, I often have a conflict with people, and I can't get along with everyone. Such a child is not recruited, especially after the kindergarten, the teacher should often handle the conflict between the children, and don't like this kind of child.

2 strong

Strong child, when the temper, will call the parents, will rush others to shout, give people a no quality feel. This person's child is not very recredient. For example, after the kindergarten, some children are deceiving, with strong character, specializing in the bullion of children who don't like to talk, they are very angry.

It can be seen that a good personality is the prerequisite for the future of the child. If you want the child to be like, the interpersonal relationship is good, the parents must help the child to cultivate good character.

So, how to cultivate your child's personality?

1 seize the key period, change the big more than 18 years old, the child has strong plasticity

Professor Li Meilu pointed out that the child's character culture is critical, and the changes before the age of 18 are relatively large, and the plasticity is strong. It is now a living in the informationization, urbanized lifestyle, affecting the current child. Children before the age of 6, family education in this period is especially important. The child has the longest contact time with his parents. If parents can pay attention to, in front of the child with independence, help children create their character, and there is a help to the child.

This requires parents. Before the child is not admitted, it will help the child to cultivate good character, let the children learn to control emotions, less angry, correctly talk to people, and live in kindergarten.

2 Parents, shaping children's character with knowledge

The child's personality training can be carried out through the form of a parent-child total book, let the child cultivate good character through learning of the knowledge of the character's knowledge, and improve the emotional business.