In the winter vacation, parents do these three things, and the new semester will win.

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In the winter vacation, parents do these three things, and the new semester will win.

2022-01-24 18:05:04 47 ℃

"The winter holiday, the child is happy, the parents are embarrassed." This sentence is deeply appointed. A few days ago, my girlfriend was at home because of her missing documents, so I went back to the house, but I found that my son was lying on the sofa to play with others. The girlfriend walked over and took the mobile phone, checked the game record, and found that this kid has always been playing the game in playing games, saying that the time in the afternoon will also take the game.

Think about the time in the game in the game, the girlfriend is painful, but fortunately, when she finds it, otherwise the child does not know when to fall. If you don't help your child, take the holiday, let your child have been immersed in the comfort of the holiday, afraid that it is in the end of the child. Writers Tonghua once said: "Every time the child is in a lifetime, it is a slide that leads to mediocrity life." If you have a good life, if you live too depth, how can the new semester can quickly pay a good learn? On the contrary, if the child is in place in the holiday, it will benefit from life. In that holiday, as a parent, can we "feed" children? "Even if he is the most inconsistent child, when he saw the treasure of the library, he sat in the middle of the world's genius turning the key." In the library, children can not only gain a variety of knowledge, see To a broader world, and the children can freely browse all kinds of books, slowly explore the true preferences, even find their own ambition. "I always tell others, I have become a writer is not because I have learned, but because my mother took me to the library. I want to be a writer, because I want to see my name appears on the card directory. "Mom is her enlightenment tutor, and the library is the key to her ideal.

In the library that can only hear the sound of the book page, the child can focus on the ocean of knowledge, which is also beneficial for the child's focus.

Smart parents will also allow children to have a book card with their own name, let the child feel trusted, teach children to cherish books, thus cultivating children's responsibility.

"The library is a place, a place that benefits for life. Don't let the children sit in the classroom, take them to the library! They will thank this life to take them into the library." Bring more children to the library, they will be grateful to our current work now. We can boldly believe that children in the library in the holidays will not be poor.

02 Physical exercise, give the child a strong body Peking President Cai Yuanpei once said: "Complete personality, first in sports." This marathon is in this marathon, it seems to be conspicuous, and it is actually spelling health. Strong body is the capital of the child to study, enjoy life, and move towards the future. When the child conducts physical exercise, the cerebellar will release a thing that is called vegetarian peptide, which will let the child feel happy, and the role of regulating emotions and releases the pressure. This facilitates the child's mental state, so that children can be more focused on their studies.

The body is like a bank, only children have enough children, their body can become "rich", there are capital to "invest" more meaningful things. In particular, because of the epidemic, the children's outdoor sports are small, but they are bored at home all day, which is very difficult to strengthen physical exercise. It can subgnortically exercise your child's rule awareness, exercise your child's uncomfortable, and go all out, and your child is not afraid of losing. So in the holiday, you must have missed your workout in your child's plan.

03 people, pushing the child

I have seen a video, a little boy rides a bicycle and accidentally hits the electric car on the side of the road. The electric car immediately fell, the boy was discovered, but did not hurry, but immediately stopped. But because you can't find the trip, the boy repeatedly did not stand the car, helplessly put the car slowly slowly.

Looking at the electric cars in front of you, the boys have some don't know what they do. I can't help him on the side. I hope someone will help him. Just when I thought the video is about to end, the boy suddenly got up to the car five times, and then he took the monitoring direction, and he left.

After reading a series of boy, netizens ran out to praise boy: "It's really cute." The boy has touched the electric car, but after the remedy is won. We always think that the child keeps moving forward is the wealth, learning and people, the fact is not, to achieve this, the premise is that the child is a person with education.

No one will like to be friends with a talented person, guide him, and will not help him get wealth. Only people with education will be favored by people to be stable. In the holidays, we can upgrade your child's education from the following aspects, such as church children visiting relatives and friends, and church children some necessary dining table etiquette. Of course, a child with education is raised, and the parents who have educated parents will have an example. Because education is not a temporary beat, but a model of spring and rain.